Name Meaning Religion
Kandan Hindu Cloud Hindu
Kandarp Hindu God of love Hindu
Kandarpa Hindu Cupid Hindu
Kanha Hindu Krishna Hindu
Kanhaiya Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Kanish Hindu Hindu
Kanishk Hindu An ancient king Hindu
Kanishta Hindu Youngest Hindu
Kanj Hindu Lord brahama Hindu
Kantilal Hindu Lustrous Hindu
Kantimoy Hindu Lustrous Hindu
Kanu Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Kanv Hindu Name of a saint Hindu
Kanvar Hindu Young prince Hindu
Kanwal Hindu Lotus Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Kanwaljeet Hindu Lotus Hindu
Kanwaljit Hindu Lotus Hindu
Kanwalkishore Hindu Lotus; lord krishna Hindu
Kanz Muslim The Arabic origin name means 'treasure'. Muslim
Kapaali Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Kapi Hindu Monkey, sun Hindu
Kapidhwaj Hindu One with monkey flag ( arjun) Hindu
Kapil Hindu Fair complexioned Hindu
Kapil Dev Hindu Master of kapil Hindu
Kapilashwar Hindu One with a white horse Hindu
Kapindra Hindu King of monkeys, hanuman Hindu
Kapirath Hindu Lord rama/arjun Hindu
Kapish Hindu Lord hanuman Hindu
Kapoor Hindu Saffron Hindu
Karan Hindu Instrument Hindu
Kardal Muslim Mustard seed Muslim
Kareef Muslim Born in autumn Muslim
Kareem Muslim The Quranic name is of Arabic origin meaning 'generous', 'honorable', 'kindhearted', 'noble', 'excellent'. Muslim
Karif Muslim Born in autumn Muslim
Karim Muslim Generous,noble,friendly, precious and distinguished Muslim

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Names for Boys

Make sure you give your son the best name, because its you who choose the name but its he who lives with it. So think hard, browse through our database of baby names for boy child and create a list of the best names for boys. Rank it, rate it and shortlist the names you love. Choose a name that boosts your child's confidence, not drain it.

The name should sound great when he is a boy as well as when he is a grown up man.

Remember, your son's name is his identity, it defines him. So make sure your boys name is meaningful and pleasant to everyone's ears.