State Bank Of India Hyderabad Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 176 State Bank Of India branches in Hyderabad district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Hyderabad

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBIN0008617 Wrong? Abid Road, Hyderabad Branch 040-23202005 Wrong?
1. SBIN0008995 Wrong? Ac Guards, Hyderabad Branch 040-23307576 Wrong?
2. SBIN0011774 Wrong? Administrative Office-ii, Hyderabad Branch 040-27883160 Wrong?
3. SBIN0001979 Wrong? Agapura, Hyderabad Branch 040-23214313 Wrong?
4. SBIN0014438 Wrong? Agri Commercial Branch 040-23229800 Wrong?
5. SBIN0007054 Wrong? Agriculture Business , Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
6. SBIN0008024 Wrong? Aliabad, Hyderabad Branch 040-24415880 Wrong?
7. SBIN0003605 Wrong? Amberpet, Hyderabad Branch 40 -27422784 Wrong?
8. SBIN0005153 Wrong? Ameerpet Branch 040-23730826 Wrong?
9. SBIN0010097 Wrong? Anandbagh Branch 040-27242886, 27242884 Wrong?
10. SBIN0013271 Wrong? Arora Colony Branch Wrong?
11. SBIN0013426 Wrong? Artillery Centre Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0011658 Wrong? Ashoknagar Branch 040-27675330 Wrong?
