Here is a list of festivals, events and auspicious timings. Click on the links below to know more about each festival/event and get information about when, why and how these are celebrated.

Upcoming Festivals and Events

Festival NameFestival Date
Chaitra Navratri Tuesday, 28th of March
Amavasya Tuesday, 28th of March
Bhaumvati Amavasya Tuesday, 28th of March
Vasantha Navaratri Prarambham Tuesday, 28th of March
Ugadi Wednesday, 29th of March
Chandra Darshan Wednesday, 29th of March
Vasant Ritu Wednesday, 29th of March
Jhulelal Jayanti Wednesday, 29th of March
Cheti Chand Wednesday, 29th of March
Gangaur Thursday, 30th of March
Matsya Jayanti Thursday, 30th of March
Shangsi Festival Thursday, 30th of March
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