State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur Jaipur Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 142 State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur branches in Jaipur district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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List of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur branches in Jaipur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBBJ0010022 Wrong? Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2613692 Wrong?
1. SBBJ0010813 Wrong? Air Force Station, Suratgarh Branch 01509-270423 Wrong?
2. SBBJ0010034 Wrong? Amber Branch 0141-2530039 Wrong?
3. SBBJ0010024 Wrong? Amer Road Jaipur Branch 0141-2609842 Wrong?
4. SBBJ0011248 Wrong? Andhi Branch Wrong?
5. SBBJ0011119 Wrong? Bagru Industrial Area Branch 0141-2168499 Wrong?
6. SBBJ0011304 Wrong? Bainara Branch Wrong?
7. SBBJ0011067 Wrong? Banskho - Jaipur Branch Wrong?
8. SBBJ0010843 Wrong? Bapu Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2576001 Wrong?
9. SBBJ0010477 Wrong? Bapu Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2705009 Wrong?
10. SBBJ0010039 Wrong? Bassi Branch 01429-222226 Wrong?
11. SBBJ0011380 Wrong? Benad Road Branch Wrong?
12. SBBJ0010804 Wrong? Bhankrota, Jaipur Branch 0141-2250230 Wrong?
13. SBBJ0010976 Wrong? Boraj Branch 01428-236691 Wrong?
14. SBBJ0010761 Wrong? Brahampuri, Jaipur Branch 0141-2671691 Wrong?
15. SBBJ0010595 Wrong? Burmese Colony, Jaipur Branch 0141-2618429 Wrong?
16. SBBJ0010361 Wrong? C-scheme, Jaipur Branch 0141-2369524 Wrong?
17. SBBJ0010861 Wrong? Central Spine, Jaipur Branch 0141-2230085 Wrong?
18. SBBJ0010040 Wrong? Chaksu Branch 01429-243622, 243414 Wrong?
19. SBBJ0010025 Wrong? Chandpole Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2320623 Wrong?
20. SBBJ0011093 Wrong? Chandwaji Branch 01426-284702 Wrong?
21. SBBJ0010828 Wrong? Chitrakoot, Jaipur Branch 0141-5175353 Wrong?
22. SBBJ0010636 Wrong? Chomp Branch 01423-234523 Wrong?
23. SBBJ0010035 Wrong? Chomu Branch 01423-222484, 220050, 223822 Wrong?
24. SBBJ0011024 Wrong? Chomu Kum Branch 01423-220083 Wrong?
25. SBBJ0010026 Wrong? Collectorate, Jaipur Branch 0141-2200602 Wrong?
26. SBBJ0011060 Wrong? Cross Selling Bazar, Tonk Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2744415 Wrong?
27. SBBJ0010670 Wrong? Dantil Branch 01421-285128 Wrong?
28. SBBJ0011247 Wrong? Dhaula Branch Wrong?
29. SBBJ0010865 Wrong? Dist Court, Jaipur Branch 0141-2740717 Wrong?
30. SBBJ0010041 Wrong? Dudu Adb Branch 01428-227128 Wrong?
31. SBBJ0010765 Wrong? Durgapura, Jaipur Branch 0141-5183803 Wrong?
32. SBBJ0010383 Wrong? Gandhinagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2706484 Wrong?
33. SBBJ0010825 Wrong? Ganpati Plaza, Jaipur Branch 0141-5113355 Wrong?
34. SBBJ0010587 Wrong? Gopal Bari, Jaipur Branch 0141-2373154 Wrong?
35. SBBJ0010452 Wrong? Gopi Nath Marg, Jaipur Branch 0141-2360554 Wrong?
36. SBBJ0011305 Wrong? Gordhanpura Branch Wrong?
37. SBBJ0010780 Wrong? Govind Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2630312 Wrong?
38. SBBJ0010042 Wrong? Govindgarh Malikpur Branch 01423-230030, 513721 Wrong?
39. SBBJ0011365 Wrong? Govindpura Branch Wrong?
40. SBBJ0011385 Wrong? Heerapura, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
41. SBBJ0010781 Wrong? Ind. Finance , Jaipur Branch 0141-2362794 Wrong?
42. SBBJ0010737 Wrong? Ind. Area Sudarshanpura, Jaipur Branch 0141-2210004 Wrong?
43. SBBJ0010403 Wrong? Indira Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2311800 Wrong?
44. SBBJ0010552 Wrong? International Banking , Jaipur Branch 0141-2610728 Wrong?
