Parkinson's disease ever since it was found was labeled as a non-curable disease. But stills there have been instnces where people have completely changed by self healing and have recovered from Parkinson's Disease. One such example that the world has witnessed was that of a German nun who was cured of Parkinson's Disease because she had submitted herself to late pope, John Paul II after he ahd passed away.

And this miraculous cure was used in the canonization process. This is because the nun had surrendered her emotional pain over to the late pope, and this is one of the biggest necessity for the cure of Parkinson's Disease. The patient must try to associate to the world and instill in him the desire to live, then his body will miraculously start curing the pain.So its not totally non-curable. And like the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way.

Curability of Parkinson's Disease

Not all doctors are comfortable in saying that Parkinson's disease is curable. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of factors that could cause the disease, which makes it really tough for doctors do determine the right treatment for Parkinson's.

However, recovery is possible. It is the rate of recovery from Parkinson's Disease that is tough to find out. There are a lot of people who have received Parkinson's treatment for a total of three months and have recovered. There are people who have undergone treatment for Parkinson's for ten years, to no avail. The rate of recovery from Parkinson's depends on a lot of factors and there are equal chances that a person would be able to become better, given that all the other conditions are kept normal.

Factors affecting recovery from Parkinson's Disease

The rate of recovery from Parkinson's disease depends on the age of the person, the degree to which the disease has progressed, the Parkinson's treatment undergone, personal response to the disease etc.

It is vital for people to remember that Parkinson's is also a mental issue when they are trying to determine the rate of recovery from Parkinson's. The doctor would consider things like the level of dissociation or any other mental problem the person is facing when he/she comes up with the right medication. For the medication or treatment for Parkinson's to be entirely successful, the patient should be able to comprehend the disease and should be willing to fight against it as well. This will make them want to re-associate with the world and this will have a positive impact on the rate of recovery from Parkinson's.

One should be patient with people who are suffering from Parkinson's. Even if the Parkinson's treatment is working and there is a positive improvement in the person, it might be something that is too small for you to notice. This would also constitute a step in the recovery process. A little bit of care and affection at this point of time, along with the right medication could do wonders for the patient.