State Bank Of India Kolkata Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 222 State Bank Of India branches in Kolkata district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Kolkata

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBIN0000004 Wrong? Alipore Branch Wrong?
1. SBIN0009884 Wrong? Alipore Court Treasury Branch Wrong?
2. SBIN0001800 Wrong? Amherst Street Branch Wrong?
3. SBIN0006847 Wrong? Amriti Branch 03512-285231 Wrong?
4. SBIN0060393 Wrong? Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata. Branch Wrong?
5. SBIN0006788 Wrong? B B Gangully Street Branch Wrong?
6. SBIN0001218 Wrong? B R B B Road Branch Wrong?
7. SBIN0003721 Wrong? B T Road Branch Wrong?
8. SBIN0001767 Wrong? B. K. Paul Avenue Branch Wrong?
9. SBIN0005583 Wrong? Bac Street Branch Wrong?
10. SBIN0001652 Wrong? Bagh Bazar Branch Wrong?
11. SBIN0006789 Wrong? Baghajatin Bzr. Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0003682 Wrong? Bagmari Branch Wrong?
13. SBIN0001748 Wrong? Bagri Market Branch Wrong?
14. SBIN0000018 Wrong? Ballygunge Branch 033-24540149 Wrong?
15. SBIN0011534 Wrong? Ballygunge Park Branch Wrong?
16. SBIN0003951 Wrong? Ballygunge Rly. Stn. Branch 033-24405203 Wrong?
17. SBIN0011536 Wrong? Bansdroni Branch Wrong?
18. SBIN0009470 Wrong? Baroda Park Branch Wrong?
19. SBIN0001957 Wrong? Beadon Street Branch Wrong?
20. SBIN0005367 Wrong? Belgachia Duttabagan Milk Colony Branch Wrong?
21. SBIN0001798 Wrong? Beliaghata Branch Wrong?
22. SBIN0008440 Wrong? Beliaghata C.I.T Building Area Branch Wrong?
23. SBIN0000040 Wrong? Bhowanipore Branch Wrong?
24. SBIN0006764 Wrong? Bhupen Bose Avenue Branch Wrong?
25. SBIN0016630 Wrong? Bidhan Sarani Branch 033-25540359 Wrong?
26. SBIN0002029 Wrong? Bonhooghly I.E Branch Wrong?
27. SBIN0014525 Wrong? Boral Branch Wrong?
28. SBIN0030146 Wrong? Brabourne Road , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
29. SBIN0011531 Wrong? Brahmapur Branch Wrong?
30. SBIN0000050 Wrong? Burra Bazar Branch Wrong?
31. SBIN0014517 Wrong? C N Roy Road Branch Wrong?
32. SBIN0007406 Wrong? C R Avenue Branch Wrong?
33. SBIN0010377 Wrong? Cac, Ballygunge Branch 033-24617997 Wrong?
34. SBIN0009998 Wrong? Cag, Kolkata Branch 033-22889690, 22269111 Wrong?
35. SBIN0007766 Wrong? Calcutta University Branch Wrong?
36. SBIN0017362 Wrong? Camac Street Branch Wrong?
37. SBIN0001999 Wrong? Cao, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
38. SBIN0004125 Wrong? Cb N S Road Branch Wrong?
39. SBIN0004289 Wrong? Cb Salt Lake, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
40. SBIN0007999 Wrong? Central Stationery Department Branch Wrong?
41. SBIN0004473 Wrong? Centralised Pension Processing Centre Branch Wrong?
42. SBIN0001650 Wrong? Chandni Chowk Branch Wrong?
43. SBIN0014516 Wrong? Charu Market Branch 033-24240066 Wrong?
44. SBIN0003691 Wrong? Chetla Branch Wrong?
45. SBIN0009137 Wrong? Chingrighata Branch Wrong?
46. SBIN0001054 Wrong? Chowringhee Branch 033-22276301 Wrong?
47. SBIN0001140 Wrong? Cit Road Branch Wrong?
48. SBIN0010391 Wrong? Clearing Centralised Processing Cell, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
49. SBIN0005723 Wrong? College Street Matket, Kolkata Branch 033-22198024 Wrong?
50. SBIN0008209 Wrong? Colootola Branch Wrong?
51. SBIN0004140 Wrong? Comm Br Ballygunge Branch Wrong?
52. SBIN0004263 Wrong? Comm. Alipore Branch Wrong?
