Faakhir to Fulton - 146 boy names starting with 'F', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'F' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

Recently Added Boy Names
Name Meaning Religion
Jaffa (Hebrew) Christian It is a large orange with thick peel Christian
Jadrien Christian This name is a blend of Jay or Jade and Adrien Christian
Jaffar (Arabic) Muslim It means, spring or a small river Muslim
Jacqueson Christian A variant of Jackson Christian
Jafee (Hebrew) Christian It is from the Hebrew word yafe, meaning beautiful Christian
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Faakhir Muslim Proud,excellent Boy Muslim  
Faaris Muslim Horseman,knight Boy Muslim  
Faarooq Muslim He who distinguishes truth from falsehood Boy Muslim  
Faaz Hindu Success Boy Hindu  
Faaz Muslim Victorious, successful. Boy Muslim  
Fabi Christian One who farms beans Boy Christian  
Fabian Christian One who sells beans Boy Christian  
Fabio Christian A grower of beans Boy Christian  
Fadendra Hindu Independent person Boy Hindu  
Fadi Muslim Redeemer Boy Muslim  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Fadil Muslim Generous, honorable Boy Muslim  
Fadl Muslim Outstanding,honorable Boy Muslim  
Fadl Ullah Muslim The excellence of god Boy Muslim  
Fahad Muslim A type of cat like panther Boy Muslim  
Fahd Muslim Lynx Boy Muslim  
Faheem Muslim Keen to learn new things Boy Muslim  
Fahimuddin Muslim Practical attitude in life Boy Muslim  
Fahmin Muslim A boy who is responsible in life Boy Muslim  
Faisa Muslim One who takes bold decisions Boy Muslim  
Faisal Muslim Decisive Boy Muslim  
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Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Faiz Muslim A generous person by heart Boy Muslim  
Faizal Muslim One who is decisive ; resolute Boy Muslim  
Faizan Muslim Beneficence,generosity; abundance; benefit Boy Muslim  
Faizeen Muslim Honest Boy Muslim  
Faizi Muslim Endowed with superabundance. Boy Muslim  
Fakhara Muslim Generous ruler Boy Muslim  
Fakhir Muslim Person of excellent character Boy Muslim  
Fakhiri Muslim Honorary Boy Muslim  
Fakhry Muslim Honorary Boy Muslim  
Fakih Muslim Legal expert,one who recites the qu'ran Boy Muslim  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Falex Muslim One who protects his people Boy Muslim  
Falgu Hindu Lovely Boy Hindu  
Falguni Hindu Born in falgun , a hindu month ; arjun Boy Hindu  
Falito Christian A familiar form of rafael Boy Christian  
Fallou Muslim Independent personality Boy Muslim  

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