This page gives information about all the 85 State Bank Of India branches in Jaipur district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Jaipur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. SBIN0014950 Wrong? Agri. Commercial Jaipur Branch 0141-2209960 Wrong?
2. SBIN0016290 Wrong? Amber Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2267255 Wrong?
3. SBIN0008190 Wrong? Bagru Branch Wrong?
4. SBIN0003227 Wrong? Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2707264 Wrong?
5. SBIN0013914 Wrong? Bassi Branch 01429-222044 Wrong?
6. SBIN0008428 Wrong? Bhainswana Branch 01424-282231 Wrong?
7. SBIN0011396 Wrong? Bhankrota Branch 0141-2250651 Wrong?
8. SBIN0007888 Wrong? C Scheme Jaipur Branch Wrong?
9. SBIN0010475 Wrong? Centralised Clearing Processing Cell, Jaipur Branch 0141-4096151, 4096152 Wrong?
10. SBIN0012822 Wrong? Chaksu Branch 01429-244320 Wrong?
11. SBIN0004227 Wrong? Chandpole, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0016263 Wrong? Chitrakoot, Jaipur Branch 0141-2440450 Wrong?
13. SBIN0010488 Wrong? Chomu Branch 01423-221795 Wrong?
14. SBIN0016738 Wrong? Collectorate Circle Jaipur Branch 0141-6060113 Wrong?
15. SBIN0004080 Wrong? Comml Br Jaipur Branch 0141-2367278 Wrong?
16. SBIN0010030 Wrong? Currency Administration Cell, Jaipur Branch 0141-4096142 Wrong?
17. SBIN0013057 Wrong? Durgapura Branch 0141-2760254 Wrong?
18. SBIN0004067 Wrong? F S L O Jaipur Branch 0141-2744170, 2745154 Wrong?
19. SBIN0017670 Wrong? Girdhar Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
20. SBIN0005869 Wrong? Hatwara, Jaipur Branch 0141-2220295 Wrong?
21. SBIN0009206 Wrong? Hawa Sarak, Jaipur Branch 0141-2229044 Wrong?
22. SBIN0011395 Wrong? Jagatpura Branch 0141-2750465 Wrong?
23. SBIN0005708 Wrong? Jaipur Cantt, Jaipur Branch 0141-2249003 Wrong?
24. SBIN0000656 Wrong? Jaipur Main Branch 0141-4096202 Wrong?
25. SBIN0016270 Wrong? Jawahar Circle, Jaipur Branch 0141-2725512 Wrong?
26. SBIN0016278 Wrong? Jawahar Nagar Jaipur Branch 0141-2651180 Wrong?
27. SBIN0015336 Wrong? Jhotwara Branch 0141-2349139 Wrong?
28. SBIN0011305 Wrong? Jobner Branch 01425-254454 Wrong?
29. SBIN0015515 Wrong? Kailashpuri Branch 0141-2552857 Wrong?
30. SBIN0006491 Wrong? Kanwar Nagar Jaipur Branch 0141-2614766 Wrong?
31. SBIN0011390 Wrong? Kookas Branch 01426-227612 Wrong?
32. SBIN0011392 Wrong? Kotpootly Branch 01421-248003 Wrong?
33. SBIN0013106 Wrong? Kyc/aml/cft Cell, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
34. SBIN0008427 Wrong? Loniyawas Branch 01412-680398 Wrong?
35. SBIN0015921 Wrong? M.N.I.T. Campus, Jaipur Branch 0141-2529441 Wrong?
36. SBIN0017635 Wrong? Mahesh Nagar, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
37. SBIN0006912 Wrong? Malviya Nagar, Jaipur Branch 141 -2520992 Wrong?
38. SBIN0060423 Wrong? Manasarovar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2786090 Wrong?
39. SBIN0004098 Wrong? Mansarovar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2781340 Wrong?
40. SBIN0011304 Wrong? Muhana Branch 0141-2731586/587 Wrong?
41. SBIN0006326 Wrong? Ncrb Jaipur Branch 0141-2385167, 2227813 Wrong?
42. SBIN0011393 Wrong? New Sanganer Road Jaipur Branch 0141-2291446 Wrong?
43. SBIN0013139 Wrong? Nirman Nagar Jaipur Branch 0141-2812307 Wrong?
44. SBIN0016815 Wrong? Office Administration Section -ii, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
