State Bank Of India Paschim Medinipur Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 119 State Bank Of India branches in Paschim Medinipur district. Contact State Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL). Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of State Bank Of India in Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal.

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List of State Bank Of India branches in Paschim Medinipur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. SBIN0008207 Wrong? Alangiri Branch 03220-247204 Wrong?
1. SBIN0009886 Wrong? Amanpur Branch 03227-217821 Wrong?
2. SBIN0009844 Wrong? amgachia Branch 03224-205774 Wrong?
3. SBIN0009708 Wrong? Bagmari Sab Branch 03227-286219 Wrong?
4. SBIN0008431 Wrong? baichberia Branch 03228-262247 Wrong?
5. SBIN0012452 Wrong? Bajkul Branch 03220-274007 Wrong?
6. SBIN0012441 Wrong? Balichak Branch 03222-244064 Wrong?
7. SBIN0008328 Wrong? Baligeria Branch 03223-267337 Wrong?
8. SBIN0009709 Wrong? balpai Sab Branch 03222-241467 Wrong?
9. SBIN0008272 Wrong? Banspahari Branch 03221-205025 Wrong?
10. SBIN0009843 Wrong? Barachandabila Sab Branch 03221-205342 Wrong?
11. SBIN0008208 Wrong? Barasejia Branch Wrong?
12. SBIN0009455 Wrong? Baratala Branch 03220-280188 Wrong?
13. SBIN0002017 Wrong? Belda Branch 03229-255222 Wrong?
14. SBIN0006915 Wrong? Belpahari Branch 03221-253274 Wrong?
15. SBIN0015955 Wrong? Bhagwanpur Branch 03220-272005 Wrong?
16. SBIN0008021 Wrong? Bhulaveda Branch 03221-205007 Wrong?
17. SBIN0006877 Wrong? Brajalalchak Branch 03224-284295 Wrong?
18. SBIN0009842 Wrong? Brindaban Chowk Branch 03228-260009 Wrong?
19. SBIN0010422 Wrong? Chaitanyapur Branch 03224-287577 Wrong?
20. SBIN0011387 Wrong? Chandipur Branch 03228-272120 Wrong?
21. SBIN0011386 Wrong? Chandrakona Road Branch 03227-262168 Wrong?
22. SBIN0012438 Wrong? Chandrakona Town Branch 03225-267399 Wrong?
23. SBIN0007003 Wrong? Chichira Branch 03221-264212 Wrong?
24. SBIN0008535 Wrong? Chunpara Branch 03227-284205 Wrong?
25. SBIN0009719 Wrong? Chunpara Chhatri Sab Branch 03223-205435 Wrong?
26. SBIN0012453 Wrong? Contai Bazar Branch 03220-289207 Wrong?
27. SBIN0006697 Wrong? Dahijuri Branch 03221-251481 Wrong?
28. SBIN0008916 Wrong? dalpara Branch 03228-255481 Wrong?
29. SBIN0009889 Wrong? Damodarpur Ghagre Branch 03227-205548 Wrong?
30. SBIN0004782 Wrong? Dantan Branch 03229-253228 Wrong?
31. SBIN0014098 Wrong? Dasagram Branch Wrong?
32. SBIN0012442 Wrong? Daspur Branch Wrong?
33. SBIN0009707 Wrong? Debagram Branch 03227-288666 Wrong?
34. SBIN0003647 Wrong? Debra A D B Branch 03222-243264 Wrong?
35. SBIN0001514 Wrong? Digha Branch 03220-266263 Wrong?
36. SBIN0010424 Wrong? Egra Bazar Branch 03220-244387 Wrong?
37. SBIN0009892 Wrong? ethela Sab Branch 03221-252165 Wrong?
38. SBIN0009466 Wrong? Gangadaspara Branch 03481-230187 Wrong?
39. SBIN0002059 Wrong? Garbeta Branch 03227-265102 Wrong?
40. SBIN0009329 Wrong? Garchakraberia Branch 03224-219024 Wrong?
41. SBIN0000228 Wrong? Ghatal Branch 03225-255056 Wrong?
42. SBIN0012440 Wrong? Golgram Branch Wrong?
43. SBIN0012437 Wrong? Gopiganj Branch Wrong?
44. SBIN0009078 Wrong? Gramraj Sab Branch 03222-231601 Wrong?
45. SBIN0009136 Wrong? Halderdighi Branch 03225-260883 Wrong?
46. SBIN0009390 Wrong? Haldia P. C Branch 03224-252232 Wrong?
47. SBIN0001360 Wrong? Haldia Port Branch 03224-274386 Wrong?
48. SBIN0014100 Wrong? Haur Branch 03228-242664 Wrong?
49. SBIN0014103 Wrong? Heria Bazar Branch 03220-276004 Wrong?
50. SBIN0005155 Wrong? Inda Branch 03222-226641 Wrong?
51. SBIN0007090 Wrong? Ioc Haldia Ref Campus Branch 03224-252295 Wrong?
52. SBIN0007089 Wrong? Ioc Township Haldia Branch Wrong?
53. SBIN0008917 Wrong? Ismalichak Branch 03228-201747 Wrong?
54. SBIN0009711 Wrong? Jamki Branch 03220-261470 Wrong?
55. SBIN0009715 Wrong? Jashpur Baita Sab Branch 03221-205877 Wrong?
