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Name Meaning Religion
Caaden Christian A battle maiden Christian
Cadby Christian Warrior's settlement Christian
Cadden Christian A battle maiden Christian
Calder Christian Brook, stream Christian
Cale Christian A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) Christian
Caleb Christian In Hebrew, it means 'Faithful'. Christian
Callum Christian Dove Christian
Calum Christian Dove Christian
Calvin Christian Bald Christian
Camerron Christian Having a crooked nose Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Cammeron Christian Having a crooked nose Christian
Cammron Christian Having a crooked nose Christian
Campbell Christian Beautiful field Christian
Carl Christian A short form of carlton Christian
Carloss Christian Manly Christian
Carlton Christian Literally means carl's town. Christian
Carlyle Christian A form of carlisle Christian
Carnell Christian Defender of the castle Christian
Carrson Christian The son of a marsh dweller Christian
Carsen Christian A form of carson Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Carson Christian Son of carr Christian
Carter Christian In English, it means 'cart driver'. Christian
Cartland Christian Cart builder's island Christian
Carvell Christian Village on the marsh Christian
Carver Christian Wood-carver; sculptor Christian
Case Christian Brave Christian
Cash Christian Hollow Christian
Caspar Christian Treasurer Christian
Casson Christian A seer Christian
Castor Christian It is a Greek name that means pious one Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Cater Christian Caterer Christian
Cawley Christian Cow meadow Christian
Caydenn Christian One who is round / of the cask Christian
Cederic Christian A form of cedric Christian
Cedric Christian An alternative form of kedrick Christian

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