Union Bank Of India Ghazipur Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 94 Union Bank Of India branches in Ghazipur district. Contact Union Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800 22 22 44, PMJDY Scheme :1800 22 22 43, Dedicated Number for NRI: +918025302510. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Union Bank Of India in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.

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List of Union Bank Of India branches in Ghazipur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. UBIN0546216 Wrong? Abhaipur Branch 05497-260143 Wrong?
1. UBIN0571679 Wrong? Alawalpur Branch Wrong?
2. UBIN0545660 Wrong? Amhat Branch 05493-274986 Wrong?
3. UBIN0570095 Wrong? Andhaun Branch Wrong?
4. UBIN0541567 Wrong? Aurihar Branch 05495-222026 Wrong?
5. UBIN0570109 Wrong? Awathai Branch Wrong?
6. UBIN0534722 Wrong? Bahadurganj Branch 05493-253227 Wrong?
7. UBIN0566578 Wrong? Bajalpur Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
8. UBIN0541842 Wrong? Barachawar Branch 05493-254162 Wrong?
9. UBIN0545368 Wrong? Barasara Branch 05482-258227 Wrong?
10. UBIN0545333 Wrong? Basupur Branch 05495-248212 Wrong?
11. UBIN0560103 Wrong? Bhadaura Branch Wrong?
12. UBIN0539783 Wrong? Birno Branch 0548-2256123 Wrong?
13. UBIN0573329 Wrong? Bishunpura Raghubarganj Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
14. UBIN0560090 Wrong? Buzurga Branch Wrong?
15. UBIN0571661 Wrong? Chak Abdul Sattar Branch Wrong?
16. UBIN0560111 Wrong? Chochakpur Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
17. UBIN0557285 Wrong? Church Compound,ghazipur Branch 0548-2225024 Wrong?
18. UBIN0539279 Wrong? Degree College Branch 05482-221259 Wrong?
19. UBIN0551686 Wrong? Dharni Branch 05497-277654 Wrong?
20. UBIN0573337 Wrong? Dhava Muhabbatpur Branch 0548-2226385 Wrong?
21. UBIN0571652 Wrong? Didohar Branch Wrong?
22. UBIN0546631 Wrong? Dildarnagar Branch 05497-244231 Wrong?
23. UBIN0570079 Wrong? Dubihan Branch Wrong?
24. UBIN0560081 Wrong? Fatehpur Sikandar Phullanpur Branch Wrong?
25. UBIN0565750 Wrong? Fi Arakpur Branch Wrong?
26. UBIN0564788 Wrong? Fi Birpur Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
27. UBIN0565733 Wrong? Fi Kamupur Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
28. UBIN0565741 Wrong? Fi Kuchaura Uparwar Branch Wrong?
29. UBIN0565717 Wrong? Fi Matsa Branch Wrong?
30. UBIN0565725 Wrong? Fi Nari Panchdewara Branch Wrong?
31. UBIN0565784 Wrong? Fi Padampur Ramraj Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
32. UBIN0565776 Wrong? Fi Sarahula Branch Wrong?
33. UBIN0565768 Wrong? Fi Sauri Branch Wrong?
34. UBIN0565709 Wrong? Fi Yuvrajpur Branch Wrong?
35. UBIN0530450 Wrong? Gahmar Branch 05497-265131 Wrong?
36. UBIN0557293 Wrong? Gahmar Pakritar Branch Wrong?
37. UBIN0542113 Wrong? Gangoli Branch 05493-286625 Wrong?
38. UBIN0551431 Wrong? Ghazipur - Pbs Branch 05482-221566 Wrong?
39. UBIN0530433 Wrong? Ghazipur Main Branch 0548-2221343, 2220356 Wrong?
40. UBIN0542695 Wrong? Hansrajpur Branch 05495-246426 Wrong?
41. UBIN0545911 Wrong? Harmujpur Branch Wrong?
42. UBIN0570087 Wrong? Husenpur Branch Wrong?
