Da'ud to Dyutit - 423 boy names starting with 'D', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'D' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

Recently Added Boy Names
Name Meaning Religion
Jaffa (Hebrew) Christian It is a large orange with thick peel Christian
Jadrien Christian This name is a blend of Jay or Jade and Adrien Christian
Jaffar (Arabic) Muslim It means, spring or a small river Muslim
Jacqueson Christian A variant of Jackson Christian
Jafee (Hebrew) Christian It is from the Hebrew word yafe, meaning beautiful Christian
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Da'ud Muslim Arabic form of david, beloved; a prophet's name Boy Muslim  
Daamodar Hindu A name of krishna Boy Hindu  
Daamodhura Hindu Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu  
Daan Christian God is my judge Boy Christian  
Daanesh Hindu knowledge,wisdom Boy Hindu  
Daaron Christian A great man / a gift from god Boy Christian  
Daaruk Hindu Charioteer of krishna, tree Boy Hindu  
Daarun Hindu Hard male hindu Boy Hindu  
Dabeet Hindu Warrior Boy Hindu  
Dabir Muslim Secretary Boy Muslim  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Dace Christian Southerner Boy Christian  
Daegel Christian From daegel, england Boy Christian  
Daelen Christian A form of dale Boy Christian  
Daevarshan Hindu offering made to the Gods Boy Hindu  
Dagan Christian Grain or corn Boy Christian  
Daha Hindu Blazing , very bright Boy Hindu  
Dahana Hindu A rudra Boy Hindu  
Daitya Hindu A non aryan. Boy Hindu  
Daivik Hindu By the grace of God Boy Hindu  
Daivya Hindu Divine Boy Hindu  
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Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Daiwik Hindu The name means ‘God’s grace’, 'divine' in Sanskrit. Boy Hindu  
Daksh Hindu The name of Sanskrit origin means 'Competent'. Boy Hindu  
Dakshesh Hindu Name of lord shiva Boy Hindu  
Dakshi Hindu The glorious Boy Hindu  
Dakshin Hindu Indian word for south direction Boy Hindu  
Dakshinamoorthy Hindu Incarnation of Shiva Boy Hindu  
Dakshinayan Hindu Some movement of the sun Boy Hindu  
Dakshinesh Hindu Lord Shiva Boy Hindu  
Dakshit Hindu Lord Shiva Boy Hindu  
Dalajit Hindu Winning over a group Boy Hindu  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Dalan Christian A form of dale Boy Christian  
Dalbert Christian Bright, shining Boy Christian  
Dalbhya Hindu Belonging to wheels Boy Hindu  
Dale Christian Valley Boy Christian  
Daleel Muslim The Arabic name for boys means 'guide', 'mentor'. Boy Muslim  

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