Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Gaya, Bihar. The bank has 57 branches in Gaya district. The table below shows PNB Gaya IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Punjab National Bank Gaya branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Punjab National Bank branches in Gaya

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. PUNB0100900 Wrong? Amas Branch 06326-241202 Wrong?
2. PUNB0178900 Wrong? Ambatari Branch 06534-223679 Wrong?
3. PUNB0101000 Wrong? Atri Branch 06322-241370 Wrong?
4. PUNB0772200 Wrong? Bajoura Branch Wrong?
5. PUNB0162400 Wrong? Bandimaniyara Branch 06322-2434569 Wrong?
6. PUNB0120500 Wrong? Barachhati Branch 06326-240113 Wrong?
7. PUNB0161300 Wrong? Barakala Branch Wrong?
8. PUNB0060000 Wrong? Belaganj Branch 0631-2461423 Wrong?
9. PUNB0131300 Wrong? Bhalua Branch Wrong?
10. PUNB0586000 Wrong? Bhusunda Branch 7033295574 Wrong?
11. PUNB0492200 Wrong? Bodhgaya Branch 9431454255 Wrong?
12. PUNB0156900 Wrong? Chiraili Branch 06322-246143 Wrong?
13. PUNB0702900 Wrong? Currecy Chest Back Office, Tekari Road, Gaya Branch 0631-2223869 Wrong?
14. PUNB0168500 Wrong? Dobhi Branch 06323-247339 Wrong?
15. PUNB0768800 Wrong? Dumeri Chatti Branch Wrong?
16. PUNB0173800 Wrong? Eroo Branch 06322-226911 Wrong?
17. PUNB0065800 Wrong? Fatehpur Branch 06322-274429 Wrong?
18. PUNB0646900 Wrong? Gaya (service Branch-back Office) Branch 0631-2220891 Wrong?
19. PUNB0119900 Wrong? Gaya Bairagi Branch 0631-2421063 Wrong?
20. PUNB0157100 Wrong? Gaya Chand Chaura Branch 0631-2221946 Wrong?
21. PUNB0385000 Wrong? Gaya Chandauti Branch 0631-2431018 Wrong?
22. PUNB0504100 Wrong? Gaya Rsdc Branch Wrong?
23. PUNB0196700 Wrong? Gaya Tekari Road Branch 0631-2434284, 242008 Wrong?
24. PUNB0492300 Wrong? Gaya, A.p. Colony Branch 9934236135 Wrong?
25. PUNB0017900 Wrong? Gaya, Dhamitola Branch 0631-2221134, 242002 Wrong?
26. PUNB0067500 Wrong? Guraru Branch 0631-2474322 Wrong?
27. PUNB0192200 Wrong? Gurua Branch 06326-246636 Wrong?
28. PUNB0070000 Wrong? Imamganj Branch 06331-203150 Wrong?
29. PUNB0161600 Wrong? Itwan Branch 0631-2330095 Wrong?
30. PUNB0168700 Wrong? Jamhaita Branch 06322-274734 Wrong?
31. PUNB0163200 Wrong? Jamuawan Branch 06322-272308 Wrong?
32. PUNB0072300 Wrong? Khizar Sarai Branch 06322-246441 Wrong?
33. PUNB0727000 Wrong? Konch Branch Wrong?
34. PUNB0586100 Wrong? Kujap Branch - Wrong?
35. PUNB0282400 Wrong? Kurmawan Branch Wrong?
36. PUNB0255100 Wrong? Mathurapur Branch Wrong?
37. PUNB0274600 Wrong? Matukbigha Branch Wrong?
38. PUNB0173900 Wrong? Nagwan Fatehpur Branch Wrong?
39. PUNB0161400 Wrong? Nagwan Imam Ganj Branch 06331-203566 Wrong?
40. PUNB0174100 Wrong? Nai Bazar Branch Wrong?
41. PUNB0282600 Wrong? Nimi Branch Wrong?
42. PUNB0594400 Wrong? Nutan Nagar Branch Wrong?
43. PUNB0238700 Wrong? Panania (banke Bazar) Branch 06326-244725 Wrong?
44. PUNB0649800 Wrong? Paraiya, Gaya Branch Wrong?
45. PUNB0238500 Wrong? Pipra Branch 9852221213 Wrong?
46. PUNB0255600 Wrong? Pirah Sarai (maksudpur) Branch Wrong?
47. PUNB0282700 Wrong? Pokharpur (dumaria) Branch 06331-201541 Wrong?
48. PUNB0749100 Wrong? Rab, Gaya Branch Wrong?
49. PUNB0633300 Wrong? Retail Hub Branch Wrong?
50. PUNB0157000 Wrong? Saravan Bazar Branch Wrong?
51. PUNB0168600 Wrong? Sherghati Branch 06326-222961 Wrong?
52. PUNB0753500 Wrong? Silaunja Branch Wrong?
53. PUNB0238600 Wrong? Suraj Mandal Branch 9431288394 Wrong?
54. PUNB0332500 Wrong? Tankuppa Branch 06322-277084 Wrong?
55. PUNB0385100 Wrong? Tekari Branch 0631-2472552 Wrong?
56. PUNB0274500 Wrong? Tilaiya Branch 06326-240113 Wrong?
57. PUNB0162300 Wrong? Upthu Branch 0631-2221029 Wrong?

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Punjab National Bank Toll free Numbers

1800-180-2222, 1800-103-2222 - General
1800-180-2345 - Credit card