Chinese calendar is the traditional calendar followed by the Chinese people. Though this is not the official calendar, almost all traditional activities, festivals and Chinese holidays are based on the Chinese calendar.

Today's Chinese Date : Year of Monkey, Mao 26

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Festivals, Holidays and Important Days in China in the year 4714

Given below is a list of festivals, holidays, important days, events and observances in China for the year 2016.

Laba FestivalSunday, January 17
New YearMonday, February 8
Lantern FestivalMonday, February 22
Zhonghe FestivalThursday, March 10
Shangsi FestivalSaturday, April 9
Duanwu FestivalThursday, June 9
Bathing and Basking FestivalSaturday, July 9
Qi Xi FestivalTuesday, August 9
The Ghost FestivalWednesday, August 17
Mid Autumn FestivalThursday, September 15
Independence DaySaturday, October 1
Double Ninth FestivalSunday, October 9
Spirit FestivalMonday, November 14
ChristmasSunday, December 25

Even today Chinese calendar is being followed by the people of East Asian countries to determine their traditional festivals. Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Calendar. The Chinese Zodiac relates 12 animals to each Calendar year.

This is a dynamic online Chinese Calendar 2016 created based on user input. This webpage shows the Chinese Calendar along with traditional chinese festival dates of 2016.