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Name Meaning Religion
Haady Muslim Guiding to the right Muslim
Haakim Muslim One who is wise ; intelligent Muslim
Haamid Muslim Praising (god),loving (god) Muslim
Haani Muslim Happy; delighted,content Muslim
Haarith Muslim Plowman; old arabic name Muslim
Haaroon Muslim A prophet's name Muslim
Haashim Muslim Generosity,prophet's grandfather Muslim
Haatim Muslim Judge Muslim
Habib Muslim Beloved Muslim
Hadden Christian Heather-covered hill Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Haden Christian A form of hadden Christian
Hadi Muslim Guiding to the right Muslim
Hadriel Christian Majesty of god Christian
Hadwin Christian Frind in a time of war Christian
Hafeez Muslim A protector Muslim
Hafiz Muslim A protector Muslim
Hagley Christian Enclosed meadow Christian
Haiden Christian A form of hayden Christian
Haig Christian Enclosed with hedges Christian
Haines Christian From the vine-covered cottage Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Haji Hindu Born during the hajj Hindu
Hakeem Muslim The widely popular name means 'wise, insightful, and decisive'. Muslim
Hakeim Muslim One who is wise ; intelligent Muslim
Hakem Muslim Ruler, governor Muslim
Hakesh Hindu Lord of sound Hindu
Hakiem Muslim One who is wise ; intelligent Muslim
Hakim Muslim Wise, one of god's ninety-nine qualities Muslim
Hal Christian A short form of harold, halden Christian
Halbert Christian Shining hero Christian
Hale Christian A short form of haley Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Halford Christian Valley ford Christian
Halim Muslim Mild, gentle, patient Muslim
Hall Christian Manor hall Christian
Hallam Christian Valley Christian
Hallan Christian Dweller at the hall Christian

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