State Bank Of India Bardhaman Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 145 State Bank Of India branches in Bardhaman district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Bardhaman, West Bengal.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Bardhaman

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBIN0005704 Wrong? Adb Galsi Branch 03420-245105 Wrong?
1. SBIN0006193 Wrong? Adb Itachanda Branch 03452-255115 Wrong?
2. SBIN0003049 Wrong? Adb Kalna Branch 03454-257720 Wrong?
3. SBIN0015942 Wrong? Air Force Station, Panagarh Branch Wrong?
4. SBIN0010222 Wrong? Andal Branch Wrong?
5. SBIN0000011 Wrong? Asansol Branch Wrong?
6. SBIN0006693 Wrong? Asansol Bazar Branch Wrong?
7. SBIN0008009 Wrong? Asp Durgapur Branch Wrong?
8. SBIN0014066 Wrong? Baidyapur Branch 03454-245059 Wrong?
9. SBIN0014540 Wrong? Bajepratappur Branch Wrong?
10. SBIN0012386 Wrong? Balgona Branch Wrong?
11. SBIN0012389 Wrong? Banagram Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0007798 Wrong? Bankola Branch 03410-266563 Wrong?
13. SBIN0006590 Wrong? Banpas Branch 03452-263240 Wrong?
14. SBIN0002009 Wrong? Barakar Branch Wrong?
15. SBIN0008538 Wrong? bataspur Branch 03451-264382 Wrong?
16. SBIN0003905 Wrong? Benachity Bazar Branch 03430-258466 Wrong?
17. SBIN0002022 Wrong? Bhatar Branch 03420-232252 Wrong?
18. SBIN0010900 Wrong? Bhedia Branch 03452-253600 Wrong?
19. SBIN0013124 Wrong? Bidhannagar, Durgapur Branch Wrong?
20. SBIN0008200 Wrong? Bijpur Branch Wrong?
21. SBIN0000048 Wrong? Burdwan Branch Wrong?
22. SBIN0016649 Wrong? Burdwan Town Branch Wrong?
23. SBIN0002033 Wrong? Burdwan University Branch 03420-253001 Wrong?
24. SBIN0000049 Wrong? Burnpur Branch 0341-2236646 Wrong?
25. SBIN0016770 Wrong? Burnpur Bazar Branch Wrong?
26. SBIN0014545 Wrong? C-zone Durgapur Branch Wrong?
27. SBIN0013416 Wrong? Cac Burnpur Branch Wrong?
28. SBIN0010380 Wrong? Cac Durgapur Branch Wrong?
29. SBIN0008194 Wrong? Chaktentul Branch 03430-264423 Wrong?
30. SBIN0008197 Wrong? Chhatini Branch 03453-248251 Wrong?
31. SBIN0004637 Wrong? Chinakuri Branch 03410-251045 Wrong?
32. SBIN0000241 Wrong? Chittaranjan Branch Wrong?
33. SBIN0010219 Wrong? Chittaranjan Loco Works Branch 0341-2535597 Wrong?
34. SBIN0008203 Wrong? Chotkhanda Branch 03420-226266 Wrong?
35. SBIN0008198 Wrong? Churpuni Branch 03453-271328 Wrong?
36. SBIN0006152 Wrong? City Centre Durgapur Branch 0343-2546864 Wrong?
37. SBIN0012304 Wrong? Commercial Durgapur Branch Wrong?
38. SBIN0010382 Wrong? Currency Administration Cell, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
39. SBIN0002045 Wrong? Dainhat Branch 03453-244225 Wrong?
40. SBIN0016651 Wrong? Dhadka Branch Wrong?
41. SBIN0015775 Wrong? Dhatrigram Branch 03454-270080 Wrong?
42. SBIN0006189 Wrong? Dignagar Branch 03454-251350 Wrong?
43. SBIN0012400 Wrong? Domahani Branch Wrong?
44. SBIN0007503 Wrong? Dsp B Zone Durgapur Branch 03430-265298 Wrong?