53. SBIN0007502 Wrong? Commercial , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
54. SBIN0004288 Wrong? Commercial Jawaharlal Nehru Rd Branch 033-22625813 Wrong?
55. SBIN0002043 Wrong? Cossipore Branch Wrong?
56. SBIN0030266 Wrong? Cotton Street Kolkata Branch Wrong?
57. SBIN0015666 Wrong? Csppc Branch 033-22265035 Wrong?
58. SBIN0001401 Wrong? Dalhousie Square (East) Branch 033-22484282 Wrong?
59. SBIN0030445 Wrong? Ektp, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
60. SBIN0001768 Wrong? Elgin Road Branch Wrong?
61. SBIN0001792 Wrong? Elliot Road, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
62. SBIN0001830 Wrong? Entally Branch Wrong?
63. SBIN0001971 Wrong? Esplanade Branch Wrong?
64. SBIN0008600 Wrong? Ezra Street, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
65. SBIN0007422 Wrong? Fartabad Branch Wrong?
66. SBIN0001111 Wrong? Fd Kolkata Branch Wrong?
67. SBIN0001597 Wrong? Fort William Branch 033-22480552 Wrong?
68. SBIN0008913 Wrong? Fund Settlement Link Office, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
69. SBIN0003692 Wrong? Garcha Branch Wrong?
70. SBIN0005368 Wrong? Garia Branch Wrong?
71. SBIN0007826 Wrong? Gariahat Civic Centre Branch 033-24236133/134/055 Wrong?
72. SBIN0004773 Wrong? Goabagan Branch Wrong?
73. SBIN0002062 Wrong? Gokhale Road Branch Wrong?
74. SBIN0016635 Wrong? Golf Green Branch Wrong?
75. SBIN0007195 Wrong? Golpark Branch Wrong?
76. SBIN0008581 Wrong? Gorachand Road, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
77. SBIN0001750 Wrong? Grey Street Extn. Branch Wrong?
78. SBIN0011530 Wrong? Haridevpur Branch Wrong?
79. SBIN0003961 Wrong? Harish Mukherjee Road Branch Wrong?
80. SBIN0012380 Wrong? Haroda Branch Wrong?
81. SBIN0001503 Wrong? Hati Bagan Branch Wrong?
82. SBIN0001649 Wrong? Hazra Road Branch Wrong?
83. SBIN0014523 Wrong? High Court Branch 033-22135364 Wrong?
84. SBIN0014520 Wrong? High Land Park, Kolkata Branch 033-24160444 Wrong?
85. SBIN0002066 Wrong? Howrah Ssi Branch Wrong?
86. SBIN0001936 Wrong? Ifb, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
87. SBIN0001139 Wrong? India Exch. Place Extn. Branch Wrong?
88. SBIN0008762 Wrong? It Bldg Area Beniapukur Branch 033-22650819 Wrong?
89. SBIN0000093 Wrong? Jadavpur University Branch Wrong?
90. SBIN0005736 Wrong? Jadubabu's Bazar Branch Wrong?
91. SBIN0001994 Wrong? Jatindra Mohan Avenue Branch Wrong?
92. SBIN0003762 Wrong? Jeevandeep Branch Wrong?
93. SBIN0011539 Wrong? Jodhpur Park Branch Wrong?
94. SBIN0003868 Wrong? Joramandir Branch Wrong?
95. SBIN0001204 Wrong? Jorasanko Branch Wrong?
96. SBIN0001722 Wrong? Kalighat Branch Wrong?
97. SBIN0003907 Wrong? Kalikapur Branch Wrong?
98. SBIN0001486 Wrong? Kasba Kolkata Branch Wrong?
99. SBIN0017363 Wrong? Keorapukur Branch Wrong?
100. SBIN0004772 Wrong? Khirode Ghosh Market Branch Wrong?
101. SBIN0003334 Wrong? Kidderpore Branch Wrong?
102. SBIN0007920 Wrong? Kidderpore Dockyard Area Branch Wrong?
103. SBIN0000001 Wrong? Kolkata Main Branch Wrong?
104. SBIN0060302 Wrong? Kolkata, Burtalla St Branch Wrong?
105. SBIN0060145 Wrong? Kolkata, Main Branch 033-2429659,2429659,6500406 Wrong?
106. SBIN0003681 Wrong? La Martiniere Branch Wrong?
107. SBIN0016632 Wrong? Ladies Park Branch Wrong?
108. SBIN0001802 Wrong? Lake Gardens Branch Wrong?
109. SBIN0005237 Wrong? Liability Cpc Kolkata Branch Wrong?
