State Bank Of India Patna Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 129 State Bank Of India branches in Patna district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Patna, Bihar.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Patna

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBIN0014670 Wrong? A.G. Colony, Patna Branch Wrong?
1. SBIN0004922 Wrong? Adb Barh Branch 06132-242129 Wrong?
2. SBIN0007878 Wrong? Agamkuan Branch 0612-2634115 0612-2634116,550013 Wrong?
3. SBIN0006377 Wrong? Akhtiyarpur Branch Wrong?
4. SBIN0008129 Wrong? Alipur Branch 0612-3249778 Wrong?
5. SBIN0006359 Wrong? Amy Bihta Branch 06115- 252242 Wrong?
6. SBIN0006358 Wrong? Amy Fatwah Branch 0612-2440235 Wrong?
7. SBIN0007879 Wrong? Amy,katra Bazar Branch 0612-2642524 Wrong?
8. SBIN0009002 Wrong? Anandpuri Branch 0612-2573089 Wrong?
9. SBIN0009003 Wrong? Anisabad,patna Branch 0612-2251129,0612-2251943,550591 Wrong?
10. SBIN0006378 Wrong? Arap Branch Wrong?
11. SBIN0009004 Wrong? Ashiana Nagar Branch 0612-2586142,550571 Wrong?
12. SBIN0005784 Wrong? Athmalgola Branch 06132-250737 Wrong?
13. SBIN0006612 Wrong? Aunta Branch Wrong?
14. SBIN0010354 Wrong? Bahadurpur Branch Wrong?
15. SBIN0006379 Wrong? Bailey Road Branch 550546,612-2221953,2238993,2000000 Wrong?
16. SBIN0002908 Wrong? Bakhtiyarpur Branch 06132-227504 Wrong?
17. SBIN0006380 Wrong? Bankaghat Branch 0612-2330151 Wrong?
18. SBIN0000026 Wrong? Barh Branch 6132-244240,06132-244241,557655 Wrong?
19. SBIN0008130 Wrong? Bhaiswan Branch 0612-2620244 Wrong?
20. SBIN0003561 Wrong? Bhikhnapahari, Patna Branch 0612-2688020,550516 Wrong?
21. SBIN0015998 Wrong? Bhojpur Colony, Patna Branch Wrong?
22. SBIN0009006 Wrong? Bihar Veterinary College Complex Branch 0612-2220724 Wrong?
23. SBIN0001217 Wrong? Bihta Branch Wrong?
24. SBIN0012587 Wrong? Bikram Branch Wrong?
25. SBIN0006551 Wrong? Boring Canal Road, Patna Branch 0612-2520722,0612-2520722,550551 Wrong?
26. SBIN0001435 Wrong? Boring Road Branch 550436,0612-2228756,2203550 Wrong?
27. SBIN0001215 Wrong? Bseb Patna Branch 0612-2222760,0612-2204826,550411 Wrong?
28. SBIN0010017 Wrong? Cac, Patna Branch 0612-2207828,0612-2202860 Wrong?
29. SBIN0009600 Wrong? Cb Patliputra Branch 0612-2266086,550306 Wrong?
30. SBIN0010408 Wrong? Ccpc, Patna Branch Wrong?
31. SBIN0015996 Wrong? Chanakya Law College Branch Wrong?
32. SBIN0003113 Wrong? Chauhatta Branch 0612-2691973,550099 Wrong?
33. SBIN0012641 Wrong? Chausa Branch Wrong?
34. SBIN0004476 Wrong? Cppc Patna Branch 0612-3953053,0612-2205208 Wrong?
35. SBIN0001254 Wrong? Danapur Branch 550406,06115-220917,225808 Wrong?
36. SBIN0010396 Wrong? Danapur Cantonement Branch 557727,06115-225620,225619 Wrong?
37. SBIN0014311 Wrong? Daniawan Branch Wrong?
38. SBIN0007877 Wrong? Dariyapur Gola Branch 0612-2683383 Wrong?
39. SBIN0003559 Wrong? Digha Branch 0612-2561527 Wrong?
40. SBIN0012683 Wrong? Document Archival Centre, Patna Branch Wrong?
