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Name Meaning Religion
Faakhir Muslim Proud,excellent Muslim
Faaris Muslim Horseman,knight Muslim
Faarooq Muslim He who distinguishes truth from falsehood Muslim
Faaz Hindu Success Hindu
Faaz Muslim Victorious, successful. muslim
Fadi Muslim Redeemer Muslim
Fadil Muslim Generous, honorable Muslim
Fadl Muslim Outstanding,honorable Muslim
Fadl Ullah Muslim The excellence of god Muslim
Fahad Muslim Lynx Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Fahd Muslim Lynx Muslim
Faisal Muslim Decisive Muslim
Faizal Muslim One who is decisive ; resolute Muslim
Faizan Muslim Beneficence,generosity; abundance; benefit Muslim
Faizeen Muslim Honest Muslim
Faizi Muslim Endowed with superabundance. muslim
Fakhir Muslim Proud, excellent Muslim
Fakhiri Muslim Honorary Muslim
Fakhry Muslim Honorary Muslim
Fakih Muslim Legal expert,one who recites the qu'ran Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Falgu Hindu Lovely Hindu
Falguni Hindu Born in falgun , a hindu month ; arjun Hindu
Falito Christian A familiar form of rafael Christian
Fane Christian Joyful, glad Christian
Fanibhusan Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Fanibhushan Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Fanindra Hindu The cosmic serpent shesh Hindu
Fanish Hindu The cosmic serpent shesh Hindu
Fanishwar Hindu Lord of serpents , vasuki Hindu
Faraz Muslim Ascent, height. muslim
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Name Meaning Religion
Fareed Muslim Unique Muslim
Fareeq Muslim Lieutenant general Muslim
Farees Muslim Intelligent muslim
Farhaan Muslim Filled with happiness Muslim
Farhad Muslim Filled with happiness Muslim

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