Union Bank Of India Jaunpur Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 97 Union Bank Of India branches in Jaunpur district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Union Bank Of India in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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List of Union Bank Of India branches in Jaunpur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. UBIN0547859 Wrong? Alamganj Branch 05451-248250 Wrong?
1. UBIN0543608 Wrong? Arsia Bazaar Branch 05453-235246 Wrong?
2. UBIN0571938 Wrong? Aruwava Branch Wrong?
3. UBIN0543268 Wrong? Bajrang Nagar Branch 05450-246356 Wrong?
4. UBIN0536661 Wrong? Balwarganj Sujanganj Branch 05451-246120 Wrong?
5. UBIN0541575 Wrong? Bandhawabazar Branch 05454-270103 Wrong?
6. UBIN0570192 Wrong? Baragaon Branch Wrong?
7. UBIN0543276 Wrong? Baraipur Branch 05454-270103 Wrong?
8. UBIN0568546 Wrong? Behra Branch Wrong?
9. UBIN0543314 Wrong? Belwa Branch 05451-233229 Wrong?
10. UBIN0571946 Wrong? Bhadehri(bhadethi) Branch Wrong?
11. UBIN0548669 Wrong? Bhawaniganj Branch 05451-232527 Wrong?
12. UBIN0549169 Wrong? Bhilampur Branch 05451-232527 Wrong?
13. UBIN0543357 Wrong? Bibiganj Branch 05454-279269 Wrong?
14. UBIN0571911 Wrong? Bishunpur Branch Wrong?
15. UBIN0546178 Wrong? Chambaltara Branch 05452-263239 Wrong?
16. UBIN0534897 Wrong? Chandwak Branch 05452-263230 Wrong?
17. UBIN0544213 Wrong? Civil Lines Jaunpur Branch 05452-260240 Wrong?
18. UBIN0543039 Wrong? Deokali Branch 05450-238103 Wrong?
19. UBIN0543250 Wrong? Dhaniamau Branch 05452-257190 Wrong?
20. UBIN0543047 Wrong? Dharmapur Branch 05452-257190 Wrong?
21. UBIN0565881 Wrong? Fi Lapri Branch Wrong?
22. UBIN0565890 Wrong? Fi Madardih Branch Wrong?
23. UBIN0564672 Wrong? Fi Pachwal Branch Wrong?
24. UBIN0565865 Wrong? Fi Pesara Branch Wrong?
25. UBIN0565857 Wrong? Fi Ramdeopur Branch Wrong?
26. UBIN0565873 Wrong? Fi Sherpur Branch Wrong?
27. UBIN0569534 Wrong? Gajna Branch Wrong?
28. UBIN0543501 Wrong? Gariaon Branch 05452-250111 Wrong?
29. UBIN0539996 Wrong? Ghanshyampur Branch 05452-238225 Wrong?
30. UBIN0543365 Wrong? Gopalapur Branch 05453-245108 Wrong?
31. UBIN0535940 Wrong? Gora Badshapur Branch 05454-271122 Wrong?
32. UBIN0546135 Wrong? Haripur Branch 05454-275795 Wrong?
33. UBIN0541591 Wrong? Itauri Bazar Branch 05453-224108 Wrong?
34. UBIN0534170 Wrong? Jalalpur Branch 05453-224108 Wrong?
35. UBIN0541419 Wrong? Jamalapur Branch 05451-234223 Wrong?
36. UBIN0543802 Wrong? Janghai Branch 05451-234223 Wrong?
37. UBIN0530336 Wrong? Jaunpur Main Branch 05452-262935, 263340 Wrong?
38. UBIN0557498 Wrong? Jaycee Xing Branch Wrong?
39. UBIN0541931 Wrong? Kajgaon Branch 05452-262935, 263340 Wrong?
40. UBIN0534692 Wrong? Kerakat Branch 05452-255083 Wrong?
41. UBIN0535958 Wrong? Khetsarai Branch 05452-242360 Wrong?
42. UBIN0536938 Wrong? Khuthan Branch 05450-228244 Wrong?
43. UBIN0547735 Wrong? Kusarna Branch 05453-225617 Wrong?
44. UBIN0556980 Wrong? Kutir Chakke College,chakke Branch Wrong?
