Motherhood is perhaps the best phase in a woman's life and even through all the mood swings, morning sickness, bloating and finally the pain of labor, the joy and euphoria of seeing your tiny baby’s face after the long 9 month wait is worth it all.

But, unfortunately these feelings of joy and elation may not be common to all mothers, especially after having a hard labor. In some cases, mothers experience severe depression after delivery, and this is commonly known as Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum depression was not common in the past, where women had babies almost every year, but in the new generation, women find it harder to cope with pregnancy, especially working women, and they are most likely to experience postpartum depression after the birth of their child.

Are you a mother who just gave birth, but you just don't feel happy, or rather feel quite contrary? Are you resentful towards your family and even maybe your own new born? Why don't you check out the following symptoms and see if you may be going through postpartum depression yourself.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

  • You feel overwhelmed, not the regular feeling that most mothers feel with newborns. Rather you start thinking even why you became a mother and why you even had that child.
  • You feel guilty for not feeling love and endearment towards your child.
  • You believe that you are a bad mother and that your child deserves better. Sometimes you may beat yourself up for not being a good mother.
  • You don't feel a bond or attachment to your baby. Unlike the movies and commercials that show the perfect mother and baby relationship, you just don't feel the connection.
  • You cant understand your own feelings. You often feel confused and scared.
  • You have feelings of unexplained resentment and rage, often towards your family, your partner and sometimes your own child.
  • You sometimes feel blank. Without any emotions or feelings regarding anything for the matter.
  • You feel sad and depressed most of the time. Sometimes you just burst out crying and you just cant stop, not even knowing the reason for your tears.
  • You feel hopeless and lost, like nothing will ever get better.
  • You don't feel like eating, or sometimes the only thing that actually makes you happy is eating something you like.
  • You can’t think clearly or logically, sometimes your mind feels fogged up.
  • You feel disconnected and dissociated with everyone and everything. You just don't feel like you belong to this world anymore.
  • You may have thoughts of running away from your family, sometimes even thinking of suicide.
  • You know that something is wrong, but are afraid that if you ask for help, your baby might be taken away from you.


If you are experiencing most of the above symptoms, it would be advisable to consult a psychiatrist and get some help. Also featuring in the next article are tips on natural ways to overcome Postpartum Depression.