45. SBBJ0010798 Wrong? Jagatpura, Jaipur Branch 0141-2759673 Wrong?
46. SBBJ0011370 Wrong? Jaisinghpura Road Branch Wrong?
47. SBBJ0011298 Wrong? Jaitpura Branch Wrong?
48. SBBJ0010043 Wrong? Jamwa Ramgarh Branch 01426-252268, 252363 Wrong?
49. SBBJ0010559 Wrong? Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2652488 Wrong?
50. SBBJ0010856 Wrong? Jhalrapatan Branch 07432-241418 Wrong?
51. SBBJ0010028 Wrong? Jhotwara, Jaipur Branch 0141-2340358 Wrong?
52. SBBJ0010772 Wrong? Jln Marg, Jaipur Branch 0141-2550807 Wrong?
53. SBBJ0011097 Wrong? Jobner Branch 01425-254116 Wrong?
54. SBBJ0010029 Wrong? Johri Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2563900 Wrong?
55. SBBJ0010685 Wrong? Kadera Branch 01429-268737 Wrong?
56. SBBJ0010044 Wrong? Kaladera Branch 01423-265830, 513170 Wrong?
57. SBBJ0011381 Wrong? Kalwar Branch Wrong?
58. SBBJ0010797 Wrong? Kalwar Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2341439 Wrong?
59. SBBJ0010803 Wrong? Kanota Branch 0141-5143071 Wrong?
60. SBBJ0011086 Wrong? Karghani, Jaipur Branch 0141-2348871 Wrong?
61. SBBJ0010438 Wrong? Khatipura, Jaipur Branch 0141-2350853 Wrong?
62. SBBJ0010329 Wrong? Khejroli Branch 01423-255015, 255768 Wrong?
63. SBBJ0010777 Wrong? Kishangarh Renwal Branch 01424-220283 Wrong?
64. SBBJ0010462 Wrong? Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2320992 Wrong?
65. SBBJ0011000 Wrong? Kohinoor Royale Branch Wrong?
66. SBBJ0011369 Wrong? Kotkhawada Branch Wrong?
67. SBBJ0010037 Wrong? Kotputli Branch 01421-224515, 01421-223028 Wrong?
68. SBBJ0010830 Wrong? Kum, Sumerpur Branch 02933-258232 Wrong?
69. SBBJ0011249 Wrong? Lalgarh Branch Wrong?
70. SBBJ0011397 Wrong? Loha Mandi Branch Wrong?
71. SBBJ0010030 Wrong? M I Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2372912 Wrong?
72. SBBJ0011368 Wrong? Madhorajpura Branch Wrong?
73. SBBJ0011371 Wrong? Mahal Road Jagatpura Branch Wrong?
74. SBBJ0010846 Wrong? Mahesh Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2504871 Wrong?
75. SBBJ0010503 Wrong? Malviya Nagar Ind. Area, Jaipur Branch 0141-2750624 Wrong?
76. SBBJ0011031 Wrong? Manoharpur Branch 01422-231210, 231243 Wrong?
77. SBBJ0010767 Wrong? Mansarovar, Jaipur Branch 0141-5132394 Wrong?
78. SBBJ0011163 Wrong? Metropolis Mall, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
79. SBBJ0010369 Wrong? Mozmabad Branch 01428-252506, 254420 Wrong?
80. SBBJ0010721 Wrong? Murlipura, Jaipur Branch 0141-2331005 Wrong?
81. SBBJ0010750 Wrong? N. C. Market, Chittorgarh City Branch 01472-244408 Wrong?
82. SBBJ0010845 Wrong? Nadbai Branch 05643 224040 Wrong?
83. SBBJ0011364 Wrong? Narheda Branch Wrong?
84. SBBJ0010854 Wrong? New Aatish Market, Jaipur Branch 0141-2391436 Wrong?
85. SBBJ0010990 Wrong? New Sanganer Road, Jaipur Branch 141-2297912 Wrong?
86. SBBJ0011054 Wrong? Nirman Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2812711 Wrong?
87. SBBJ0011176 Wrong? Nivaru Road, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
88. SBBJ0010915 Wrong? Office Administration Department Branch 0141-5101563 Wrong?
89. SBBJ0011051 Wrong? Online Treasury , Jaipur Branch 0141-5117011 Wrong?
90. SBBJ0010820 Wrong? P W D Complex, Jaipur Branch 0141-2221944 Wrong?
91. SBBJ0010851 Wrong? Paota Branch 01421-243855 Wrong?
92. SBBJ0010806 Wrong? Peetal Factory, Jaipur Branch 0141-2206502 Wrong?
93. SBBJ0010046 Wrong? Phagi Branch 01430-224125, 01430-224008 Wrong?
94. SBBJ0010977 Wrong? Phagi Renwal Branch 01430-280015 Wrong?
95. SBBJ0010749 Wrong? Phulera Branch 01425-245682, 244123 Wrong?
96. SBBJ0011037 Wrong? Power House, Jaipur Branch 0141-2201359 Wrong?