56. SBIN0000103 Wrong? Jhargram Branch 03221-255012 Wrong?
57. SBIN0012449 Wrong? Kable Branch 03211-260494 Wrong?
58. SBIN0012455 Wrong? Kaktia Bazar Branch Wrong?
59. SBIN0009706 Wrong? Kalagachhia Branch 03220-201092 Wrong?
60. SBIN0008372 Wrong? Kalyanpur Branch 03228-275359 Wrong?
61. SBIN0016767 Wrong? Kaushallya Branch Wrong?
62. SBIN0009895 Wrong? Kesharrekha Branch Wrong?
63. SBIN0008329 Wrong? keshiapada Branch 03223-265233 Wrong?
64. SBIN0012439 Wrong? Keshiary Branch Wrong?
65. SBIN0014094 Wrong? Keshpur Branch Wrong?
66. SBIN0008973 Wrong? Khalsiuli Branch 03222-236206 Wrong?
67. SBIN0006698 Wrong? Khanchi Village Branch 03228-218252 Wrong?
68. SBIN0000202 Wrong? Kharagpur Branch 03222-277228 Wrong?
69. SBIN0009885 Wrong? Kharagpur Bhwanipore Branch 03222-255495 Wrong?
70. SBIN0003332 Wrong? Kharagpur Rly Stn Branch Wrong?
71. SBIN0006700 Wrong? Kharar Branch 03225-262226 Wrong?
72. SBIN0008915 Wrong? Khejuri Branch 03220-282093 Wrong?
73. SBIN0008862 Wrong? Khetua Branch 03227-289129 Wrong?
74. SBIN0006969 Wrong? Khukhurdha Branch 03228-240040 Wrong?
75. SBIN0009888 Wrong? Khushbasan Branch 03229-240238 Wrong?
76. SBIN0014102 Wrong? Kolaghat Branch 03228-256254 Wrong?
77. SBIN0006582 Wrong? Kumirmorah Branch 03212-263553 Wrong?
78. SBIN0009893 Wrong? Kusumdanga Sab Branch 03221-253572 Wrong?
79. SBIN0009891 Wrong? Kutikonarpur Branch 03225-263061 Wrong?
80. SBIN0009710 Wrong? Madanmohan Chak Sab Branch 03222-248030 Wrong?
81. SBIN0008206 Wrong? Mahisagote Branch 03220-251115 Wrong?
82. SBIN0001298 Wrong? Mahishadal Branch 03224-241500 Wrong?
83. SBIN0014099 Wrong? Malancha Branch 03222-242202 Wrong?
84. SBIN0003695 Wrong? Mecheda Branch 03228-231242 Wrong?
85. SBIN0009135 Wrong? Menkapur Branch 03229-205754 Wrong?
86. SBIN0000132 Wrong? Midnapore Branch 03222-275130 Wrong?
87. SBIN0011385 Wrong? Midnapore Town Branch 03222-273944 Wrong?
88. SBIN0015274 Wrong? Mohanpur Branch Wrong?
89. SBIN0003949 Wrong? Moyna Branch 03228-260223 Wrong?
90. SBIN0012456 Wrong? Nachinda Branch Wrong?
91. SBIN0001555 Wrong? Nandigram Branch 03224-232221 Wrong?
92. SBIN0008271 Wrong? Nayagram Branch 03223-267013 Wrong?
93. SBIN0008994 Wrong? Nayaput Branch 03220-259079 Wrong?
94. SBIN0006779 Wrong? Nimpura Kharagpur Igc Branch 03222-233340 Wrong?
95. SBIN0003558 Wrong? Note Press Shalboni Branch 03227-280173 Wrong?
96. SBIN0009712 Wrong? Panchet Branch 03220-241215 Wrong?
97. SBIN0008714 Wrong? Pichaboni Branch 03220-234243 Wrong?
98. SBIN0014095 Wrong? Pingla Branch Wrong?
99. SBIN0016341 Wrong? R.B.O., Region-vi, Kharagpur Branch 03222-275690 Wrong?
100. SBIN0007103 Wrong? Ramgarh Branch 03227-256224 Wrong?
101. SBIN0012454 Wrong? Ramnagar Branch Wrong?
102. SBIN0008771 Wrong? Rani Sarai Branch 03229-205353 Wrong?
103. SBIN0010682 Wrong? Rasmecc Cum Sarc Haldia Branch 03224-252857 Wrong?
104. SBIN0010681 Wrong? Rasmecc Cum Sarc Midnapur Branch 03222-275130 Wrong?
105. SBIN0014884 Wrong? Rbo, Tamluk Branch 03228-269912 Wrong?
106. SBIN0013993 Wrong? Rcpc, Midnapore Branch Wrong?
107. SBIN0013994 Wrong? Rcpc, Tamluk Branch Wrong?
108. SBIN0006828 Wrong? Rohini Village Branch 03223-268250 Wrong?
109. SBIN0009713 Wrong? Sabajput Branch 03220-286094 Wrong?
110. SBIN0014096 Wrong? Sabong Branch Wrong?
111. SBIN0010425 Wrong? Salua Branch Wrong?
112. SBIN0009894 Wrong? Sandhapara Sab Branch 03221-253273 Wrong?
113. SBIN0009714 Wrong? Sardiha Branch 03222-230576 Wrong?
114. SBIN0008918 Wrong? Sauri Branch Wrong?
115. SBIN0008330 Wrong? Sayadpur Branch 03227-285253 Wrong?
116. SBIN0008111 Wrong? Tahkurchawk Branch 03229-256062 Wrong?
117. SBIN0000193 Wrong? Tamluk Branch 03228-266047 Wrong?
118. SBIN0009890 Wrong? Telami Sab Branch 03220-201410 Wrong?

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1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL) or 18004253800(BSNL)

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