This page gives information about all the 56 State Bank Of Hyderabad branches in Krishna district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of Hyderabad in Krishna, Andhra Pradesh.

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List of State Bank Of Hyderabad branches in Krishna

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. SBHY0021179 Wrong? Ajithsingh Nagar Branch 256391 Wrong?
2. SBHY0021294 Wrong? Bantumilli Branch Wrong?
3. SBHY0021176 Wrong? Bapulapadu Branch 2454252 Wrong?
4. SBHY0021440 Wrong? Batchupeta Branch 228288 Wrong?
5. SBHY0021501 Wrong? Challapalli Branch 222200 Wrong?
6. SBHY0021907 Wrong? Commercial Finance Vijayawada Branch 2469152 Wrong?
7. SBHY0021148 Wrong? Currency Nagar Branch 245212 Wrong?
8. SBHY0021719 Wrong? Devarapalli Branch 2805111 Wrong?
9. SBHY0021264 Wrong? Enikepadu Branch 27420036 Wrong?
10. SBHY0021174 Wrong? Gannavaram Branch 277267 Wrong?
11. SBHY0021307 Wrong? Gudalavalleru Branch 2665351 Wrong?
12. SBHY0020331 Wrong? Gudivada Branch 245026 Wrong?
13. SBHY0021828 Wrong? Guduru Branch Wrong?
14. SBHY0021825 Wrong? Guntupalli Branch 2832270/94 Wrong?
15. SBHY0020170 Wrong? Jaggaiahpet Branch 222007 Wrong?
16. SBHY0021974 Wrong? Jupudi Branch Wrong?
17. SBHY0021129 Wrong? Kaikaluru Branch 232205 Wrong?
18. SBHY0021134 Wrong? Kamayyathopu Branch 256866 Wrong?
19. SBHY0021293 Wrong? Kanchikacherla Branch 232109 Wrong?
20. SBHY0021827 Wrong? Kondapally Branch 2882343 Wrong?
21. SBHY0021032 Wrong? Krishnalanka Branch 25401800 Wrong?
22. SBHY0021824 Wrong? Makkapet Branch 283900 Wrong?
23. SBHY0021646 Wrong? Mallavolu Branch Wrong?
24. SBHY0020517 Wrong? Manjuluru Branch 241242 Wrong?
25. SBHY0020334 Wrong? Masulipatnam Branch 222224 Wrong?
26. SBHY0020585 Wrong? Mudunuru Branch 286303 Wrong?
27. SBHY0021648 Wrong? Muppalla Branch Wrong?
28. SBHY0021321 Wrong? Mylavaram Branch 242744 Wrong?
29. SBHY0021131 Wrong? Nagayalanka Branch 222610 Wrong?
30. SBHY0021319 Wrong? Nandigama Branch 279073 Wrong?
31. SBHY0020791 Wrong? Nuziveedu Branch 232757 Wrong?
32. SBHY0021329 Wrong? Pamarru Branch 272113 Wrong?
33. SBHY0021649 Wrong? Paritala Branch Wrong?
34. SBHY0020542 Wrong? Patamatalanka Branch 2472644 Wrong?
35. SBHY0021423 Wrong? Pedana Branch 248088 Wrong?
36. SBHY0021823 Wrong? Penumalli Branch 246333 Wrong?
37. SBHY0020397 Wrong? Rayanapadu Branch 2832260 Wrong?
38. SBHY0021233 Wrong? Rguiiit Nuzvid Branch 22460048 Wrong?
39. SBHY0021826 Wrong? Tadigadapa Panamaluru Branch 2582012 Wrong?
40. SBHY0021421 Wrong? Tiruvuru Branch 253288 Wrong?
41. SBHY0021050 Wrong? U. G. Hospital Vijayawada Branch 27862021 Wrong?
42. SBHY0020515 Wrong? Vijayawada Bhavanipuram Branch 2413069 Wrong?
43. SBHY0020714 Wrong? Vijayawada Chittinagar Branch 2518806 Wrong?
44. SBHY0020936 Wrong? Vijayawada Civil Courts Branch 2578489 Wrong?
45. SBHY0020169 Wrong? Vijayawada Gandhinagar Branch 2435498 Wrong?
46. SBHY0020343 Wrong? Vijayawada Governorpet Branch 2572912 Wrong?
47. SBHY0020978 Wrong? Vijayawada Micr Centre Branch 0866-2494353 Wrong?
48. SBHY0020899 Wrong? Vijayawada Mogalrajapuram Branch 2431650 Wrong?
49. SBHY0020713 Wrong? Vijayawada Sc Railway Branch 2576613 Wrong?
50. SBHY0020711 Wrong? Vijayawada Service Branch 2572842 Wrong?
51. SBHY0020752 Wrong? Vijayawada Sib Branch 246098 Wrong?
52. SBHY0022030 Wrong? Voppangi Branch 7674004666 Wrong?
53. SBHY0020779 Wrong? Vtps Ibrahimpatnam Branch 2882343 Wrong?
54. SBHY0021647 Wrong? Vutukuru Branch Wrong?
55. SBHY0020772 Wrong? Vuyyur Branch 233295 Wrong?
56. SBHY0021922 Wrong? Yenamalakuduru Panamaluru Branch 2554401 Wrong?

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