41. SBIN0008386 Wrong? Doman Branch 06132-2229601 Wrong?
42. SBIN0015599 Wrong? Dumri Branch Wrong?
43. SBIN0003475 Wrong? Exhibition Road Patna Branch 550491,0612-2322563,3298969 Wrong?
44. SBIN0015228 Wrong? Fic Daniyanwan Branch Wrong?
45. SBIN0015008 Wrong? Fic Sampatchak Branch Wrong?
46. SBIN0003476 Wrong? Fraser Road Branch 0612-2225826,550496 Wrong?
47. SBIN0004068 Wrong? Fslo Patna Branch Wrong?
48. SBIN0003518 Wrong? Gardanibagh Branch 0612-2241835,2247178 Wrong?
49. SBIN0011806 Wrong? Garhani Branch Wrong?
50. SBIN0012585 Wrong? Ghoshwari Branch Wrong?
51. SBIN0012579 Wrong? Govind Mitra Road, Patna Branch Wrong?
52. SBIN0001496 Wrong? Gulzarbagh Branch 550441 Wrong?
53. SBIN0001234 Wrong? Hajiganj Branch 0612- 2616139,264554 Wrong?
54. SBIN0009005 Wrong? Hanuman Nagar Branch 0612-2348423,2354338,550596 Wrong?
55. SBIN0012594 Wrong? Harnaut Branch Wrong?
56. SBIN0006540 Wrong? Ifb Patna Branch 0612- 2523220,550301 Wrong?
57. SBIN0007945 Wrong? Igims Branch 0612-2287534,550566 Wrong?
58. SBIN0010404 Wrong? J.D.Women's College, Patna Branch 557733,0612-2283803 Wrong?
59. SBIN0015997 Wrong? Jagdeo Path Branch Wrong?
60. SBIN0001233 Wrong? Judges Court Rd Branch 0612-2300155,550416 Wrong?
61. SBIN0001561 Wrong? Kadamkuan Branch 0612-2672173,550456 Wrong?
62. SBIN0001389 Wrong? Kankarbagh Branch 0612-2365557,550426 Wrong?
63. SBIN0003564 Wrong? Kankarbagh Residential Colony Branch 0612-2352240,550526 Wrong?
64. SBIN0004576 Wrong? Khagaul Branch 554456,06115-232529 Wrong?
65. SBIN0016611 Wrong? Khemnichak Branch Wrong?
66. SBIN0005903 Wrong? Khusrupur Branch 0612-2416620 Wrong?
67. SBIN0003500 Wrong? Kurji,patna Branch 0612-2277731 0612-2263385,550506 Wrong?
68. SBIN0006381 Wrong? Lai Branch 06115-254148 Wrong?
69. SBIN0015162 Wrong? Lcpc Patna Branch Wrong?
70. SBIN0003129 Wrong? Mahendru Branch 0612-2670495,550481 Wrong?
71. SBIN0012590 Wrong? Maner Branch Wrong?
72. SBIN0003328 Wrong? Marufganj Branch 0612-2643524 0612-2616993,550486 Wrong?
73. SBIN0016974 Wrong? Masarhi Branch 8578805212 Wrong?
74. SBIN0004708 Wrong? Masaurhi Branch 0612-2434238 Wrong?
75. SBIN0007506 Wrong? Maurya Lok Complex Branch 550561,0612-2204330,2236278 Wrong?
76. SBIN0001511 Wrong? Mithapur Branch 550446,0612-2210197,2224595 Wrong?
77. SBIN0000135 Wrong? Mokama Branch 06132-232355 Wrong?
78. SBIN0006382 Wrong? Nagwa Branch Wrong?
79. SBIN0003477 Wrong? New Market , Patna Branch 0612-2203781,550501 Wrong?
80. SBIN0005331 Wrong? Nmcc Patna Branch 0612-2341373,550576 Wrong?
81. SBIN0010085 Wrong? Ntpc Campus, Barh Branch Wrong?
82. SBIN0003978 Wrong? Oad,lho, Patna Branch 550070,550071,0612-2209047,2209051,2209052,2209056 Wrong?
83. SBIN0007116 Wrong? Paliganj Branch 06135-277221 Wrong?
84. SBIN0015598 Wrong? Paltu Chhitini Branch Wrong?
85. SBIN0012581 Wrong? Pandarak Branch 06132-222147 Wrong?