13. SBIN0017760 Wrong? Bachupalli Branch 022 9000711139 Wrong?
14. SBIN0006854 Wrong? Balanagar Branch 040-23879110, 23879889, 23876905 Wrong?
15. SBIN0003607 Wrong? Balkampet Branch 040-23700071 Wrong?
16. SBIN0017236 Wrong? Bandlaguda Branch Wrong?
17. SBIN0008022 Wrong? Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Branch 40 -23370880 Wrong?
18. SBIN0007110 Wrong? Barkas,hyderabad Branch 040-24440222 Wrong?
19. SBIN0007641 Wrong? Barkatpura, Hyderabad Branch 040-27563888 Wrong?
20. SBIN0005893 Wrong? Bazar Ghat, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
21. SBIN0003184 Wrong? Begum Bazar, Hyderabad Branch 08415-244482 Wrong?
22. SBIN0010676 Wrong? Begumpet Branch 040-27708234 Wrong?
23. SBIN0015568 Wrong? Bhaskar Rao Nagar Branch 040-27118212 Wrong?
24. SBIN0006300 Wrong? Bhel R&d Complex, Hyderabad Branch 040-27751737 Wrong?
25. SBIN0002788 Wrong? Bible House , Secunderabad Branch 040-27541003 Wrong?
26. SBIN0012665 Wrong? Boduppal Branch 040-27204973 Wrong?
27. SBIN0013138 Wrong? Bowenapally Branch 040-27951446 Wrong?
28. SBIN0010476 Wrong? Centralised Clearing Processing Centre,hyderabad Branch 040-23241103 Wrong?
29. SBIN0015779 Wrong? Chandanagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-23033655 Wrong?
30. SBIN0003026 Wrong? Chandrayanagutta Branch 040-24345203 Wrong?
31. SBIN0003256 Wrong? Chandulal Baradari, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
32. SBIN0001879 Wrong? Charminar, Hyderabad Branch 040-24415277 Wrong?
33. SBIN0007481 Wrong? Chilvakoduru Branch 08724-231235 Wrong?
34. SBIN0015853 Wrong? Chintal Branch Wrong?
35. SBIN0003529 Wrong? Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad Branch 040-23202299 Wrong?
36. SBIN0013270 Wrong? City Centre Branch Wrong?
37. SBIN0005172 Wrong? City Recovery Centre, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
38. SBIN0004031 Wrong? Commercial Secunerabad Branch 040-27816835 Wrong?
39. SBIN0004168 Wrong? Commercial , Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
40. SBIN0004472 Wrong? Cppc Branch 040-27670149 Wrong?
41. SBIN0005247 Wrong? Currency Administration Cell,hyderabad. Branch Wrong?
42. SBIN0015762 Wrong? Dd Colony, Bagh Amberpet Branch 040-27408801 Wrong?
43. SBIN0008025 Wrong? Defence Colony, Secunderabad Branch 040-27110156 Wrong?
44. SBIN0010309 Wrong? Defence Research Development Laboratory Hyde Branch 040-24583290 Wrong?
45. SBIN0011746 Wrong? Dilsukhnagar Branch 040-24142676 Wrong?
46. SBIN0016294 Wrong? Doordarshan Road Branch 040-27400248 Wrong?
47. SBIN0011661 Wrong? Dwarakapuri,punjagutta Branch Wrong?
48. SBIN0008026 Wrong? Edi Bazar Branch 040-24330111 Wrong?
49. SBIN0014618 Wrong? Eme Centre Branch 040-27872048 Wrong?
50. SBIN0006130 Wrong? Film Nagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-23544642 Wrong?
51. SBIN0004064 Wrong? Fslo, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
52. SBIN0012941 Wrong? Gachibowli Branch 040-40189636 Wrong?
53. SBIN0011667 Wrong? Gaddiannaram Branch Wrong?
54. SBIN0011660 Wrong? Gandhinagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-27670513 Wrong?
55. SBIN0002724 Wrong? Gowliguda, Hyderabad Branch 040-24604490 Wrong?
56. SBIN0016514 Wrong? Habsiguda Branch 040-27151725 Wrong?
57. SBIN0001676 Wrong? Hal Campus Balanagar Branch Wrong?
58. SBIN0004187 Wrong? Hitech City Branch 040-23110922 Wrong?
59. SBIN0013765 Wrong? Hni Branch 040-23541583 Wrong?
60. SBIN0005916 Wrong? Huc, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
61. SBIN0005322 Wrong? Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-23526085 Wrong?
62. SBIN0002727 Wrong? Hyderabad Airport, Hyderabad Branch 040-27765636 Wrong?
63. SBIN0000847 Wrong? Hyderabad Main Branch 040-24756848 Wrong?
64. SBIN0002728 Wrong? Hyderabad Public School Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
65. SBIN0009103 Wrong? Ifb, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
66. SBIN0005895 Wrong? Isamia Bazar, Hyderabad Branch 040-24650583 Wrong?
