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Name Meaning Religion
Gabai Christian Delight, adornment Christian
Gabe Christian From the name gabriel Christian
Gabriel Christian In Hebrew, it means 'Man of God. God's able-bodied one'. Christian
Gaddiel Muslim God is my fortune Muslim
Gadhadhar Hindu Name of lord vishnu Hindu
Gadiel Muslim God is my fortune Muslim
Gadin Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Gaery Christian Variable, changeable Christian
Gagan Christian Sky, heaven Christian
Gagan Hindu Sky, heaven Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Gagandeep Hindu A lamp in the sky. Hindu
Gaganvihari Hindu One who stays in heaven Hindu
Gagnesh Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Gajaadhar Hindu Who can command an elephant Hindu
Gajanan Hindu One with elephant face Hindu
Gajanand Hindu Lord ganesh Hindu
Gajbaahu Hindu Who has strength of an elephant Hindu
Gajdant Hindu Elephant teeth, ganesha Hindu
Gajendra Hindu Elephant king Hindu
Gajendranath Hindu Owner of gajendra Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Gajkaran Hindu Like ears of elephant Hindu
Gajpati Hindu Master of elephant, ganesha Hindu
Gajrup Hindu Lord ganesh Hindu
Gajvadan Hindu Name of lord ganesha Hindu
Gale Christian The name means a jovial and boisterous person. Christian
Galton Christian Owner of a rented estate Christian
Gamal Muslim Camel Muslim
Gamali Muslim Camel Muslim
Gambheer Hindu Deep, serious Hindu
Ganak Hindu An astrologer Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Ganaka Hindu One who calculates Hindu
Ganapati Hindu Lord ganesh Hindu
Ganaraj Hindu Lord of the clan Hindu
Gandesha Hindu Lord of fragrance Hindu
Gandhaa Hindu A sweet smelling Hindu

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