110. SBIN0007335 Wrong? Lower Circular Road Branch Wrong?
111. SBIN0005437 Wrong? M G Road Branch Wrong?
112. SBIN0011363 Wrong? Mahamayatala Branch 24352718 Wrong?
113. SBIN0007204 Wrong? Majumpur Branch 03512-244628 Wrong?
114. SBIN0001715 Wrong? Manicktala Branch Wrong?
115. SBIN0007468 Wrong? Maniktala Civic Centre Branch Wrong?
116. SBIN0003881 Wrong? Metiaburuz Branch Wrong?
117. SBIN0004269 Wrong? Micr Cheque Processing Centre Branch Wrong?
118. SBIN0010481 Wrong? Mid Corporate Loan Administration Unit Branch 500123 Wrong?
119. SBIN0001122 Wrong? Middleton Row Branch Wrong?
120. SBIN0001996 Wrong? Mominpur Branch Wrong?
121. SBIN0012377 Wrong? Motilal Colony Branch Wrong?
122. SBIN0008210 Wrong? Moulali Branch Wrong?
123. SBIN0006145 Wrong? Muchipara Branch Wrong?
124. SBIN0011529 Wrong? Mukundapur Branch 033-24264966 Wrong?
125. SBIN0001510 Wrong? Naktala Branch Wrong?
126. SBIN0001580 Wrong? Narkeldanga Branch Wrong?
127. SBIN0000144 Wrong? Netaji Subhash Road Branch Wrong?
128. SBIN0000205 Wrong? New Alipore Branch Wrong?
129. SBIN0007423 Wrong? New Ballygunge, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
130. SBIN0008277 Wrong? New Ballygunge, Kasba Branch Wrong?
131. SBIN0007679 Wrong? New Garia Branch 033-24324121 Wrong?
132. SBIN0004662 Wrong? New Market Branch Wrong?
133. SBIN0001653 Wrong? Nimtallah Branch Wrong?
134. SBIN0030468 Wrong? Nioh Campus Kolkata Branch Wrong?
135. SBIN0001895 Wrong? Northern Avenue Branch Wrong?
136. SBIN0006284 Wrong? Nri Kolkata Branch Wrong?
137. SBIN0003970 Wrong? Oad, Lho, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
138. SBIN0004805 Wrong? Overseas , Kolkata Branch 033-22435985, 22319094, 22437182 Wrong?
139. SBIN0006905 Wrong? P B Sarni Branch Wrong?
140. SBIN0016626 Wrong? P.b.b. Jodhpur Park Branch Wrong?
141. SBIN0001747 Wrong? Paikapara Branch Wrong?
142. SBIN0008077 Wrong? Palbazar Branch Wrong?
143. SBIN0001303 Wrong? Panchur Branch Wrong?
144. SBIN0001749 Wrong? Park Circus Branch Wrong?
145. SBIN0000150 Wrong? Park Street Branch Wrong?
146. SBIN0002016 Wrong? Parnashree Branch Wrong?
147. SBIN0005371 Wrong? Pas Road Branch Wrong?
148. SBIN0016636 Wrong? Patuli Branch Branch 033-24780132 Wrong?
149. SBIN0004233 Wrong? Pbb Deshpriya Park Branch Wrong?
150. SBIN0016625 Wrong? PBB Park Street Branch Wrong?
151. SBIN0004204 Wrong? Pbb Salt Lake Branch Wrong?
152. SBIN0005602 Wrong? Picnic Garden Branch Wrong?
153. SBIN0001646 Wrong? Posta Branch Wrong?
154. SBIN0008439 Wrong? Pottery Road Branch Wrong?
155. SBIN0006528 Wrong? Purba Putiary Branch Wrong?
156. SBIN0010417 Wrong? Rabindra Bharati University Campus Branch Wrong?
157. SBIN0003231 Wrong? Rabindra Sarani Branch Wrong?
158. SBIN0017899 Wrong? Racpc Behala Branch 022 9674711457 Wrong?
159. SBIN0004490 Wrong? Racpc, Koklata Branch Wrong?
160. SBIN0001995 Wrong? Raja D Street Branch Wrong?
161. SBIN0014522 Wrong? Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road Branch Wrong?
162. SBIN0003142 Wrong? Rajabagan Dockyard Branch Wrong?
163. SBIN0008375 Wrong? Rasapunja Branch Wrong?
164. SBIN0001648 Wrong? Rash Behar Avenue Branch Wrong?
165. SBIN0014862 Wrong? Rbo 1, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
166. SBIN0014871 Wrong? Rbo 4, Bidhannagar Branch Wrong?
167. SBIN0004774 Wrong? Regent Estate Branch Wrong?
