Tips for long term prevention of Allergies. Effective Natural Methods for Prevention and Cure of Allergies.

Allergies can be treated by natural way without going into allopathic or conventional treatments. There are remedies available for allergies in a natural way and if followed properly on a long term basis may provide relief from allergies.

However, in cases of emergencies it is preferable to consult a physician before going into natural treatment. Some of the tips that can help in the prevention and treatment of allergies include :

  • Avoid dairy and wheat products and consume fruits and vegetables.
  • Sip plain hot water every half an hour for one month.
  • Drinking eight to ten glasses of warm lemon water every day is recommended.
  • Eating big meals at lunchtime and drinking soup during dinner.
  • Drinking ginger root tea for three to four cups per day and chewing ginger is recommended.
  • Three herbal fruits that can help in treatment of allergies are- Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica and these fruits has to be taken half a teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.
  • Sniffing coconut oil deeply into both the nostrils two to three times a day will help in prevention of allergies.
  • Drinking Neem leaf tea three to four cups a day as a detoxifier will help in a long way in the prevention of allergy.
  • Drinking warm milk mixed with turmeric powder (measuring ½ teaspoon with ¼ cup of warm milk) three times a day after meals.
The above-mentioned herbal remedies will help in the prevention of allergies and help in increasing the body’s metabolism in fighting against allergies on a long-term basis.

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