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Name Meaning Religion
Laabh Hindu Profit Hindu
Laalamani Hindu Ruby Hindu
Laavanya Hindu Beauty Hindu
Laban Christian In Hebrew, it means 'white'. Christian
Labeeb Muslim Sensible, intelligent Muslim
Labh Hindu Gain Hindu
Labib Muslim Sensible, intelligent Muslim
Ladd Christian Attendant Christian
Lagan Hindu Appropriate time Hindu
Lahar Hindu Wave Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Laidley Christian Path along the marshy meadow Christian
Lain Christian A form of lane Christian
Laith Muslim Lion Muslim
Lake Christian Lake Christian
Lakhan Hindu Lord rama's brother Hindu
Laksh Hindu Aim, target Hindu
Lakshan Hindu Aim Hindu
Lakshanya Hindu One who achieves Hindu
Lakshin Hindu With auspicious marks Hindu
Lakshman Hindu Brother of lord rama Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Lakshmibanta Hindu Fortunate Hindu
Lakshmidhar Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshmigopal Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshmikant Hindu Vishnu, husband of goddess lakshmi Hindu
Lakshmikanta Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshminarayan Hindu Lakshmi and lord vishnu together Hindu
Lakshmipati Hindu Husband of lakshmi Hindu
Lakshmiraman Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshya Hindu Target Hindu
Lalam Hindu Jewel Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Lalan Hindu Nurturing Hindu
Lalchand Hindu Red moon Hindu
lalchandra Hindu Red moon Hindu
Lalit Hindu Name of lord krishna, attractive Hindu
Lalitaditya Hindu Beautiful sun Hindu

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