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Serves : 4
Difficulty : Hard
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Preparation Time : 10 Minutes


Uzhunnu vada is a traditional and very common south Indian snack. This recipe is for the preparation of uzhunnu vada



Black Gram Dal - 2 cups
Curry Leaves - few sprigs
Round cut green chillies - 1 dessert spoon
Finely chopped ginger - 2 tsp
Fried and Powdered asofoetida - 1/2
Pepper corn - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil to fry


Soak black gram dal in water for 2 hours. Drain the water from it and grind to a fine paste till it is creamy, but make sure it is not watery. Add to batter, green chillies, ginger, asofoetida, curry leaves, pepper and salt and mix well. Roll batter in to small balls and flatter in palm. Make a small hole in the middle. Heat oil in a deep frying pan and immerse the vada balls in it. When it turns golden brown, remove and drain oil. Serve with coconut chutney or sambar.

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arun#1Jan 16, 2011 8:01 pm

enilki onnum manasalayila.................

abidi#2Aug 09, 2011 7:08 pm

i like sasuges

safna#3Apr 26, 2012 4:04 pm

this is good

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