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Chinese Calendar 1966, April with Chinese / Gregorian Dates

Chinese Calendar April, 1966 - Gregorian Year 1966 translates to Chinese Year

This is an interchangeable (Gregorian - Chinese) Calendar. Displayed below is the Chinese Calendar 1966 showing the month of April, along with traditional Chinese festival dates and holidays during April, 1966. According to Chinese zodiac, 1966 is the year of the as each year in Chinese calendar is represented by an animal.

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Change the Base calendar to switch between Gregorian (English) Calendar and Chinese calendar Years. You can also view the calendar in English or Chinese language by changing the language setting.

chinese calendar for the year

Base Calendar: English chinese
Language English Chinese
- Ji-Chou(Ox)
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Understanding the Chinese Calendar

The big bold numbers are the Gregorian dates for the month of April and the small numbers below them represent the Chinese calendar dates. Use the Blue arrows to navigate to next month and use the drop-down box to choose another Year/Month.

Even today Chinese calendar is being followed by the people of East Asian countries to determine their traditional festivals. Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Calendar. The Chinese Zodiac relates 12 animals to each Calendar year.

This is a dynamic online Chinese Calendar 1966 created based on user input. This webpage shows the Chinese Calendar along with traditional chinese festival dates of 1966.