Ayurveda Jobs - Choosing a Career in Ayurveda


About Jobs in Ayurveda Medicine and Various Ayurveda Courses

Ayurveda is no more a treatment of folk practices today. It has evolved as a full- fledged system of medical science with multi-specialty treatment centers and highly equipped medical colleges. Each year Ayurveda opens millions of career opportunities both in India and outside. Various researches and scientific experiments happened on the field of Ayurveda have helped the treatments to regain the trust of the society and people travel across the globe to avail the best Ayurvedic treatments. As people are more aware of the positive effects of Ayurveda therapies, the demand for more treatment centers and skilled professionals have increased tremendously. There are several high-paying careers in Ayurveda.

1. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery

Becoming an Ayurveda doctor is similar to allopathic doctor both in professional dignity and social service options. There are number of medical colleges where a student can get trained in Ayurvedic medicinal practices and also get awarded with the professional certificate of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS). This certificate enables a person to join an Ayurvedic treatment center as a doctor or he/she can start private practice. Both working in a hospital or practicing in private, offer high income. After the Bachelors course, there is a post graduation option too as MD/MS. A bachelor degree course is 4 - 6 years long, depending on the curriculum of the particular university.

2. Ayurveda Nurses

The demand for Ayurveda nurses is ever increasing at an exploding rate. Increased number of therapy centers requires skilled and trained nursing staff to provide quality and professional treatments to patients. Ayurveda nursing is a successful career option as it opens a wide range of job levels and opportunity to even travel abroad and work. Ayurveda nursing is not just familiarizing with the traditional massages or herbal preparations, but is getting trained in various diseases and treatment methods, scientifically. An advantage of Ayurveda nursing compared to allopathic is that Ayurveda nursing is very much cost effective. The course may cost from 5000 - 15000 INR.

3. Ayurveda therapist

Ayurveda therapist is another important career option in the Ayurveda industry. Ayurveda tourism has widened the scope of Ayurveda therapy centers for the typical customer who wishes to undergo treatments or therapies like 'Panchakarma'. A common therapy centers does not require a doctor or nurse, but only a therapist; as no complicated treatments are offered in therapy centers. Therapy centers are focused on mainly rejuvenating treatments not on curing therapies. Therapists need to be trained in massages, 'panchakarma', various 'kizhi' treatments etc... There are number of training centers where an aspirant can obtain the necessary skills and knowledge. This is a certificate programme.

4. Ayurveda tour operator

Ayurveda tourism is a new trend in world tourism. People prefer to travel into Ayurveda locations like India, Philippines, China etc... Though Ayurveda is an exclusive treatment from India, several other countries have similar treatment therapies. Becoming an Ayurveda tour operator is a great career option to earn huge. You should know the Ayurvedic localities and special Ayurveda treatments of your operating region. You should also be skilled in using online resources to grab foreign travelers into your service.

5. Ayurvedic herbs manufacturing & distribution

If you are business savvy Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are good option to start a venture. It is one of the greatest issues in Ayurveda industry that the current supply of medicines lags much behind the actual need of it. Though, there are quite a good number of distributors and manufacturers of Ayurveda products and medicine, when it comes to the actual demand, they are counted very much insufficient. To be a distributor or manufacturer you need to have advanced technical and business knowledge on Ayurvedic products. The initial capital will be high, but the profit too. Before jumping into such a business you are advised to learn market trends and also the possibilities in global market.

6. Ayurvedic gardening

Maintaining an Ayurvedic garden is another option of earning huge. Ayurvedic medicines are mainly produced from medicinal plants. Ayurvedic industry is pulled back from growth by the insufficiency of available herbal plant resources. Maintaining a garden of Ayurveda plants will help you to earn money by selling them. The scope of such a garden widens as there are herbs worth several hundreds of dollars for just few kilograms of leaves or roots. Ayurvedic gardening can be done as a part-time activity too. You can avail the plants from Ayurvedic nurseries.

Ayurveda Body Test
Pudina Rice
Prep. Time: 25 mins, By : Smita
Prep. Time: 10 mins, By : shobana pillai
Mixed Dal Roti and Green Chutney
Prep. Time: 15 mins, By : Ramesh Murthy K