Branch names and IFSC of all United Bank Of India branches in Nadia, West Bengal. The bank has 56 branches in Nadia district. The table below shows United Bank Of India Nadia IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of United Bank Of India Nadia branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of United Bank Of India branches in Nadia

#IFSC CodeBranch NameAddressContact No.
1. UTBI0ANRF90 Anandapur Anandapur, P. O Barajaguli, Nadia
Anandapur , West Bengal
2. UTBI0ARG910 Aranghata Araghata, Nadia
Aranghata , West Bengal
3. UTBI0BAV042 Ballavpara Ballavpara, Katwa, Nadia
Ballavpara , West Bengal
4. UTBI0BRA049 Bara Andulia Bara-andulia, Nadia
Bara-andulia , West Bengal
5. UTBI0BTD275 Bethuadahari National Highway34, Bethuadhari Nadia
Bethuadahari , West Bengal
6. UTBI0BHJE28 Bhajanghat Bhajanghat, Nadia
Bhajanghat , West Bengal
7. UTBI0BHU959 Bhimpur Bhimpur, Nadia
Bhimpur , West Bengal
8. UTBI0BCKC16 Bidhan Chandra Krishivishavidya Mohonpur, Nadia
Jaguli(haringhata) , West Bengal
9. UTBI0BIHC13 Birohihat Birohi, Nadia
Birohi Hat , West Bengal
10. UTBI0CTPW36 Central Park Kalyani, Nadia, Patna
Kalyani , West Bengal
11. UTBI0TAT268 Chakdah Debendra Chawk, Chakdah, Nadia
Chakdah ( Tatla ) , West Bengal
12. UTBI0CPR940 Chapra Krishnanager Karimpur, Road, P. O Bangalji, Nadia
Chapra , West Bengal
13. UTBI0DJPW45 Dhananjoypur Dhananjoypur, Nadia
Dhananjoypur , West Bengal
14. UTBI0DMDE25 Dharmada Dharmada, Nadia
Dharmada , West Bengal
15. UTBI0DBL012 Dhubulia National Highway34, Nadia
Dhubulia , West Bengal
16. UTBI0FLAW86 Fulia Fulia, Nadia
Nabadwip , West Bengal
17. UTBI0GASE46 Goas P.O. Gaos, Nadia
Goas , West Bengal
18. UTBI0HBNC65 Habibpur NH-34, Po-habibpur, Nadia
Habibpur(nadia) , West Bengal
19. UTBI0HAN096 Hanskhali Po-hanskhali, Nadia
Hanskhali , West Bengal
20. UTBI0HGHC15 Haringhata Hat P. O Haringhata, Nadia
Haringhata Hat , West Bengal
21. UTBI0JGH280 Jaguli P. O Bara Jaguli, Nadia
Jaguli(haringhata) , West Bengal
22. UTBI0JAR043 Juranpur P. O Juranpur, Nadia
West Bengal
23. UTBI0KYPE12 Kalinarayanpur P.O. Kalinaraanpur, Nadia
Kalinarayanpur , West Bengal
24. UTBI0KYI030 Kalyani Plot No A/97 ( S ), Kalyani Nadia
West Bengal
25. UTBI0KHLE10 Kanthalia Kamnthalia, P. O Nandapur, Nadia
Kanthalia , West Bengal
26. UTBI0KAR290 Karimpur Karimpur, Nadia
Karimpur , West Bengal
27. UTBI0KGC299 Kataganj G. G Colony Gokulpur Bazar, Po-kataganj, Nadia
Kataganj G.g.colony , West Bengal
28. UTBI0KRI213 Krishnagar P. O. Krishnagar, Nadia
Krishnagar(nadia) , West Bengal
29. UTBI0LSGW44 Laxmigachha Laxmigachha, Nadia
Laxmigachha , West Bengal
30. UTBI0MAD915 Madanpur Debendra Super Market, Nadia
Madanpur , West Bengal
31. UTBI0MAJ906 Majdiah Rail Bazar Majdiah, Nadia
West Bengal
32. UTBI0MPT050 Malipota P. O Malipota, Nadia
West Bengal
33. UTBI0MUJK95 Marufganj Patna, Nadia
Patna , West Bengal
34. UTBI0MTY041 Matiary P. O Matiary, Nadia
West Bengal
35. UTBI0NAB216 Nabadwip Nabadwip Poramatala Road, Nadia
Nabadwip , West Bengal
36. UTBI0XNDD09 Nadia Region 1/4 Panditl. K Moitrard, P. O Krishnanagar, Nadia
Krishnagar(nadia) , West Bengal
37. UTBI0NGU028 Nagar Ukhra P. O Nagarukhra, Nadia
Nagar Ukhra , West Bengal
38. UTBI0NRNW84 Narayanpur Narayanpur ( Nadia )
Nabadwip , West Bengal
39. UTBI0NZP944 Nazirpur P. O Nazirpur, Nadia
West Bengal
40. UTBI0NIBW09 Netaji Bazar Netaji Bazar, Nadia
Netaji Bazar , West Bengal
41. UTBI0PLP022 Palashipara P. O Palashipara, Nadia
West Bengal
42. UTBI0PLSW46 Plassey Mira Bazar, Plassey, P. S. Kaligunj, District Nad, Nadia
West Bengal
43. UTBI0RMND96 Ramnagar Ahishtala, P. O Ramnagar Nadia
Ramnagar(nadia) , West Bengal
44. UTBI0RRBW10 Ramnagar Bazar Ramnagar Bazar, Nadia
Ramnagar Bazar , West Bengal
45. UTBI0RGT224 Ranaghat Subhas Avenue, Nadia
Ranaghat , West Bengal
46. UTBI0SADD97 Sadhanpara Sadhanpara, P. O Muraghachha, Nadia
Sadhanpara , West Bengal
47. UTBI0SAK023 Saktinagar Tarak Das Banerjee Road, Nadia
Saktinagar , West Bengal
48. UTBI0SAN222 Santipur 1 Pandit L. K. Moitra Road, Santipur, Nadia
Kolkata , West Bengal
49. UTBI0SIAE21 Simulia Po-simulia, Nadia
Simulia , West Bengal
50. UTBI0SMRC43 Simurarli P. O Simurali, Nadia
West Bengal
51. UTBI0STGC47 Sutragarh P. O Sutragarh, Nadia
West Bengal
52. UTBI0SWA916 Swarupganj P. O Swarupganj, Nadia
West Bengal
53. UTBI0TAH287 Taherpur Taherpur, Nadia
Taherpur , West Bengal
54. UTBI0TEHW58 Tehatta Jitpur More, Potehatta, Nadia
Tehatta , Wb , West Bengal
55. UTBI0TOUW85 Toupala ( Topla ) Toupala ( Topla ), Nadia
Nabadwip , West Bengal
56. UTBI0WBR976 Woodburn Road 34 B, . Woodburn Road, Nabadwip Nadia
West Bengal

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United Bank Of India Toll free Numbers

1800-345-0345 - General
1800-345-3344 - for MSME sector
1800-103-3470 - hotlisting/blocking of ATM cum Debit card)