45. SBIN0006151 Wrong? Dst A Zone Branch 03430-256443 Wrong?
46. SBIN0000074 Wrong? Durgapur Branch Wrong?
47. SBIN0016650 Wrong? Durgapur Industrial Area Branch Wrong?
48. SBIN0001556 Wrong? Fci, Durgapur Branch 03430-255618 Wrong?
49. SBIN0016771 Wrong? Fuljhore Branch Wrong?
50. SBIN0010225 Wrong? Golapbag Branch 03420-255852 Wrong?
51. SBIN0015774 Wrong? Guskara Branch 03452-255094 Wrong?
52. SBIN0012385 Wrong? Hatgobindapur Branch Wrong?
53. SBIN0010220 Wrong? Hcl Township Branch Wrong?
54. SBIN0014069 Wrong? Ichapur Branch Wrong?
55. SBIN0007410 Wrong? J K Nagar Branch 03410-234313 Wrong?
56. SBIN0015935 Wrong? Jamalpur Branch 03451-288435 Wrong?
57. SBIN0008192 Wrong? Jamgram Branch Wrong?
58. SBIN0006188 Wrong? Jamuria Bazaar Branch 03410-245632 Wrong?
59. SBIN0009460 Wrong? Kaigram Branch Wrong?
60. SBIN0004775 Wrong? Kajoragram Branch 03410-237925 Wrong?
61. SBIN0009461 Wrong? Kalipathar Branch Wrong?
62. SBIN0000106 Wrong? Kalna Branch 03454-255064 Wrong?
63. SBIN0014541 Wrong? Kanchannagar Branch Wrong?
64. SBIN0016912 Wrong? Kasemnagar Branch 022 9734771991 Wrong?
65. SBIN0000111 Wrong? Katwa Branch 03453-255095 Wrong?
66. SBIN0003913 Wrong? Katwa Adb Branch 03453-255098 Wrong?
67. SBIN0005603 Wrong? Ketugram Branch 03453-272242 Wrong?
68. SBIN0006579 Wrong? Khandra Branch 03410-266482 Wrong?
69. SBIN0003083 Wrong? Khoshbagan Branch Wrong?
70. SBIN0005703 Wrong? Kulti Branch 0341-2517555 Wrong?
71. SBIN0014546 Wrong? Kulti Township Branch Wrong?
72. SBIN0004750 Wrong? Kunustoria Branch Wrong?
73. SBIN0006043 Wrong? Kurmun Branch 03420-231023 Wrong?
74. SBIN0002080 Wrong? Kusum Gram Branch Wrong?
75. SBIN0013113 Wrong? Lalganj Branch 0341-2780022 Wrong?
76. SBIN0002082 Wrong? Laudoha Branch 03410-267042 Wrong?
77. SBIN0001822 Wrong? Mamc Durgapur Branch 03430-255577 Wrong?
78. SBIN0011378 Wrong? Mankar Branch Wrong?
79. SBIN0008537 Wrong? Mejhiari Branch 03453-242306 Wrong?
80. SBIN0001366 Wrong? Memari Branch 03420-225029 Wrong?
81. SBIN0003920 Wrong? Memari Adb Branch 03420-225039 Wrong?
82. SBIN0014068 Wrong? Molandighi Branch Wrong?
83. SBIN0014067 Wrong? Monteswar Branch Wrong?
84. SBIN0008196 Wrong? Moynagri Branch 03454-275522 Wrong?
85. SBIN0006888 Wrong? Muchipara Branch 03430-253753 Wrong?
86. SBIN0002089 Wrong? Murgasol Branch 03410-220258 Wrong?
87. SBIN0008205 Wrong? Nabagram Branch 03451-276629 Wrong?
88. SBIN0006194 Wrong? Nadanghat Adb Branch 03454-260402 Wrong?
89. SBIN0006584 Wrong? Nirole Village Branch 03453-272221 Wrong?
90. SBIN0010223 Wrong? Niyamatpur Branch Wrong?
91. SBIN0012388 Wrong? Nutanhat Branch Wrong?
92. SBIN0008204 Wrong? Palla Road Branch 03420-226965 Wrong?
93. SBIN0003676 Wrong? Panagarh Branch 03430-251317 Wrong?
94. SBIN0012399 Wrong? Panagarh Bazar Branch Wrong?
95. SBIN0002098 Wrong? Pandaveswar Branch Wrong?
96. SBIN0004228 Wrong? Panjabi More, Raniganj Branch 03410-244131 Wrong?
97. SBIN0008543 Wrong? Panuria Branch 03410-277122 Wrong?