97. SBBJ0010840 Wrong? Pratap Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2793745 Wrong?
98. SBBJ0010443 Wrong? Prithviraj Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2373867 Wrong?
99. SBBJ0011246 Wrong? Ptrakar Colony, Mansarovar, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
100. SBBJ0010640 Wrong? Raisar Branch 01426-262539 Wrong?
101. SBBJ0011014 Wrong? Rajasthan Pustak Mandal Branch 0141-2711238 Wrong?
102. SBBJ0011386 Wrong? Rajat Path Madhyam Marg Mansarovar Branch Wrong?
103. SBBJ0010978 Wrong? Rajdhani Krishi Upaz Mandi Jaipur Branch Wrong?
104. SBBJ0010594 Wrong? Ram Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2306442 Wrong?
105. SBBJ0010307 Wrong? Ramganj Bazar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2612116 Wrong?
106. SBBJ0011053 Wrong? Reserve Police Line, Jaipur Branch 0141-2200610 Wrong?
107. SBBJ0010847 Wrong? Rks Sankul, Jaipur Branch 0141-5101638 Wrong?
108. SBBJ0010032 Wrong? S M S Highway, Jaipur Branch 0141-2313840 Wrong?
109. SBBJ0011092 Wrong? Sambhar Branch 01425-225441 Wrong?
110. SBBJ0010047 Wrong? Samode Branch 01423-240007 Wrong?
111. SBBJ0010483 Wrong? Sanganer Branch 0141-2730291 Wrong?
112. SBBJ0011431 Wrong? Sansar Chandra Road Branch Wrong?
113. SBBJ0011050 Wrong? Sarna Dungar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2587044 Wrong?
114. SBBJ0010031 Wrong? Secretariat, Jaipur Branch 0141-5132525 Wrong?
115. SBBJ0011081 Wrong? Sector-4, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2656845 Wrong?
116. SBBJ0010644 Wrong? Service Branch, Bikaner Branch 0151-2223094 Wrong?
117. SBBJ0010048 Wrong? Shahpura Branch 01422-222035 Wrong?
118. SBBJ0010340 Wrong? Shastri Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2300759 Wrong?
119. SBBJ0011073 Wrong? Shivdaspura - Jaipur Branch Wrong?
120. SBBJ0010768 Wrong? Shyam Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-5129690 Wrong?
121. SBBJ0011154 Wrong? Sikar Road, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
122. SBBJ0011155 Wrong? Sirsi Road, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
123. SBBJ0010792 Wrong? Sitapura Indust. Area, Jaipur Branch 0141-2771616 Wrong?
124. SBBJ0010849 Wrong? Sms Hospital, Jaipur Branch 0141-2562851 Wrong?
125. SBBJ0010795 Wrong? Sodala, Jaipur Branch 0141-5129768 Wrong?
126. SBBJ0010766 Wrong? Ssi, Udaipur Branch 0294-2417399 Wrong?
127. SBBJ0010500 Wrong? Surajpole, Jaipur Branch 0141-2640821 Wrong?
128. SBBJ0011162 Wrong? Textile Market, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
129. SBBJ0010883 Wrong? Tfcpc Jaipur Branch Wrong?
130. SBBJ0010510 Wrong? Tilak Marg, Jaipur Branch 0141-5101564 Wrong?
131. SBBJ0010033 Wrong? Tilak Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2621958 Wrong?
132. SBBJ0010924 Wrong? Toonga Branch 01429-281247 Wrong?
133. SBBJ0011161 Wrong? Transport Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2643945 Wrong?
134. SBBJ0010365 Wrong? V.K.I.E, Jaipur Branch 0141-2338653 Wrong?
135. SBBJ0011029 Wrong? Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2359175 Wrong?
136. SBBJ0010718 Wrong? Vidhan Sabha, Jaipur Branch 0141-2743932 Wrong?
137. SBBJ0010763 Wrong? Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2236294 Wrong?
138. SBBJ0010866 Wrong? Vidyut Bhavan, Jaipur Branch 0141-2200250 Wrong?
139. SBBJ0011160 Wrong? Vijay Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2784415 Wrong?
140. SBBJ0010038 Wrong? Viratnagar Branch 01422-234059 , 234003, 234009 Wrong?
141. SBBJ0011299 Wrong? Vkia Road #17 Branch Wrong?

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