Home Remedies For Genital Warts

Acutely infectious warts which primarily affect in and around the genital region have their origin in a virus by the name of "Human Pappilona Virus". Lack of proper hygiene, unsafe sexual activities without proper protection and multiplicity of sexual partners usually lead to the occurrence of genital warts. With both males and females being susceptible to it; the course of treatment not only varies according to the gravity of the said infection; but will also vary according to the differing levels of human immunity. The varied stages of development of the wart/warts manifesting symptoms such as itching and bleeding will also make a difference.

Irrespective of its stages of development, one is advised to go through the entire treatment and follow a course of advised medication. Other than the course of treatment resorted to certain safety devices and homemade remedial suggestions will go a long way in confronting and preventing the conditions of genital warts.

Natural Genital Warts Treatment

  • Being essentially a sexually transmitted malady, unprotected sexual contact may culminate in genital warts. Even oral sex may lead to it. Thus besides using condom, it is important that utmost hygiene is maintained even while indulging in sexual activities.
  • Sharing of towels and undergarments should be avoided to control the transmission of infection.
  • It is also advisable that both men and women avoid multiplicity of partners.
  • In place of using oral contraceptives, condom will prove to be an advantageous option in preventing genital warts- a serious sexually transmitted infection which may even cause damage to a developing fetus.
  • Undue fingering of the genitals should be avoided.
  • Women are advised to go for regular smear tests so that possibility or probability of smear test may be unearthed.
  • Besides maintaining a healthy and safe sexual regimen, if one is already afflicted with genital warts naturally curative remedy will gear to adopting a diet consisting of radish, tomato, beet root,neem leaves, spinach and cabbage so that the anti septic and beta carotene content of the mentioned items aid the process of healing.
  • Juice of onion and garlic with their increased anti microbial content also serve to heal apart from controlling the spread of the desired infection. Juice extracted from onion may be spread over the infected area with the help of a disinfected cotton or gauze. A sprinkle of salt in it will help to kill and control the spread of septic elements. It should be kept in mind that application of salt may cause slight amount of burning.
  • Another effective alternative consists of application of apple vinegar with the help of disinfected cotton or that of gauze. This remedial measure will not involve a burning sensation. Application of cider vinegar with paper towel will also prove to be convenient.
  • Even drinking of cider vinegar diluted in water will be equally advantageous, with two tea spoon full being added to a glass of water.
  • The affected area should be kept free from chemicals and elements which may lead to making it septic.
  • Application of milk extracted from figs has also been found beneficial from the point of view of genital warts.
  • Application of oil enriched with Vitamin E has also proved to be advantageous leading to the extinction of the infected warts. However the oil can be applied when the infection dries up sufficiently. Vitamin E will help to remove the dead tissues.
  • Aloe vera with its naturally healing properties has also been found to be advantageous if applied on genital warts.
  • Similar to aloe vera the herbal oil extracted from tea leaves has also been found to be advantageous as one of the remedial options. The application of oil will involve a similar procedure involving the use of cotton ball or disinfected gauze. You may also leave a ball of cotton attached to the affected part by way of an anti septic adhesive.
  • The sappy milk extracted from one of North America's common weed by the name of milky weed, is also helpful in curing genital warts.
  • A tincture or a jelly made out of seeds of grape fruit has been found to be similarly effective.
  • In cases of severe infection, it is advisable to go for vitamin and herbal supplements which will enhance the immune system against the infection caused. Thus supplements of Vitamin C, Echnacea, and garlic will provide support to the body's immunity. Food rich in sulfur such as citrus fruits and asparagus are equally beneficial.
  • Fruits such as papaya and pine apple should also be included in the diet because the ëprotelytic enzymes' contained in them lead to the dissolution of warts.
  • In case you are already affected with warts you are advised against having sex because undue contact will only serve to aggravate the infectious condition.
  • Similarly wearing of tight and synthetic under garments which will add to the scratchiness of the affected area should be similarly avoided.

A word of caution may come in handy. Before choosing to apply the above mentioned remedial means, it will always be wiser to have your physician consulted. But as far as cleanliness and a safe sexual life are concerned, there is no doubt that they ensure complete protection against various forms of sexually transmitted infections including genital warts.