86. SBIN0016612 Wrong? Pani Tanki More Branch Wrong?
87. SBIN0001513 Wrong? Patliputra Branch 550451 Wrong?
88. SBIN0001423 Wrong? Patna City Branch 0612-2640735,550431 Wrong?
89. SBIN0000152 Wrong? Patna Main Branch 550601,550602 Wrong?
90. SBIN0000153 Wrong? Patna Sectt Branch 550421,550422,0612-2234817,2221118 Wrong?
91. SBIN0004445 Wrong? Pbb Kankarbagh, Patna Branch 0612-2352181,0612-2352560,550196 Wrong?
92. SBIN0004142 Wrong? Pbb Patna Branch 0612-2232274,0612-2232744,550201 Wrong?
93. SBIN0012591 Wrong? Phulwarisharif Branch Wrong?
94. SBIN0004493 Wrong? Racpc Patna Branch 0612-2306258,2302654 Wrong?
95. SBIN0006917 Wrong? Raj Bhawan, Patna Branch 0612- 2225209,550556 Wrong?
96. SBIN0003115 Wrong? Rajabanshi Nagar Branch 0612-2285766,0612-2280459,550476 Wrong?
97. SBIN0003454 Wrong? Rajapur Branch 550486,06122525249 Wrong?
98. SBIN0001662 Wrong? Rajendra Nagar Branch 0612-2668718,2671321,550461 Wrong?
99. SBIN0010397 Wrong? Rajiv Nagar Branch Wrong?
100. SBIN0015605 Wrong? Ramkrishnanagar Branch Wrong?
101. SBIN0004443 Wrong? Rarb Patna Branch 0612-5589529 Wrong?
102. SBIN0013722 Wrong? Rbo - I Patna Branch Wrong?
103. SBIN0013723 Wrong? Rbo - Ii Patna Branch Wrong?
104. SBIN0015361 Wrong? Rbo Region -sec Patna Branch Wrong?
105. SBIN0010341 Wrong? Red Eagle Canteen, Allahabad Branch 0532-2440062 Wrong?
106. SBIN0012580 Wrong? Sabnima Branch Wrong?
107. SBIN0011675 Wrong? Saguna Branch Wrong?
108. SBIN0006383 Wrong? Sai Branch Wrong?
109. SBIN0012588 Wrong? Sampatchak Branch Wrong?
110. SBIN0016613 Wrong? Sandalpur Branch Wrong?
111. SBIN0008131 Wrong? Sarasat Branch Wrong?
112. SBIN0006384 Wrong? Saray Branch 0612-2626241 Wrong?
113. SBIN0005176 Wrong? Sarc Patna Branch Wrong?
114. SBIN0004232 Wrong? Scb, Dakbunglow, Patna Branch 0612-2204317 0612-2203799,550311 Wrong?
115. SBIN0009933 Wrong? Service Patna Branch 550391,0612 - 2204949,2209124 Wrong?
116. SBIN0008395 Wrong? Shahjahanpur Branch 0612-2445542 Wrong?
117. SBIN0003563 Wrong? Sheikhpura Raja Bazar, Patna Branch 0612-2281229,2282923,550521 Wrong?
118. SBIN0003114 Wrong? Shrikrishna Puri Branch 0612-2232445 0612- 2234432,550471 Wrong?
119. SBIN0010024 Wrong? Smecc Patna Branch 0612-2684904,2684905 Wrong?
120. SBIN0008473 Wrong? Sonmai Branch 0612-2706055 Wrong?
121. SBIN0004070 Wrong? Spb Patna Branch 0612-2223087,550206 Wrong?
122. SBIN0014388 Wrong? Specialised Currency Administration , Patna Branch Wrong?
123. SBIN0016231 Wrong? Specialized Nri Branch Wrong?
124. SBIN0003560 Wrong? Srikrishnanagar, Patna Branch 0612-2523251,550511 Wrong?
125. SBIN0004386 Wrong? Ssi Patna Branch 0612-2220810 0612-3095461,554486 Wrong?
126. SBIN0011807 Wrong? Tekari Branch 0631-2221003,2221004 Wrong?
127. SBIN0009282 Wrong? Zonal Inspection Office, Patna Branch 550991,0612-2231806 Wrong?
128. SBIN0006732 Wrong? Zonal Office Patna Branch 0612-2300253 Wrong?

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