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Telugu Calendar 1933, August • Telugu Festivals in August

Telugu Calendar for the month of August, 1933 is displayed below. Find out the important Telugu festivals and events during August, 1933. Use this calendar to convert English calendar dates to Telugu Year dates and vice versa. This calendar also shows the daily Panchangam for each day of August, 1933.

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Switch between English calendar and Telugu calendar years by changing base calendar. To view the calendar in English or Telugu language change the language setting.

telugu calendar for the year
Base Calendar: English telugu
Language English Telugu
Shubh Muhurat or Muhurtham Chathurthi Pradosha Vrutha Shashti Day

The big bold numbers are the English Calendar dates of August, 1933. The small numbers at the bottom left is the Telugu Year date. Name of the Telugu year is and months are and

Samvatsaram or Telugu Year 1933

According to Telugu Calendar system, Gregorian year 1933 is called or Nama Samvatsara.

The Telugu Calendar displayed above shows the Gregorian calendar for the month of August, 1933 along with the corresponding Telugu dates. Click on any date to get daily panchangam and other information about the day.

This 1933 Telugu Calendar lets you know the Telugu date for a particular day in the month of August.

Telugu Calendar is mainly used by the people of Andhra Pradesh to determine their religious festivals and also find out auspicious days. Ugadi marks the beginning of Telugu New Year as per this Calendar. Use this online Telugu Calendar generator to get old Telugu Calendars to determine birth dates, old panchangam etc...