Union Bank Of India Azamgarh Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 109 Union Bank Of India branches in Azamgarh district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Union Bank Of India in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

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List of Union Bank Of India branches in Azamgarh

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. UBIN0536032 Wrong? Aharula Branch 05465-05465 Wrong?
1. UBIN0566811 Wrong? Ailwal Branch Wrong?
2. UBIN0541940 Wrong? Ambari Branch 05460-240414 Wrong?
3. UBIN0549550 Wrong? Amilo Branch 251977 Wrong?
4. UBIN0546887 Wrong? Anwarganj Branch 247012 Wrong?
5. UBIN0542482 Wrong? Atraith Branch 05465-220353 Wrong?
6. UBIN0534757 Wrong? Atraulia Branch 05465-225539 Wrong?
7. UBIN0542652 Wrong? Azamgarh - Civil Lines Branch Wrong?
8. UBIN0530280 Wrong? Azamgarh Main Branch 246316 Wrong?
9. UBIN0567418 Wrong? Bamahaur, Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
10. UBIN0545783 Wrong? Bansgaon Branch 05465-225082 Wrong?
11. UBIN0549525 Wrong? Barhya Branch Wrong?
12. UBIN0561479 Wrong? Baskhari Branch Wrong?
13. UBIN0545490 Wrong? Basti Bhujbal Branch 228892 Wrong?
14. UBIN0554448 Wrong? Belasia Branch 245864 Wrong?
15. UBIN0548715 Wrong? Bhadia Mehboobganj Branch 268393,268037,268229 Wrong?
16. UBIN0543217 Wrong? Bhimber Branch 232057 Wrong?
17. UBIN0549304 Wrong? Bhujhi Branch 280580 Wrong?
18. UBIN0530328 Wrong? Bilariaganj Branch 225136 Wrong?
19. UBIN0567426 Wrong? Brahatil Jagdishpur Branch Wrong?
20. UBIN0534234 Wrong? Captainganj Branch 238822 Wrong?
21. UBIN0536652 Wrong? Chandeshwar Branch 05462-243686 Wrong?
22. UBIN0545937 Wrong? Chandpatti Branch 232033 Wrong?
23. UBIN0572918 Wrong? Chewar Paschim Branch Wrong?
24. UBIN0543829 Wrong? Chhapra Sultanpur Branch 234103 Wrong?
25. UBIN0569321 Wrong? Chirikihit Branch Wrong?
26. UBIN0567400 Wrong? Chitara Mahmoodpur Branch Wrong?
27. UBIN0546062 Wrong? Chittepur Branch 246278 Wrong?
28. UBIN0571211 Wrong? Chowki Bardah Branch Wrong?
29. UBIN0563587 Wrong? Deogaon Branch Wrong?
30. UBIN0571199 Wrong? Devait Branch Wrong?
31. UBIN0569933 Wrong? Devpar,azamgarh Branch Wrong?
32. UBIN0572543 Wrong? Dhuripur Branch Wrong?
33. UBIN0547867 Wrong? Diha Branch 235114 Wrong?
34. UBIN0549274 Wrong? Dularganj - Audha Branch 266221 Wrong?
35. UBIN0565580 Wrong? Fi Bhakhara Branch Wrong?
36. UBIN0564621 Wrong? Fi Dewara Jaidid Branch Wrong?
37. UBIN0565571 Wrong? Fi Jokhara Branch Wrong?
38. UBIN0565563 Wrong? Fi Kohara Branch Wrong?
39. UBIN0565555 Wrong? Fi Mittupur Branch Wrong?
40. UBIN0564630 Wrong? Fi Sameda Branch Wrong?
41. UBIN0544175 Wrong? Gambhirpur Branch 270678 Wrong?
42. UBIN0549185 Wrong? Godripatti Branch 231491 Wrong?
43. UBIN0572900 Wrong? Gomadih Branch Wrong?
44. UBIN0568341 Wrong? Haraiya, Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
45. UBIN0546593 Wrong? Heerapati Branch 265112 Wrong?
46. UBIN0546674 Wrong? Jeoli Branch 05463-241356 Wrong?
47. UBIN0548723 Wrong? Kabuthra Branch 268138 Wrong?
48. UBIN0546071 Wrong? Kanjara Dishadpur Branch 234113 Wrong?
49. UBIN0569925 Wrong? Katghar Sadar Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
50. UBIN0549533 Wrong? Khajuri Danejpatti Branch 228213 Wrong?
51. UBIN0561495 Wrong? Kharihani Branch Wrong?
