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Name Meaning Religion
Baadal Hindu Cloud Hindu
Baahir Muslim Dazzling; brilliant Muslim
Baalaark Hindu The rising sun Hindu
Baalkrishan Hindu Young krishna Hindu
Baanbhatt Hindu Name of an ancient poet Hindu
Baanke Bihaari Hindu Name of krishna Hindu
Baasim Muslim Smiling Muslim
Babala Hindu Above Hindu
Babul Hindu Hindu
Babulal Hindu Beautiful Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Badal Hindu Cloud Hindu
Badarinath Hindu The lord at Badari; the abode of lord at Badari; a name of Vishnu hindu
Badr Muslim Full moon Muslim
Badr al Din Muslim Full moon of the faith Muslim
Badr Udeen Muslim Full moon of the faith Muslim
Badri Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Badrick Christian Axe ruler Christian
Badrinath Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Badriprasad Hindu Goft of badri Hindu
Baha Muslim Beautiful, magnificent Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Baha al Din Muslim Magnificence of the faith Muslim
Baha Udeen Muslim The magnificent of the faith Muslim
Bahaa Muslim A glorious and splendid man bahah Muslim
Bahir Muslim Dazzling, brilliant Muslim
Bahiy Udeen Muslim The magnificent of the faith Muslim
Bahiyy Muslim Magnificence of the faith Muslim
Bahubali Hindu A jain tirthankar Hindu
Bahuleya Hindu Lord kartikeya Hindu
Bahuliya Hindu Lord kartikeya Hindu
Bahumanya Hindu Honoured by many Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Bahurai Hindu With great riches Hindu
Bail Christian A form of vail Christian
Baiwab Hindu Bhagawan shiva's name Hindu
Bajes Muslim The name of Arabic origin means 'powerful warrior'. Muslim
Bajrang Hindu Lord hanuman's name Hindu

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