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  • sardar's son

    | SMS by linu_sam

    Dying sardar asks his wife:

    Our 7th son always looked different from other 6. Did he have a different father?

    Wife (Crying): YES

    Sardar: Who is he?

    Wife: YOU !!

  • Great salute to friendship!!!

    | SMS by linu_sam

    At age 3 we started our studies with
    tears in eyes and

    at age 21 we will
    finish our studies with tears in heart..

    The first tear is

    simply a water due to
    missing of our parents and the second one
    will be blood due to

    the missing of our
    friends.. !

    Great salute to friendship!!!

  • Golden quote

    | SMS by linu_sam

    Golden quote by Abraham Lincoln:

    "If friendship is ur weakest point

    then u r the strongest person in the world"

  • Hey i am your Friend

    | SMS by linu_sam

    When you win I will proudly tell the world,

    "Hey!That's my


    But when you lose, I will sit by your side, hold your hand and say,

    "Hey i am your Friend"

  • Moments of Friendship

    | SMS by linu_sam

    "We always know that looking back on tears would make us laugh. But we

    never know that looking back at moments we laugh together would make us cry"