Branch names and IFSC of all Federal Bank branches in Thrissur, Kerala. The bank has 67 branches in Thrissur district. The table below shows Federal Bank Thrissur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Federal Bank Thrissur branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Federal Bank branches in Thrissur

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. FDRL0001704 Wrong? Amballur Branch Wrong?
2. FDRL0002119 Wrong? Andathode Branch 2545100 Wrong?
3. FDRL0001703 Wrong? Annamanada Branch Wrong?
4. FDRL0002141 Wrong? Athani Branch Wrong?
5. FDRL0001837 Wrong? Chalakudi North Branch Wrong?
6. FDRL0001005 Wrong? Chalakudy Branch Wrong?
7. FDRL0001432 Wrong? Chavakkad Branch 2503120 Wrong?
8. FDRL0001601 Wrong? Chelakkara Branch Wrong?
9. FDRL0001570 Wrong? Cherpu Branch Wrong?
10. FDRL0001699 Wrong? Cheruthuruthy Branch Wrong?
11. FDRL0001525 Wrong? Cheruthuruthy Ext. Counter Branch Wrong?
12. FDRL0001972 Wrong? Chittilappilly Branch Wrong?
13. FDRL0001256 Wrong? Chowallurpady Branch 2556310 Wrong?
14. FDRL0001463 Wrong? Edamuttam Branch 2835286 Wrong?
15. FDRL0001258 Wrong? Edathuruthy Branch 2877311 Wrong?
16. FDRL0001888 Wrong? Guruvayoor Branch Wrong?
17. FDRL0001754 Wrong? Infopark Koratty Extn Counter Branch Wrong?
18. FDRL0001279 Wrong? Irinjalakuda Branch Wrong?
19. FDRL0001719 Wrong? Irinjalakuda/Nada Branch Wrong?
20. FDRL0001087 Wrong? Kakkathuruthy Branch 2845251 Wrong?
21. FDRL0001017 Wrong? Kallettumkara Branch 2881856 Wrong?
22. FDRL0001822 Wrong? Karayamparambu Branch Wrong?
23. FDRL0002075 Wrong? Karuvannur Branch Wrong?
24. FDRL0001639 Wrong? Kecheri Branch Wrong?
25. FDRL0001707 Wrong? Kodakara Branch Wrong?
26. FDRL0001700 Wrong? Kodaly Branch Wrong?
27. FDRL0001388 Wrong? Kodungallur Branch 2806828 Wrong?
28. FDRL0001752 Wrong? Kolazhy Branch Wrong?
29. FDRL0001984 Wrong? Kombodinjamakkal Branch Wrong?
30. FDRL0001650 Wrong? Koratty Branch Wrong?
31. FDRL0001928 Wrong? Kottekkad Branch Wrong?
32. FDRL0001342 Wrong? Kunnamkulam Branch 222733 Wrong?
33. FDRL0001433 Wrong? Mala Branch 2897770 Wrong?
34. FDRL0001255 Wrong? Mannampetta Branch 2751421 Wrong?
35. FDRL0002120 Wrong? Marathakkara Branch 2353445 Wrong?
36. FDRL0001696 Wrong? Mathilakam Branch Wrong?
37. FDRL0002074 Wrong? Meloor Branch Wrong?
38. FDRL0001517 Wrong? Moonupeediaka Branch Wrong?
39. FDRL0001637 Wrong? Mundur Branch Wrong?
40. FDRL0001244 Wrong? Nellayi Branch Wrong?
41. FDRL0001240 Wrong? Olarikkara Branch 2360973 Wrong?
42. FDRL0002118 Wrong? Palakkal Branch Wrong?
43. FDRL0001926 Wrong? Pannithadam Branch Wrong?
44. FDRL0001942 Wrong? Pariyaram Branch Wrong?
45. FDRL0001927 Wrong? Pattikkad Branch Wrong?
46. FDRL0001698 Wrong? Pavaratty Branch Wrong?
47. FDRL0001658 Wrong? Peringottukara Branch Wrong?
48. FDRL0001645 Wrong? Perumpilavu Branch Wrong?
49. FDRL0001252 Wrong? Pokkulangara Branch 2292477 Wrong?
50. FDRL0001708 Wrong? Potta Branch Wrong?
51. FDRL0002076 Wrong? Pullut Branch Wrong?
52. FDRL0001543 Wrong? Puthanathani Branch Wrong?
53. FDRL0002048 Wrong? Puthur Branch Wrong?
54. FDRL0001599 Wrong? Puzhakkal Branch Wrong?
55. FDRL0001272 Wrong? Thrissur East Fort Branch 2420169 Wrong?
56. FDRL0001825 Wrong? Thrissur Ollur Branch Wrong?
57. FDRL0002180 Wrong? Thrissur Poonkunnam Branch 2384700 Wrong?
58. FDRL0001467 Wrong? Thrissur/Koorkenchery Branch 2427810 Wrong?
59. FDRL0001368 Wrong? Thrissur/M. O. Road Branch 2427721 Wrong?
60. FDRL0001014 Wrong? Thrissur/Main Branch Wrong?
61. FDRL0001280 Wrong? Thrissur/S. T. Nagar Branch 2423116 Wrong?
62. FDRL0000509 Wrong? Thrissur/Service Branch 2321182 Wrong?
63. FDRL0001425 Wrong? Triprayar Branch Wrong?
64. FDRL0001889 Wrong? Vadakkekkad Branch Wrong?
65. FDRL0001271 Wrong? Vadanappally Branch 2600956 Wrong?
66. FDRL0001633 Wrong? Vellangallur Branch Wrong?
67. FDRL0001565 Wrong? Wadakkancherry Branch Wrong?

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