45. SBIN0004129 Wrong? Pbb Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2351589 Wrong?
46. SBIN0012823 Wrong? Phagi Branch 01430-282126 Wrong?
47. SBIN0013524 Wrong? Pratap Nagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2791756 Wrong?
48. SBIN0011601 Wrong? Queens Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2352983 Wrong?
49. SBIN0010305 Wrong? Racpc Jaipur Branch 0141- 2745171 Wrong?
50. SBIN0017389 Wrong? Racpc2, Jaipur Branch 022 9001295700 Wrong?
51. SBIN0060229 Wrong? Radhar Marg M.I. Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2360015 Wrong?
52. SBIN0010547 Wrong? Railway Station Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2220817 Wrong?
53. SBIN0011394 Wrong? Raja Park Jaipur Branch 0141-2621440 Wrong?
54. SBIN0010637 Wrong? Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Branch 0141-2227369, 2227973 Wrong?
55. SBIN0015094 Wrong? Rbo-1, Jaipur Branch 0141-2745301 Wrong?
56. SBIN0016303 Wrong? Rbo-2 Jaipur Branch 0141-2745314 Wrong?
57. SBIN0015095 Wrong? Rbo-2- Jaipur Branch 0141-2745321 Wrong?
58. SBIN0016304 Wrong? Rbo-5 Jaipur Branch Wrong?
59. SBIN0015096 Wrong? Rbo-5, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
60. SBIN0015097 Wrong? Rbo-6, Jaipur Branch 0141-4089260 Wrong?
61. SBIN0013942 Wrong? Rcpc Muhana Branch 0141-2739080 Wrong?
62. SBIN0010548 Wrong? Rpfc, Jaipur Branch 303493 Wrong?
63. SBIN0000712 Wrong? Sambhar Lake Branch 01425-224211 Wrong?
64. SBIN0007095 Wrong? Sanganer Branch 141 -2731627 Wrong?
65. SBIN0009903 Wrong? Service Jaipur Branch 01410-274242 Wrong?
66. SBIN0017672 Wrong? SFS, Mansarovar, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
67. SBIN0011391 Wrong? Shahpura Branch 01422-225394 Wrong?
68. SBIN0030272 Wrong? Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. Branch 0141-2280257 Wrong?
69. SBIN0004403 Wrong? Shf , Jaipur Branch 0141-2371597 Wrong?
70. SBIN0006492 Wrong? Sindhi Colony Bani Park Jaipur Branch 0141-2282852 Wrong?
71. SBIN0016256 Wrong? Sirsi Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2350002 Wrong?
72. SBIN0013058 Wrong? Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur Branch 0141-2771235 Wrong?
73. SBIN0004500 Wrong? Small & Medium Enterprises City Credit Cell (smecc Branch 0141-4096101 Wrong?
74. SBIN0015920 Wrong? Smeccc, Vkie Branch 0141-2333961 Wrong?
75. SBIN0000744 Wrong? South Jaipur Branch 0141-2216398, 2212847 Wrong?
76. SBIN0015360 Wrong? Specialized Nri Branch 0141-6540381 Wrong?
77. SBIN0030256 Wrong? Station Road,jaipur Branch 0141-2206073, 2206312 Wrong?
78. SBIN0005057 Wrong? Tfcpc Jaipur Branch 0141-4096131/37 Wrong?
79. SBIN0007128 Wrong? Tonk Road, Jaipur Branch 0141-2742555 Wrong?
80. SBIN0006827 Wrong? Transportnagar, Jaipur Branch 0141-2643066, 5101919 Wrong?
81. SBIN0015335 Wrong? Triveni Nagar Jaipur Branch 0141-2763792 Wrong?
82. SBIN0008249 Wrong? Vidyadhar Nagar Branch 0141-2236100, 2236102, 2236088 Wrong?
83. SBIN0005709 Wrong? Vkie Area, Jaipur Branch Wrong?
84. SBIN0008758 Wrong? Zonal Inspection Office Jaipur Branch 01410-262332 Wrong?
85. SBIN0006174 Wrong? Zonal Office Jaipur Branch Wrong?

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State Bank Of India Toll free Numbers

1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL)