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Get free Health Care tips and learn about Health, Diseases and Treatment. Latest Health News and innovations in health care, Health tools and calculators to find out how healthy you are and articles on common diseases and disease treatments. Also learn about Ayurveda - The science of Life and various Ayurveda treatments for common illness.

Ayurveda - The Indian Science of Life

Learn everything about Ayurveda. Complete information about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Home remedies for common ailments and Ayurveda treatment of some very common diseases. Also there are some healthy Ayurvedic diets which are very easy to prepare.

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Ottamooli or Single Medicine Therapy

Ottamooli or the Single Medicine Therapy is the home-cure or folk-cure practice of medicine, usually based on traditional wisdom mixed with Ayurveda. We have given some of the ottamooli practices for some of the most common diseases.

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Online Health Calculators

Online version of some very useful health calculators to check your health online. Find out how fit and healthy you are..

Yoga - Yoga Asanas and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise in moral and mental nurturing that generates good health, contributes to longevity, and the total process results into positive and persistent happiness and peace.

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Diseases

Know all about some of the very common diseases. Each article include information about the causes of various diseases, external symptoms to identify a disease and the treatment methods available.

Health and beauty care tips

Get lots of health and beauty tips to stay young, attractive and beautiful. Skin Care tips, hair care tips and eye care tips that work effectively without any side effects.

Body Shape Calculator : Find your body shape and get outfit ideas

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