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Name Meaning Religion
Kandan   2 Hindu Cloud Hindu
Kandarp   0 Hindu God of love Hindu
Kandarpa   0 Hindu Cupid Hindu
Kandhan   18 Hindu Sanskrit word for lover Hindu
Kanha   2 Hindu Krishna Hindu
Kanhaiya   0 Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Kanish   6 Hindu   Hindu
Kanishk   4 Hindu An ancient king Hindu
Kanishta   0 Hindu Youngest Hindu
Kanj   0 Hindu Lord brahama Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Kantilal   0 Hindu Lustrous Hindu
Kantimoy   0 Hindu Lustrous Hindu
Kanu   0 Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Kanv   0 Hindu Name of a saint Hindu
Kanvar   3 Hindu Young prince Hindu
Kanwal   0 Hindu Lotus Hindu
Kanwaljeet   0 Hindu Lotus Hindu
Kanwaljit   0 Hindu Lotus Hindu
Kanwalkishore   0 Hindu Lotus; lord krishna Hindu
Kanz   8 Muslim The Arabic origin name means 'treasure'. Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Kapaali   0 Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Kapi   1 Hindu Monkey, sun Hindu
Kapidhwaj   0 Hindu One with monkey flag ( arjun) Hindu
Kapil   0 Hindu Fair complexioned Hindu
Kapil Dev   0 Hindu Master of kapil Hindu
Kapilashwar   0 Hindu One with a white horse Hindu
Kapindra   0 Hindu King of monkeys, hanuman Hindu
Kapirath   0 Hindu Lord rama/arjun Hindu
Kapish   1 Hindu Lord hanuman Hindu
Kapoor   0 Hindu Saffron Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Karan   2 Hindu Pure Soul Hindu
Kardal   0 Muslim Mustard seed Muslim
Kareef   0 Muslim Born in autumn Muslim
Kareem   1 Muslim The Quranic name is of Arabic origin meaning 'generous', 'honorable', 'kindhearted', 'noble', 'excellent'. Muslim
Karif   0 Muslim Born in autumn Muslim

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