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Indian Hindu Calendar 2015

Hindu calendar is the traditional Indian calendar. Many of the Indian Hindu religious festivals and events are based on the Hindu calendar.

Today's Hindu calendar Date : Hindu Year 2072, Sravana, 17

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indian calendar for the year

Festivals and Important days of the year 2072

New Year DayThursday, 01st Jan 2015
Nature DayFriday, 02nd Jan 2015
Milad Ul NabiSaturday, 03rd Jan 2015
EpiphanyTuesday, 06th Jan 2015
Makar SankrantiWednesday, 14th Jan 2015
Vasant PanchamiSaturday, 24th Jan 2015
Republic DayMonday, 26th Jan 2015
Laba FestivalTuesday, 27th Jan 2015
Gandhi SamaadhiFriday, 30th Jan 2015
Valentines DaySaturday, 14th Feb 2015
Maha ShivaratriTuesday, 17th Feb 2015
Chinese New YearThursday, 19th Feb 2015
National Science DaySaturday, 28th Feb 2015
Lantern FestivalThursday, 05th Mar 2015
HoliThursday, 05th Mar 2015
Womens DaySunday, 08th Mar 2015
Rang PanchamiTuesday, 10th Mar 2015
Rang TerasWednesday, 18th Mar 2015
Zhonghe FestivalSaturday, 21st Mar 2015
Gudi PadwaSaturday, 21st Mar 2015
Hindi New YearSunday, 22nd Mar 2015
Yamuna ChhathWednesday, 25th Mar 2015
April FoolWednesday, 01st Apr 2015
Maundy ThursdayThursday, 02nd Apr 2015
Mahavir JayantiThursday, 02nd Apr 2015
Good FridayFriday, 03rd Apr 2015
EasterSunday, 05th Apr 2015
Babu Jagjivan Rams BirthdaySunday, 05th Apr 2015
World Health DayTuesday, 07th Apr 2015
Ambedkars BirthdayTuesday, 14th Apr 2015
Bengali New YearTuesday, 14th Apr 2015
Akshaya TritiyaMonday, 20th Apr 2015
Shangsi FestivalTuesday, 21st Apr 2015
Earth DayWednesday, 22nd Apr 2015
May DayFriday, 01st May 2015
Buddha PurnimaSunday, 03rd May 2015
Mothers DaySunday, 10th May 2015
Vat Savitri VratSunday, 17th May 2015
Vat Savitri PurnimaMonday, 01st Jun 2015
Environment DayFriday, 05th Jun 2015
Ramadan Fasting StartsThursday, 18th Jun 2015
Duanwu FestivalSaturday, 20th Jun 2015
Fathers DaySunday, 21st Jun 2015
St Thomas DayFriday, 03rd Jul 2015
Independence Day Of AmericaSaturday, 04th Jul 2015
World Population DaySaturday, 11th Jul 2015
Puri Ratha YatraFriday, 17th Jul 2015
RamadanSaturday, 18th Jul 2015
Bathing And Basking FestivalTuesday, 21st Jul 2015
Guru PurnimaFriday, 31st Jul 2015
Friendship DaySunday, 02nd Aug 2015
World Hiroshima DayThursday, 06th Aug 2015
Independence DaySaturday, 15th Aug 2015
Hariyali TeejMonday, 17th Aug 2015
World Photography DayWednesday, 19th Aug 2015
Qi Xi FestivalThursday, 20th Aug 2015
The Ghost FestivalFriday, 28th Aug 2015
Raksha BandhanSaturday, 29th Aug 2015
Krishna JanmashtamiFriday, 04th Sep 2015
Ganesh ChaturthiWednesday, 16th Sep 2015
BakridThursday, 24th Sep 2015
Ganesh VisarjanSaturday, 26th Sep 2015
Mid Autumn FestivalSunday, 27th Sep 2015
World Tourism DaySunday, 27th Sep 2015
Independence Day Of ChinaThursday, 01st Oct 2015
Gandhi JayantiFriday, 02nd Oct 2015
World Animal DaySunday, 04th Oct 2015
Islamic New YearThursday, 15th Oct 2015
Saraswathi PujaMonday, 19th Oct 2015
Durga AshtamiTuesday, 20th Oct 2015
Double Ninth FestivalWednesday, 21st Oct 2015
Maha NavamiWednesday, 21st Oct 2015
Vijaya DashamiThursday, 22nd Oct 2015
Day Of AshuraSaturday, 24th Oct 2015
Karwa ChauthFriday, 30th Oct 2015
HalloweenSaturday, 31st Oct 2015
Ahoi AshtamiMonday, 02nd Nov 2015
DiwaliTuesday, 10th Nov 2015
Naraka ChaturdashiTuesday, 10th Nov 2015
Muharram EndsFriday, 13th Nov 2015
Labh PanchamiMonday, 16th Nov 2015
Tulsi VivahSunday, 22nd Nov 2015
Spirit FestivalThursday, 26th Nov 2015
World Aids DayTuesday, 01st Dec 2015
ArbaeenThursday, 03rd Dec 2015
ChristmasFriday, 25th Dec 2015

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Most of the Hindu Festivals and dates for religious ceremonies are fixed based on the Hindu calendar. This Hindu Calendar 2015 shows the dates of some of the most important hindu festivals. Daily Hindu Panchang for all the days of August, 2015 is also available.

Hindu Calendar is the traditional astrology calendar of India. Many of theIndian festivals and Government Holidays are determined based on the Indian Hindu Calendar. The months of the Hindu Calendar starts with Chaitra and ends with Phalguna.