43. UBIN0541648 Wrong? Jakhania Branch 05495-235633 Wrong?
44. UBIN0541532 Wrong? Jalalabad Branch 05495-233892, 233833 Wrong?
45. UBIN0530484 Wrong? Jangipur Branch 0548-2254023 Wrong?
46. UBIN0545961 Wrong? Kanuan Branch Wrong?
47. UBIN0564851 Wrong? Karahia Branch Wrong?
48. UBIN0538027 Wrong? Karanda Branch 05482-252081 Wrong?
49. UBIN0536318 Wrong? Karimuddinpur Branch 05493-283324 Wrong?
50. UBIN0547751 Wrong? Kataria Nasirpur Branch 05493-273366 Wrong?
51. UBIN0545350 Wrong? Katghara Branch 05495-238280 Wrong?
52. UBIN0571709 Wrong? Katya Lahang Branch Wrong?
53. UBIN0545376 Wrong? Khalispur Branch 05482-230051 Wrong?
54. UBIN0544159 Wrong? Kutchery Road Ghazipur Branch 05482-224903, 221484 Wrong?
55. UBIN0548901 Wrong? Machati Branch Wrong?
56. UBIN0546313 Wrong? Maharajganj Branch 0548-2223535 Wrong?
57. UBIN0570702 Wrong? Malikpur Branch Wrong?
58. UBIN0538400 Wrong? Malikpura Branch 05495-246434 Wrong?
59. UBIN0534471 Wrong? Mardah Branch 05482-250021 Wrong?
60. UBIN0545732 Wrong? Mata Branch 05493-245902 Wrong?
61. UBIN0541982 Wrong? Mirzabad Branch 05493-250103 Wrong?
62. UBIN0570061 Wrong? Mittha Para Branch Wrong?
63. UBIN0530468 Wrong? Mohammadabad Branch 05493-242144 Wrong?
64. UBIN0560138 Wrong? Moudha Branch Wrong?
65. UBIN0569500 Wrong? Muturjuipur Branch Wrong?
66. UBIN0548855 Wrong? Naikdih Branch 05495-232368 Wrong?
67. UBIN0530476 Wrong? Nandganj Branch 05495-242824 Wrong?
68. UBIN0545872 Wrong? Nooruddinpur Branch Regional Head No: 0548-2221321 Wrong?
69. UBIN0548871 Wrong? Paharpur Branch 05495-248237 Wrong?
70. UBIN0560120 Wrong? Quasimabad Branch 05493-252251 Wrong?
71. UBIN0536245 Wrong? R.O.Ghazipur Branch 0548-2222017 Wrong?
72. UBIN0545902 Wrong? Raipur Branch 05495-237384 Wrong?
73. UBIN0545643 Wrong? Rasulpur Dadhra Branch 05495-232351 Wrong?
74. UBIN0534188 Wrong? Reotipur Branch 05497-238026 Wrong?
75. UBIN0571695 Wrong? Sabalpur Kala Branch Wrong?
76. UBIN0534668 Wrong? Sadat Branch 05495-230531 Wrong?
77. UBIN0545309 Wrong? Sadat Railway Stn Branch 05495-230524 Wrong?
78. UBIN0548898 Wrong? Sahbaj Kali (Shahbazkuli) Branch Regional Head No: 0548-2221321 Wrong?
79. UBIN0535761 Wrong? Saidpur Branch 05495-222004, 223118 Wrong?
80. UBIN0573345 Wrong? Sarai Mubarak Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
81. UBIN0559873 Wrong? Service Branch Ghazipur Branch 0548-2221343 Wrong?
82. UBIN0540838 Wrong? Shadiabad Branch 05495-230533 Wrong?
83. UBIN0568384 Wrong? Shayar Branch 0548-2226386 Wrong?
84. UBIN0573353 Wrong? Shekhpur Branch 0548-2226387 Wrong?
85. UBIN0560073 Wrong? Shekpur Rauza Branch 0548-2231143 Wrong?
86. UBIN0569518 Wrong? Sherpur Totari Branch 0548-2226385 Wrong?
87. UBIN0543209 Wrong? Sidhagarh Branch Wrong?
88. UBIN0571644 Wrong? Sidhaut Branch Wrong?
89. UBIN0545741 Wrong? Sobua Branch Wrong?
90. UBIN0571687 Wrong? Tullapati Branch Wrong?
91. UBIN0543195 Wrong? Usia Branch 05497-232273, 278007 Wrong?
92. UBIN0541613 Wrong? Zamania Kasba Branch 05497-252237 Wrong?
93. UBIN0530441 Wrong? Zamania Railway Station Branch 05497-252225 Wrong?

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