Tanned skin may be as natural as day or moonlight, but in the realm of beauty and good looks it is likely to draw a line in the sand separating the world of grooming and style and that without them. While there are ones to opt for overall tanning as part of styling strategy, partial tanning of skin can not only make you feel off color, but exposes your quotients of grooming and styling to risk. But there are ways whereby you can tide over the commonly recurring issue of uneven skin tanning.

Scientific reasons for getting tanned skin

  • Cosmic rays including ultraviolet rays are largely responsible for skin tanning.
  • Ultraviolet rays can be as much harmful as they are benign- leading to the production of Vitamin D.
  • But following their reaction with the topically present melanocyte, they give way to tanned skin accompanied by the release of melanin.
  • People prone to traveling for job oriented purpose or otherwise are similarly prone to skin tanning.
  • Also now people are more interested in having a tanned skin, rather than staying fair. Now-a-days there is a rush seen into the tanning booths, and also there is an increase in the sale of tanning lotions, and other tanning products. But these tans that are made artificially are cancerous as people are exposed to Ultraviolet radiations.
  • Now there is an increased demand for indoor tanning. But medical experts say that tanned skin is a sign of skin damage.

How to take care of your tanned skin- when being exposed to sun is a part of your diurnal routine

  • Picking up tan during summer may be one of the fashionable trends, but then getting yourself tanned without taking precautionary measures can give way to pigmented skin in patchy parts.
  • In order to minimize such patchiness and lack luster look of tanned skin, the regular processes of skin scrubbing and skin ex-foliation are to be insisted upon.
  • It is preferable using a scrub having an herbal or sugary base. Shaving is another effective way of skin exfoliation.
  • In case, you are wary of sun kissed tanned skin, use of sun protective formula will come in handy. It is imperative to choose a formula that serves to protect as well as moisturize.
  • But if want the opposite result of skin tanning, use of a medically effective skin tanner will help you generate the desired statement.
  • Skin tanners with their fare share of moisturizers, not only serve to hydrate but also ensures uniform tanning of skin .
  • One of the homemade exfoliating options for summer tan involves the use of water and baking soda. Cupful of cooking soda can be mixed with half the measure of water to churn out an effective skin exfoliating solution- as part of your care for the tanned skin.

How to take care of tan lines - few day to day tips

  • Tan lines can be counterproductive to the ideas of beauty and grooming.
  • In order to avoid the unpleasant and harsh tan lines, the following tips can come in handy.
  • Enjoy your summer soothing swimming sessions, but have yourself wrapped in a swimming suit which facilitates thorough tanning.
  • Unevenly occurring tan lines can also be done away with by means of clothing of the loose fitting kinds.
  • It is preferable having the entire body loosely covered during the days of summer peak. Long sleeved garment of linen make can be one of the necessary options to beat the uneven ugliness of tan lines.
  • If you are too keen on summer tanning, it is possible to give the process a scientific edge by means of ‘tanning beds’.
  • It will serve as a more reasonable option for tanning- whereby you will be screened off the harmful ultraviolet rays by the controlled process of filtering. Moreover, you can avail protection from uneven lines of tan as well.
  • Do remember any conscious attempt at tanning should be preceded by that of exfoliating.

Homemade remedies for dealing with sun tanned skin

  • Sun tan can also give way to rashes, boils and eruptions of the complicated kinds. But there are ways to minimize its effects by a few of the following homemade remedies.
  • Use the natural richness of honey and lime juice to turn out a useful scrubbing cum moisturizing agent for your facial skin. Have it massaged all over your face and neck to be rinsed after fifteen minutes.
  • Besides adding to the facial glow of sun tanned skin, the option proves to be wonderfully soothing.
  • Pulpy flesh of a ripe papaya can be blended with tablespoon each of honey, oatmeal, curd and lime juice to serve as another skin scrubbing solution to summer tanning.

How to take care of your skin against tanning

  • There are those from the oriental shores who are wary of tanned skin. But with exposure to tropical clime, they are more likely to pick up tan.
  • If you are one of those, it is important for you to know that something as common as cucumber slices can be used to cure the blemishes of sun tanned skin.
  • In order to do away with sun burns, almond paste also serves as an effective option.
  • Cleansing body with a wash based on alpha hydroxyl is another skin care tip against tanning.