Ma'awiya to Myer - 505 boy names starting with 'M', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'M' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Ma'awiya Muslim A young dog or fox (first umayyad khalifah) Muslim
Ma'd Muslim An old arabian tribe's name Muslim
Ma'mun Muslim Trustworthy Muslim
Ma'n Muslim Benefit Muslim
Maadhav Hindu Another name of krishna Hindu
Maagh Hindu Name of a hindu month Hindu
Maahir Muslim Skilled Muslim
Maalav Hindu Hindu
Maalik Christian Master , angel , king Christian
Maalolan Hindu Name of deity in ahobilam Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Maan Hindu Mind Hindu
Maanav Christian Man Christian
Maandhata Hindu An ancient king Hindu
Maazin Muslim Proper name Muslim
Mace Christian Simple but powerful weapon Christian
Madan Hindu God of love Hindu
Madan Hindu God name Hindu
Madanapal Hindu Lord of love Hindu
Madangopal Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Madanmohan Hindu Attractive and lovable Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Maderu Hindu Worthy of praise Hindu
Madesh Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Madhav Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Madhavan Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Madhavdas Hindu Servant of lord krishna Hindu
Madhuban Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Madhuchanda Hindu Pleasing metrical composition Hindu
Madhuk Hindu A honeybee Hindu
Madhukant Hindu Moon Hindu
Madhukanta Hindu The moon Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Madhukar Hindu A bee, lover Hindu
Madhumay Hindu Consisting of honey Hindu
Madhup Hindu A bee Hindu
Madhur Hindu Melodious Hindu
Madhusoodan Hindu Name of lord krishna Hindu

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