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Recipe Submitted By : pooja kundu
Submitted on : 22/01/12
Serves : 1
Difficulty : Easy
Preparation Time : 25 Minutes


how to make easy chicken soup in just 25 minutes



chicken 200-500gms, mustard oil 1tbsp , water as per the quantity you want,black pepper powder 1tsp,lime juice 1tbsp ,salt to taste

if you want you can vegetables as well to make the soup as strew for that you need :

carrot{1} chopped
beans 200gms
tomato {1} chopped
peas 150 gms
lemon grass


first put the presurre cooker on the gas for 3 minutes to be heated ,then put the oil for 2 minutes, then put the pieces of chicken for 5 minutes and cover it with a thali or a cover so that it can be boiled with the vapour for 10 minutes { if you want to make the strew then add the vegetables as well } and check it in the intervals of time .

After that take presurrecooker put water as per the quantity and add the fried chickens { and if want to make the strew add the vegetables },add salt of 1tsp then cover the cooker with the lid and leave it upto 15 sounds , After wards, pour the ingredients into a bowl ,mix the lime juice , black pepper ,salt to taste and serve it hot

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