98. SBIN0007830 Wrong? Parbirhata Branch 03420-254457 Wrong?
99. SBIN0008201 Wrong? parulia Branch 03454-264241 Wrong?
100. SBIN0015934 Wrong? Patuli Station Bazar Branch Wrong?
101. SBIN0008195 Wrong? polempur Branch Wrong?
102. SBIN0008542 Wrong? Pursa Branch 03420-245471 Wrong?
103. SBIN0008199 Wrong? Putsuri Branch Wrong?
104. SBIN0002108 Wrong? R E College Durgapur Branch 03430-254668 Wrong?
105. SBIN0008202 Wrong? Radhakantapur Branch Wrong?
106. SBIN0008539 Wrong? Radhanagar Road Burnpur Branch 03410-225490 Wrong?
107. SBIN0016378 Wrong? Raina Branch Wrong?
108. SBIN0012403 Wrong? Rajbandh Branch 0343-2520029 Wrong?
109. SBIN0002106 Wrong? Ramjibanpur Branch 03453-273433 Wrong?
110. SBIN0008541 Wrong? Rangapara Branch 03410-224005 Wrong?
111. SBIN0000231 Wrong? Raniganj Branch Wrong?
112. SBIN0010266 Wrong? Rasmecc Durgapur Branch Wrong?
113. SBIN0010264 Wrong? Rasmeccc - Cum- Sarc - Burdwan Branch Wrong?
114. SBIN0010267 Wrong? Rasmeccc Asansol Branch Wrong?
115. SBIN0016342 Wrong? Rbo 5, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
116. SBIN0016343 Wrong? Rbo Vi Burdwan Branch Wrong?
117. SBIN0014877 Wrong? Rbo, Durgapur Branch Wrong?
118. SBIN0014874 Wrong? Rbo, Region-i, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
119. SBIN0014875 Wrong? Rbo, Region-ii, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
120. SBIN0014876 Wrong? Rbo, Region-iii, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
121. SBIN0013987 Wrong? Rcpc, Burdwan Branch Wrong?
122. SBIN0002114 Wrong? Rupnarainpur Branch 03410-253282 Wrong?
123. SBIN0008007 Wrong? Sadarghat, Sripally Branch 03420-254501 Wrong?
124. SBIN0006116 Wrong? Saktigarh Branch 03420-258607 Wrong?
125. SBIN0010224 Wrong? Samudragarh Branch 03454-266601 Wrong?
126. SBIN0006114 Wrong? Sanctoria Branch 03410-252029 Wrong?
127. SBIN0008193 Wrong? Saranga Branch 03451-259206 Wrong?
128. SBIN0012387 Wrong? Satgachia Branch Wrong?
129. SBIN0004777 Wrong? Satgram Branch 03410-213430 Wrong?
130. SBIN0002104 Wrong? Seharabazar Adb Branch 03451-253249 Wrong?
131. SBIN0012401 Wrong? Shyampur Branch Wrong?
132. SBIN0011379 Wrong? Shyamsundar Branch 03451-260051 Wrong?
133. SBIN0009125 Wrong? signa Sab Branch Wrong?
134. SBIN0013505 Wrong? Sme Asansol Branch Wrong?
135. SBIN0013504 Wrong? Sme Burdwan Branch Wrong?
136. SBIN0015748 Wrong? Smeccc,durgapur Branch Wrong?
137. SBIN0014817 Wrong? Special Agri-commercial , Burdwan Branch Wrong?
138. SBIN0007337 Wrong? Station Road Durgapur Branch 03430-255094 Wrong?
139. SBIN0011380 Wrong? Sukhbazar Branch 03463-275729 Wrong?
140. SBIN0001552 Wrong? Surekalna Branch 03451-288230 Wrong?
141. SBIN0006104 Wrong? Talit Branch 03420-244310 Wrong?
142. SBIN0009726 Wrong? Temi Branch 03595-251094 Wrong?
143. SBIN0014065 Wrong? Uchalan Branch 03451-252785 Wrong?
144. SBIN0006929 Wrong? Zonal Office, Burdwan Branch Wrong?

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