Spa treatment for body and hair at home

In the modern gizmo savvy ambience, where everyone is found racing against time, relaxation is of paramount significance. Spa treatment with it therapeutic massages and soothing techniques of different kinds pitches in as a balm to the stress torn humans. But with time being one of the constraining factors, visiting spas may not be possible. In such a scheme of things, home based treatment of spa methods turns out to be the only option.

Spa treatment for body and hair - the basic guidelines

  • It serves the purpose of healing and health by means of bathing- which technically is referred to as 'balneotherapy'.
  • Other than providing for body relaxing massages, facials, wraps, glows, manicure and pedicure; various healing techniques such as steam bath and meditation are also practiced for the ultimate purposes of physical and mental relaxation.
  • Spa treatment for hair includes conditioning, relaxing, massaging and moisturizing of scalp so that the natural growth and health of hair is abetted as well.
  • The therapeutic modes of scrubbing, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing ultimately serve as anti-aging and beauty enhancing techniques.

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Spa treatment for body at home

  • Therapeutic measures of most spas revolve around the use of natural and herbal ingredients. So it isn't much a deal to give homespun base to such ingredients.
  • By means of ingredients such as coffee beans, brown sugar, cinnamon, grapefruit, milk and many other fruits such as these, it is possible to churn out home based recipes for spa treatment.
  • The bare essentials of spa including ex-foliating, scrubbing, massaging and bathing will become manageable at home by means of the following techniques.

Spa treatment for scrubbing - homemade alternative

  • A cup full of brown sugar can be blended with quarter cup of olive /Vitamin E oil, two teaspoons each of nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon to work out as a fine home based scrubbing measure. You may have it preserved as well.
  • The mixture has to be massaged all over for the purpose of scrubbing.
  • Following the processes of massaging and scrubbing, you need to rinse your body with tepid warm water.
  • Commonly available ingredients including refined sugar, vegetable oil and a handful of freshly chopped basil can also work out as a fine homemade alternative to the spa treatment for scrubbing.

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Spa treatment for foot bath- homemade alternative for working men and women

  • You can give a soothing feel to those tired feet by means of this homemade alternative.
  • The treasured goodness of Epsom salt, juice extracted from grapefruit and rosemary sprigs can all be used to enrich a tubful of hot water.
  • You can have the temperature desirably suited by adding to it some measures of cold water.
  • Soaking of feet needs to be followed by gentle massaging and having it patted dry.
  • The amalgam turns out as an excellent spa treatment for foot bath at home.

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Spa treatment for facial mask

  • Another homemade alternative for facial masque revolves around the commonly edible ingredients including cucumber, apple, egg white, mint leaves and lemon juice.
  • Mint leaves, half a cucumber and one slice of apple along with lemon squeezes need to be blended in a processor.
  • Add to the concoction a few drops of essential oil such as lime/lavender oil.
  • The mixture should be used immediately as facial mask following the bouts of cleansing and scrubbing.
  • It serves as one of the refreshingly rejuvenating facial mask for the lustrous health of the skin.
  • Cucumber juice along with aloe and that of witch hazel works out as a wonderful spa treatment for eye soothing at home.

Spa treatment for peeling & cleansing- homemade alternative

  • As far as cleansing and peeling are concerned, you can toss up another homemade alternative to spa treatment for peeling and cleansing by the judicious mix of milk along with a sachet full of non-flavored gelatin.
  • One to one and a half table spoon of milk should be combined with a sachet( almost measuring one table spoon) full of tasteless gelatin.
  • The concoction serves as an effective peeling agent.

Spa treatment for hair at home

  • The bare fundamentals of spa treatment for hair at home are manageable at home as well.
  • However, it involves patient harnessing of the processes of massaging, shampooing, rinsing and conditioning.
  • You can even toss out a naturally effective homemade hair mask to be used on a monthly or bi monthly basis.
  • Mashed banana in addition to honey, beaten egg, milk and olive oil can be put into use to churn out a homemade spa treatment for hair.
  • One banana pulp is to be mixed with two table measures of honey, three similar measures of milk & five measures of olive oil.
  • In order to add to the lustrous glow of hair, you can opt for an egg. The amalgam is to be applied on scalp prior to rinsing and shampooing.
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