67. SBIN0017744 Wrong? J. P. Nagar, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
68. SBIN0011745 Wrong? Jubilee Hills Branch 040-23548529 Wrong?
69. SBIN0015084 Wrong? Jubilee Hills Yuva Branch 040-23606264 Wrong?
70. SBIN0017035 Wrong? Kamalapuri Colony, Jubilee Hills Branch Wrong?
71. SBIN0007640 Wrong? Karvan, Hyderabad Branch 40 -24825048 Wrong?
72. SBIN0016992 Wrong? Kavadiguda, Secunderabad Branch 040-27533888 Wrong?
73. SBIN0003606 Wrong? Khairatabad, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
74. SBIN0007109 Wrong? King Koti, Hyderabad Branch 040-23244848 Wrong?
75. SBIN0011081 Wrong? Kondapur Branch Wrong?
76. SBIN0015916 Wrong? Kothaguda, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
77. SBIN0010098 Wrong? Kukatpally Branch Wrong?
78. SBIN0011984 Wrong? L B Nagar, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
79. SBIN0007112 Wrong? Lalguda Branch 040-27001308 Wrong?
80. SBIN0015780 Wrong? Lanco Hills, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
81. SBIN0003609 Wrong? Langar House, Hyderabad Branch 040-23513928 Wrong?
82. SBIN0015659 Wrong? Liberty Centre, Himayatnagar Branch 040-23266214/15 Wrong?
83. SBIN0016524 Wrong? M L A Colony Branch 040-23372007 Wrong?
84. SBIN0003032 Wrong? M.G. Road, Secunderabad Branch 040-27542041 Wrong?
85. SBIN0030488 Wrong? Madinaguda, Hyderabad Branch 040-23040183 Wrong?
86. SBIN0016157 Wrong? Malkajgiri Branch 040-27056686 Wrong?
87. SBIN0001373 Wrong? Market Street. Secunderabad Branch 4027702720 Wrong?
88. SBIN0010477 Wrong? Mclau, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
89. SBIN0011744 Wrong? Mehdipatnam Branch 040-23516214 Wrong?
90. SBIN0016511 Wrong? Mehdipatnam Garrison Branch 040-23525966 Wrong?
91. SBIN0005894 Wrong? Mjj Road, Hyderabad Branch 040-23201806 Wrong?
92. SBIN0016897 Wrong? Moghalpura Branch 040-24416897 Wrong?
93. SBIN0005094 Wrong? Motinagar Branch 040-23835862 Wrong?
94. SBIN0016275 Wrong? Moula Ali Branch Wrong?
95. SBIN0007111 Wrong? Mudfort, Secunderabad Branch 040-27841070 Wrong?
96. SBIN0010328 Wrong? Musarambagh Chowrasta Branch 040-24058585 Wrong?
97. SBIN0012989 Wrong? Musheerabad Branch 040-27666612 Wrong?
98. SBIN0011079 Wrong? Nagole Branch 040-24222615 Wrong?
99. SBIN0060146 Wrong? Nampally , Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
100. SBIN0015778 Wrong? Nanakramguda Branch Wrong?
101. SBIN0003086 Wrong? Narayanguda, Hyderabad Branch 040-27563965 Wrong?
102. SBIN0008027 Wrong? New Mallepally, Hyderabad Branch 040-23343653 Wrong?
103. SBIN0009071 Wrong? Nfc Branch 040-27123160 Wrong?
104. SBIN0012217 Wrong? Nizampeth Road Branch Wrong?
105. SBIN0013482 Wrong? Nri Secunderabad Branch 040-27710728 Wrong?
106. SBIN0013554 Wrong? Nri - Jubilee Hill Branch 040-23110704 Wrong?
107. SBIN0004071 Wrong? Nri Hyderabad Branch 040-24758785 Wrong?
108. SBIN0003976 Wrong? Oad, Lho, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
109. SBIN0008023 Wrong? Old Malakpet, Hyderabad Branch 040-24529001 Wrong?
110. SBIN0001880 Wrong? Old Mla Qtrs Branch 040-23228909, 23220039, 23227373 Wrong?
111. SBIN0001342 Wrong? Osmangunj, Hyderabad Branch 040-24732029 Wrong?
112. SBIN0010356 Wrong? Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad Branch 040-24731292 Wrong?
113. SBIN0001921 Wrong? Overseas Hyderabad Branch 040-23147527 Wrong?
114. SBIN0002772 Wrong? Padmarao Nagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-27507770 Wrong?
115. SBIN0060427 Wrong? Paradise Circle , Secunderabad Branch Wrong?
116. SBIN0002769 Wrong? Parishrama Bhawan, Hyderabad Branch 040-23212215 Wrong?
117. SBIN0004297 Wrong? Pbb Abids, Hyderabad Branch 040-24606321 Wrong?
118. SBIN0004354 Wrong? Pbb Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad Branch 40 -24053589 Wrong?
119. SBIN0004155 Wrong? Pbb Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Branch 040-23600191 Wrong?
120. SBIN0004275 Wrong? Pbb Kukatpally, Hyderabad Branch 040-23161065 Wrong?
121. SBIN0004245 Wrong? Pbb Masab Tank, Hyderabad Branch 040-23308873, 23308066 Wrong?
