The 'fastidious' Virgo babies are analytical, very attentive and helpful children. Choose names with the syllables 'To', 'Tau', 'Pa', 'Pha', 'Pi', 'Pee', 'Phi', 'Pu', 'Poo', 'Phu', 'Sha', 'Ana', 'Ane', 'Na', 'Th', 'Pe', 'Pay', 'Pha', 'Po', 'Pau' and 'Pho' for your Virgo baby.

Nakul Boy Twin brother of sahdev Boy
Nal Boy An ancient king Boy
Nalesh Boy King of flowers Boy
Nalin Boy Lotus Boy
Nalinaksh Boy Lotus -eyed Boy
Nalinaksha Boy Lotus-eyed Boy
Nalinikant Boy Husband of lotus, ( sun) Boy
Naman Boy The name of Hindi and Hebrew origin means 'salutations', 'be kind'. Boy
Namasyu Boy Bowing Boy
Nambi Boy Self confident Boy
Namdev Boy Poet, saint Boy
Namish Boy Lord vishnu Boy
Namit Boy Bowed down, modest Boy
Nanak Boy Guru of sikhs Boy
Nand Boy Pleasure, father of krishna Boy
Nand-kishore Boy Lord krishna Boy
Nand-nandan Boy Lord krishna Boy
Nandak Boy Pleasing Boy
Nandakishor Boy Wiz kid Boy
Nandakumar Boy Lord krishna Boy
Nandan Boy Son Boy
Nandi Boy One who pleases others Boy
Nandin Boy The delightful, follower of shiva Boy
Nandish Boy Lord shiva -nandishwar) Boy
Nandlaal Boy Lord krishna Boy
Naotau Boy Our new son Boy
Narad Boy Indian saint, devotee of narayan Boy
Narahari Boy Lord vishnu Boy
Narasimha Boy A form of vishnu that is half man & half lion Boy
Narayan Boy Lord vishnu Boy
Narayana Boy Vishnu Boy
Narayanan Boy Title of vishnu/krsna Boy
Narendra Boy King of men Boy
Narendranath Boy King of kings, emperor Boy
Naresh Boy Lord of man Boy

By studying the astrological sign, you can understand the specific traits and choose auspicious names for your baby boy.