Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator & Weight Chart


Are you pregnant and are you gaining weight? Don't worry, because weight gain during pregnancy is healthy and is important for the growth and development of your baby. But how much weight should you gain during various phases of pregnancy needs to be understood to know whether your weight gain is within normal range. This Pregnancy weight gain calculator is the right tool to evaluate your pre-pregnancy and pregnancy weight gain.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator & Chart

Check here if you're having twins

How much weight to gain during pregnancy?

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. But how much weight to gain during the various weeks or trimisters of pregnancy depends on various factors like your pre pregnancy weight and bmi, whether you are pregnant with twins etc... If your pre pregnancy weight was 'health normal', ie. if you were not obese or underweight, then the healthy weight gain during your pregnancy is between 25 lb - 35 lb (11 kg - 16 kg). Use this pregnancy weight calculator to find your week by week pregnancy weight gain chart and pregnancy bmi change.

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