45. UBIN0571920 Wrong? Lakhauaun Branch Wrong?
46. UBIN0543756 Wrong? Leduka Bazar Branch 05453-238019 Wrong?
47. UBIN0538388 Wrong? Machhlishahr Branch 05453-242553 Wrong?
48. UBIN0535397 Wrong? Maharajganj Branch 05454-272306 Wrong?
49. UBIN0543021 Wrong? Manikalan Branch 05453-241156 Wrong?
50. UBIN0538957 Wrong? Mariahu Branch 05453-223242 Wrong?
51. UBIN0573370 Wrong? Marikpur Branch 05452-262847 Wrong?
52. UBIN0543322 Wrong? Meerganj Branch 05451-233324 Wrong?
53. UBIN0571954 Wrong? Mia Ka Chak Branch Wrong?
54. UBIN0572241 Wrong? Mubarakpur Branch Wrong?
55. UBIN0540048 Wrong? Muftiganj Branch 05454-276331 Wrong?
56. UBIN0534579 Wrong? Mungra Badshapur Branch 05454-274522 Wrong?
57. UBIN0543624 Wrong? Mustafabad Branch 05454-275242 Wrong?
58. UBIN0536296 Wrong? Naoperwa Branch 05452-283360 Wrong?
59. UBIN0546241 Wrong? Nehrunagar Branch 05454-275242 Wrong?
60. UBIN0540820 Wrong? Neorhiya Bazar Branch 05452-258123 Wrong?
61. UBIN0543373 Wrong? Pali Branch 05451-244320 Wrong?
62. UBIN0543578 Wrong? Patrahi Branch 05451-244320 Wrong?
63. UBIN0542890 Wrong? Patti Narendrapur Branch 05450-221086 Wrong?
64. UBIN0541966 Wrong? Pawara Branch 05453-237226 Wrong?
65. UBIN0547565 Wrong? Purani Bazar Branch 05453-248530 Wrong?
66. UBIN0542903 Wrong? Pureon Branch 05453-248530 Wrong?
67. UBIN0536253 Wrong? R.O.Jaunpur Branch 05452-262786 Wrong?
68. UBIN0541583 Wrong? Rajabazar Branch 05450-232164 Wrong?
69. UBIN0543063 Wrong? Ramdayalganj Branch 05453-246226 Wrong?
70. UBIN0573396 Wrong? Ramnagar Branch 05452-262849 Wrong?
71. UBIN0571962 Wrong? Ramnagar Branch Wrong?
72. UBIN0530344 Wrong? Rampur Branch 05451-236338 Wrong?
73. UBIN0572004 Wrong? Rithi Branch Wrong?
74. UBIN0573388 Wrong? Sarai Loka Branch 05452-262848 Wrong?
75. UBIN0573400 Wrong? Sarai Padri Branch 05452-262850 Wrong?
76. UBIN0539686 Wrong? Sarsara Branch 05451-236338 Wrong?
77. UBIN0534714 Wrong? Shahganj Main Branch 05451-230342 Wrong?
78. UBIN0542954 Wrong? Shambuganj Branch 05453-222085 Wrong?
79. UBIN0568554 Wrong? Shivapar Branch Wrong?
80. UBIN0562416 Wrong? Shri Ganesh Rai Pg Branch Wrong?
81. UBIN0571971 Wrong? Sihipur Branch Wrong?
82. UBIN0540226 Wrong? Sikrara Bazar Branch 05452-254110 Wrong?
83. UBIN0536369 Wrong? Singramau Branch 05453-247244 Wrong?
84. UBIN0543055 Wrong? Sirkoni Branch 05450-232739 Wrong?
85. UBIN0560995 Wrong? Sitam Sarai Branch Wrong?
86. UBIN0543471 Wrong? Sukhlalganj Branch 05452-257193 Wrong?
87. UBIN0570206 Wrong? Takhapurab Branch Wrong?
88. UBIN0563650 Wrong? Tariyari Branch Wrong?
89. UBIN0571989 Wrong? Tekari Guljarganj Branch Wrong?
90. UBIN0543616 Wrong? Tezi Bazar Branch 05450-247073 Wrong?
91. UBIN0541702 Wrong? Thanagaddi Branch 05450-233325 Wrong?
92. UBIN0558176 Wrong? Tighra Branch Wrong?
93. UBIN0541427 Wrong? Trilochan Mahadev Branch Wrong?
94. UBIN0571997 Wrong? Uchoura Branch Wrong?
95. UBIN0558583 Wrong? Vikash Bhawan Jaunpur Branch Wrong?
96. UBIN0534137 Wrong? Zafrabad Branch Wrong?

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