122. SBIN0004159 Wrong? Pbb Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad Branch 040-23328249 Wrong?
123. SBIN0002790 Wrong? Pbb Red Hills, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
124. SBIN0017745 Wrong? PBB Saifabad Branch Wrong?
125. SBIN0004156 Wrong? Pbb Sp Road Secunderabad Branch 040-27900455 Wrong?
126. SBIN0015490 Wrong? Pragathi Nagar Branch 040-23899954 Wrong?
127. SBIN0004489 Wrong? Racpc Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
128. SBIN0017894 Wrong? Racpciii Hyderabad Branch 022 8008822677 Wrong?
129. SBIN0010100 Wrong? Ramanthapur Branch 040-27155123 Wrong?
130. SBIN0012917 Wrong? Ramnagar Branch 040-27676535 Wrong?
131. SBIN0014731 Wrong? Rbo R1 Hyderabad Metro Branch 040-27883146 Wrong?
132. SBIN0014734 Wrong? Rbo Sce Hyderabad Metro Branch 040-27814416 Wrong?
133. SBIN0016552 Wrong? Rbo, Region-v, Ao-1 Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
134. SBIN0016553 Wrong? Rbo, Region-vi, Ao-1 Hyderabad Branch 040-27883132 Wrong?
135. SBIN0014732 Wrong? Rbo-ii, Hyderabad Metro Branch 040-27883152 Wrong?
136. SBIN0014733 Wrong? Rbo-iii, Hyderabad Metro Branch Wrong?
137. SBIN0010386 Wrong? Research Centre, Imarat Branch 040-24306565, 24306566 Wrong?
138. SBIN0015330 Wrong? Retail Asset Central Processing Centre-2, Hyderaba Branch 040-23118051 Wrong?
139. SBIN0015760 Wrong? Saidabad Branch 040-24564455 Wrong?
140. SBIN0012739 Wrong? Saketh Road, Hyderabad Branch 040-27162362 Wrong?
141. SBIN0004106 Wrong? Samb, Secunderabad Branch 040-27721107, 27813332 Wrong?
142. SBIN0017358 Wrong? Sanathnagar Branch Wrong?
143. SBIN0016293 Wrong? Sanjeevareddy Nagar Branch 040-23704262 Wrong?
144. SBIN0015901 Wrong? Sardar Patel Nagar Branch 040-23150011 Wrong?
145. SBIN0008791 Wrong? Sbiicm, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
146. SBIN0000916 Wrong? Secunderabad Branch 040-27847156 Wrong?
147. SBIN0006314 Wrong? Serilingampalle Branch 040-23033779 Wrong?
148. SBIN0008983 Wrong? Service , Hyderabad Branch 040-3242772, 324279 Wrong?
149. SBIN0001765 Wrong? Shamshergunj, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
150. SBIN0007315 Wrong? Sib Saifabad, Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
151. SBIN0010104 Wrong? Sme , Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
152. SBIN0005015 Wrong? Smeccc Hyderabad Branch 040-23423527 Wrong?
153. SBIN0015331 Wrong? Smeccc-2 Kukatpally Branch 040-23466470 Wrong?
154. SBIN0016404 Wrong? Spl Cash Admn Branch 040-23466386 Wrong?
155. SBIN0014447 Wrong? Srinagar Colony Branch 040-23759812 Wrong?
156. SBIN0060339 Wrong? Sripuram Hyderbad Branch 040-24549378 Wrong?
157. SBIN0006645 Wrong? St. John's Road, Secunderabad Branch 040-27732444 Wrong?
158. SBIN0008779 Wrong? St. Mary's Road, Secunderabad Branch 040-23460913 Wrong?
159. SBIN0006871 Wrong? State Bank Institute Of Rural Development Branch Wrong?
160. SBIN0003998 Wrong? State Bank Staff College Branch Wrong?
161. SBIN0005095 Wrong? Tolichowki Branch 040-23560902 Wrong?
162. SBIN0005055 Wrong? Trade Finance Cpc Branch Wrong?
163. SBIN0002802 Wrong? Trimulgherry Branch Wrong?
164. SBIN0030233 Wrong? Triveni Complex , Hyderabad Branch 040-24754603 Wrong?
165. SBIN0012664 Wrong? Uppal Branch Wrong?
166. SBIN0016434 Wrong? Vaidehinagar Branch 040-24245858 Wrong?
167. SBIN0014680 Wrong? Vasundhara Jubilee Senorita Banking Centre Branch 040-23555221 Wrong?
168. SBIN0011659 Wrong? Vengalrao Nagar Branch 040-23811650 Wrong?
169. SBIN0003608 Wrong? Vidyanagar, Hyderabad Branch 040-27664669 Wrong?
170. SBIN0012916 Wrong? Warasiguda Branch 040-27075192 Wrong?
171. SBIN0016432 Wrong? West Marredpally Branch 040-27803316 Wrong?
172. SBIN0003257 Wrong? Yellareddyguda Branch 040 3748128 Wrong?
173. SBIN0011662 Wrong? Yousufguda Branch 040-23743661 Wrong?
174. SBIN0015480 Wrong? Zio Hyderabad Branch Wrong?
175. SBIN0006743 Wrong? Zonal Office, Hyderabad Branch 040-27883101 Wrong?

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