Branch names and IFSC of all State Bank Of India branches in Nashik, Maharashtra. The bank has 73 branches in Nashik district. The table below shows SBI Nashik IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of State Bank Of India Nashik branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of State Bank Of India branches in Nashik

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. SBIN0005459 Wrong? Abhona Branch Wrong?
2. SBIN0014886 Wrong? Acb Pimpalgaon Branch 02550 251154 Wrong?
3. SBIN0012508 Wrong? Adgaon Branch Wrong?
4. SBIN0011435 Wrong? Air Force Station Deolali Branch 253 2805082 Wrong?
5. SBIN0010486 Wrong? Ambad Branch Wrong?
6. SBIN0011329 Wrong? Artillery Centre Nasik Branch 0253 2422061 Wrong?
7. SBIN0016324 Wrong? Ashok Nagar Branch 0253 228022 Wrong?
8. SBIN0008555 Wrong? Aswali ( Gonde ) Branch Wrong?
9. SBIN0016017 Wrong? Aundane Branch 2555 Wrong?
10. SBIN0011803 Wrong? CAC Branch Wrong?
11. SBIN0011489 Wrong? Ccpc Nasik Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0001058 Wrong? Chandwad Branch Wrong?
13. SBIN0005126 Wrong? Deola Branch 02592 229551 Wrong?
14. SBIN0000360 Wrong? Deolali Camp Branch Wrong?
15. SBIN0007743 Wrong? Dhodambe Branch 02556 242022 Wrong?
16. SBIN0004886 Wrong? Dindori Branch Wrong?
17. SBIN0017500 Wrong? Dixi Branch Wrong?
18. SBIN0008319 Wrong? Dugaon Branch 02556 284011 Wrong?
19. SBIN0016373 Wrong? Dwaraka Circle Branch 0253 259000 Wrong?
20. SBIN0007497 Wrong? Gangapur Road Nasik Branch Wrong?
21. SBIN0012510 Wrong? Gangapur Someshwar ( Nasik ) Branch 0253 2230132 Wrong?
22. SBIN0017499 Wrong? Gaulane Fip Branch 0 0 Wrong?
23. SBIN0011432 Wrong? Ghoti Branch Wrong?
24. SBIN0011436 Wrong? H. A. L. Ojhar Branch Wrong?
25. SBIN0000386 Wrong? Igatpuri Branch Wrong?
26. SBIN0014443 Wrong? Indira Nagar Nasik Branch Wrong?
27. SBIN0016094 Wrong? Jai Bhavani Road Nasik Branch 0253 245540 Wrong?
28. SBIN0012210 Wrong? Jail Road Nasik Branch Wrong?
29. SBIN0001175 Wrong? Kalwan Branch Wrong?
30. SBIN0001963 Wrong? Lasalgaon Branch Wrong?
31. SBIN0010376 Wrong? Maharashtra Eng. Research Institute Branch 253 253029 Wrong?
32. SBIN0000418 Wrong? Malegaon Branch Wrong?
33. SBIN0002163 Wrong? Manmad Branch Wrong?
34. SBIN0016412 Wrong? Mumbai Naka Nasik Branch 253 Wrong?
35. SBIN0013537 Wrong? Nampur Nasik Branch Wrong?
36. SBIN0000434 Wrong? Nandgaon Branch 25520 242243 Wrong?
37. SBIN0015738 Wrong? Nanegaon Branch 0253 2496260 Wrong?
38. SBIN0001247 Wrong? Nashik Road Branch Wrong?
39. SBIN0001469 Wrong? Nasik Branch Wrong?
40. SBIN0010479 Wrong? Nasik Mahanagar Palika Branch Wrong?
41. SBIN0000440 Wrong? Niphad Branch Wrong?
42. SBIN0001196 Wrong? Ojhar Branch Wrong?
43. SBIN0006333 Wrong? Panchavati Branch Wrong?
44. SBIN0017464 Wrong? Pathardi Phata Nasik Branch 0253 Wrong?
45. SBIN0001167 Wrong? Peint ( Peth ) Branch Wrong?
46. SBIN0009132 Wrong? Pimpalnare Branch 02557 255038 Wrong?
47. SBIN0005539 Wrong? Pimplegaon ( Baswant ) Branch Wrong?
48. SBIN0005142 Wrong? RBO 5 Pune Branch 0253 240750 Wrong?
49. SBIN0015886 Wrong? RBO 8 Nasik Branch 0253 240750 Wrong?
50. SBIN0014011 Wrong? Rcpc Nasik Branch Wrong?
51. SBIN0010518 Wrong? Retail Asset & Small Enterprise Credit Cell Branch Wrong?
52. SBIN0000472 Wrong? Satana Branch Wrong?
53. SBIN0003872 Wrong? Satpur Industrial Estateate Branch Wrong?
54. SBIN0060431 Wrong? Sharanpur Road Branch Wrong?
55. SBIN0011669 Wrong? Shivaji Nagar Nasik Branch Wrong?
56. SBIN0009134 Wrong? Shivare Branch Wrong?
57. SBIN0005392 Wrong? Sinnar Branch Wrong?
58. SBIN0015524 Wrong? Sme Nasik Branch 0253 2223400 Wrong?
59. SBIN0014885 Wrong? Sme Nasik Branch 0253 250090 Wrong?
60. SBIN0012509 Wrong? Soygaon Branch Wrong?
61. SBIN0004453 Wrong? Spbb Nasik Branch Wrong?
62. SBIN0012954 Wrong? Stressed Assets Resolution Centre Nasik Branch 0253 Wrong?
63. SBIN0000437 Wrong? Treasury Nasik Branch Wrong?
64. SBIN0006292 Wrong? Trimbakeshwar Branch Wrong?
65. SBIN0012511 Wrong? Trimurti Chowk Nasik Branch 0253 Wrong?
66. SBIN0013720 Wrong? Umrane Branch Wrong?
67. SBIN0011677 Wrong? Vadali Bhoi Nasik Branch Wrong?
68. SBIN0007226 Wrong? Vadivarhe Branch 02553 236547 Wrong?
69. SBIN0011133 Wrong? Vani Branch Wrong?
70. SBIN0007235 Wrong? Vilholi ( Cidco Colony ) Branch Wrong?
71. SBIN0013536 Wrong? Vinchur Nasik Branch Wrong?
72. SBIN0000505 Wrong? Yeola Branch Wrong?
73. SBIN0007227 Wrong? Zodge Sab Branch Wrong?

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