52. UBIN0545601 Wrong? Kharsahan Deedarganj Branch 244334 Wrong?
53. UBIN0549444 Wrong? Khudadadpur Branch 05462-242186 Wrong?
54. UBIN0548804 Wrong? Khujia Branch 272353 Wrong?
55. UBIN0546046 Wrong? Kishundaspur Branch 266524 Wrong?
56. UBIN0534242 Wrong? Koelsa Branch 05465-220526 Wrong?
57. UBIN0546038 Wrong? Kotila Branch 05462-275232 Wrong?
58. UBIN0572217 Wrong? Lachhirampur Branch Wrong?
59. UBIN0542181 Wrong? Lahidiha Branch 288326 Wrong?
60. UBIN0536016 Wrong? Lalganj Branch 265136 Wrong?
61. UBIN0546682 Wrong? Lohra Branch 225334 Wrong?
62. UBIN0564311 Wrong? Mahul Branch Wrong?
63. UBIN0545945 Wrong? Mahula Branch 268619,239224 Wrong?
64. UBIN0572233 Wrong? Mahuwar Branch Wrong?
65. UBIN0568350 Wrong? Malipur, Ambedkar Nagar Branch Wrong?
66. UBIN0570257 Wrong? Mande, Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
67. UBIN0545929 Wrong? Mangrawan Branch 05462-270124 Wrong?
68. UBIN0537021 Wrong? Martinganj Branch 236159 Wrong?
69. UBIN0535737 Wrong? Mehnagar Branch 05463-233179 Wrong?
70. UBIN0547794 Wrong? Milkipur Branch 05460-238232 Wrong?
71. UBIN0549258 Wrong? Mohammadpur Branch 239128 Wrong?
72. UBIN0536954 Wrong? Mohammadpur Branch 05462-270137 Wrong?
73. UBIN0530301 Wrong? Mubarakpur Branch 251135 Wrong?
74. UBIN0549479 Wrong? Narainpur Branch 236059 Wrong?
75. UBIN0571202 Wrong? Naseeruddinpur,azamgarh Branch Wrong?
76. UBIN0546607 Wrong? Nasirpur Branch 05466-225615 Wrong?
77. UBIN0545392 Wrong? Newada Branch 234064 Wrong?
78. UBIN0571181 Wrong? Nihoreganj Branch Wrong?
79. UBIN0549452 Wrong? Nooruddinpur Branch 288204,288152 Wrong?
80. UBIN0549266 Wrong? Padri Branch 225956 Wrong?
81. UBIN0547573 Wrong? Parmanpur Mod Maulanipur Branch 238191 Wrong?
82. UBIN0543764 Wrong? Parsurampur Branch 241065 Wrong?
83. UBIN0538451 Wrong? Pawai Branch 238035 Wrong?
84. UBIN0545651 Wrong? Phoolesh Branch 05460-244424 Wrong?
85. UBIN0535974 Wrong? Phulpur Branch 230236,231054 Wrong?
86. UBIN0535192 Wrong? R.O.Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
87. UBIN0545449 Wrong? Rahmatganj Branch 05463-231570 Wrong?
88. UBIN0546551 Wrong? Rajaganj Branch 05453-222582 Wrong?
89. UBIN0572225 Wrong? Ranipur Rajmo Branch Wrong?
90. UBIN0543772 Wrong? Rasepur Branch 2335593 Wrong?
91. UBIN0530310 Wrong? Sagri Branch 230232 Wrong?
92. UBIN0549487 Wrong? Sahdeoganj Branch 235567,235125 Wrong?
93. UBIN0570231 Wrong? Saithwal, Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
94. UBIN0542539 Wrong? Saraimeer Branch 256042 Wrong?
95. UBIN0546259 Wrong? Shahpur Branch 229122 Wrong?
96. UBIN0570435 Wrong? Sheewli (rashid Ganj), Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
97. UBIN0542806 Wrong? Sikrour Branch 05460-246596 Wrong?
98. UBIN0545538 Wrong? Singhpur Branch 05463-235076 Wrong?
99. UBIN0570249 Wrong? Sohauli Azamgarh Branch Wrong?
100. UBIN0545406 Wrong? Sukhipur Phulwaria Branch 228823 Wrong?
101. UBIN0563595 Wrong? Tanda Branch Wrong?
102. UBIN0566616 Wrong? Thatheri Bazar Branch Wrong?
103. UBIN0535605 Wrong? Thekma Branch 231160 Wrong?
104. UBIN0571172 Wrong? Uchehuwa Branch Wrong?
105. UBIN0546615 Wrong? Ukrara Branch 266154 Wrong?
106. UBIN0547701 Wrong? Vazirmalpur Branch 284655 Wrong?
107. UBIN0558826 Wrong? Vikas Bhawan Azamgar Branch 0546-221847 Wrong?
108. UBIN0573426 Wrong? Vishunpur Branch 0532-2423890 Wrong?

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