How to prepare Maida Ada (Madakkusaan)? Here is a recipe with ingredients and directions to prepare Maida Ada (Madakkusaan). Sajan Ipe, who submitted this recipe, categorises the difficulty level of this recipe as hard to prepare.

Recipe Submitted By : Sajan Ipe
Submitted on : 15/01/07
Serves : 4
Difficulty : Medium
Preparation Time : 20 Minutes

Easy to make breakfast dish


Maida/flour - 2cups
Sugar - 2tbsp
Egg - 1
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil

For filling:

Scraped coconut - 1 cup
Powdered Sugar (or jaggery) - 1 cup.


For the crust :

Beat the egg. Add sugar and continue beating. Add the salt and maida and mix well. Add water and make a smooth batter. Make sure there are no lumps. Keep aside for 10 minutes. On a hot girdle, smear a little vegetable oil. Pour the batter and make the dosas.

For the filling:

Mix the scraped coconut and jaggery. Take one dosa at a time, spread the filling mixture and fold.

Place it on the plates. Serve hot.


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