168. SBIN0011538 Wrong? Rifle Club Road Branch Wrong?
169. SBIN0008212 Wrong? Rifle Road Branch Wrong?
170. SBIN0016768 Wrong? Roy Bahadur Road, Behala Branch Wrong?
171. SBIN0008438 Wrong? Ruby Park Branch 033-24415739 Wrong?
172. SBIN0005768 Wrong? S B Dey Street Branch Wrong?
173. SBIN0006771 Wrong? Sales Tax Bldg Branch 033-22510878 Wrong?
174. SBIN0030496 Wrong? Salt Lake,kolkata Branch Wrong?
175. SBIN0004151 Wrong? Samb, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
176. SBIN0011535 Wrong? Santoshpur Branch Wrong?
177. SBIN0006770 Wrong? Sarat Bose Road Branch Wrong?
178. SBIN0005171 Wrong? Sarc, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
179. SBIN0012347 Wrong? Sarsuna Branch Wrong?
180. SBIN0008253 Wrong? Sasthitala, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
181. SBIN0003084 Wrong? Sealdah Branch Wrong?
182. SBIN0008554 Wrong? Service , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
183. SBIN0030409 Wrong? Service , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
184. SBIN0016631 Wrong? Seven Tanks, Dumdum Branch Wrong?
185. SBIN0003031 Wrong? Shakespeare Sarani Branch Wrong?
186. SBIN0000180 Wrong? Shyambazar Branch Wrong?
187. SBIN0011533 Wrong? Siriti - Muchipara Branch Wrong?
188. SBIN0001772 Wrong? Sitalatala Branch Wrong?
189. SBIN0001299 Wrong? Sme Aurangabad Branch 03482-263814 Wrong?
190. SBIN0012349 Wrong? Sme Chiriamore Branch Wrong?
191. SBIN0012305 Wrong? Sme New Alipore Branch Wrong?
192. SBIN0005011 Wrong? Smecc Branch 033-22137096 Wrong?
193. SBIN0015743 Wrong? Smeccc,ballygunge Branch Wrong?
194. SBIN0005374 Wrong? South Sinthee Branch Wrong?
195. SBIN0001505 Wrong? Southern Avenue Branch Wrong?
196. SBIN0001647 Wrong? Sovabazaar, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
197. SBIN0014524 Wrong? Specialised Institutional Banking, Kolkata Branch 033-22130491 Wrong?
198. SBIN0015197 Wrong? Specialised Tea Branch Wrong?
199. SBIN0014821 Wrong? Spl. Currency Administrative Branch Wrong?
200. SBIN0015196 Wrong? Spl.Chowringhee Sme Branch Wrong?
201. SBIN0004833 Wrong? Ssi Bhowanipore Branch Wrong?
202. SBIN0001504 Wrong? Subodh Mullick Square, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
203. SBIN0010043 Wrong? Swasthya Bhawan Branch Wrong?
204. SBIN0030287 Wrong? Swiss Park Kolkata Branch Wrong?
205. SBIN0004771 Wrong? Taltala Branch Wrong?
206. SBIN0003737 Wrong? Tangra Branch Wrong?
207. SBIN0008761 Wrong? Tangra Panchanantala Branch Wrong?
208. SBIN0004647 Wrong? Taratala Branch Wrong?
209. SBIN0007026 Wrong? Taratala Industrial Estate Branch Wrong?
210. SBIN0001719 Wrong? Tollygunge Branch Wrong?
211. SBIN0001801 Wrong? Tollygunge Cir. Road Branch Wrong?
212. SBIN0005680 Wrong? Tollygunge New Theater Branch Wrong?
213. SBIN0011532 Wrong? Topsia Branch Wrong?
214. SBIN0005052 Wrong? Trade Finance Cpc Kolkata Branch Wrong?
215. SBIN0001799 Wrong? Triangular Park Branch Wrong?
216. SBIN0001831 Wrong? Ultadanga Branch Wrong?
217. SBIN0001651 Wrong? Vivekanand Branch Wrong?
218. SBIN0001723 Wrong? Wellesley Park Branch Wrong?
219. SBIN0011344 Wrong? Zonal Inspection Office, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
220. SBIN0006884 Wrong? Zonal Office, Kolkata Branch Wrong?
221. SBIN0006928 Wrong? Zonal Office, Bidhan Nagar Branch Wrong?

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