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Name Meaning Religion
Mayan Hindu Pure one Hindu
Mayank Hindu Moon Hindu
Mayanka Hindu The moon Hindu
Mayes Christian Field Christian
Mayhew Christian A form of matthew Christian
Maynard Christian Powerful, brave. Christian
Maynor Christian A form of maynard Christian
Mayon Hindu The black god Hindu
Maysarah Muslim Ease; comfort Muslim
Mayukh Hindu Brilliant, splendour Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Mayur Hindu Peacock Hindu
Mazin Muslim Proper name Muslim
Mead Christian Meadow Christian
Medh Hindu Goddess saraswati Hindu
Medhansh Hindu Who born with intelligence Hindu
Medric Christian Flourishing meadow Christian
Meenakshi Hindu Eyes Hindu
Meer Hindu Chief Hindu
Meet Hindu Friend Hindu
Megh Hindu Cloud Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Megh-naad Hindu Roar of clouds Hindu
Meghaj Hindu Pearl Hindu
Meghashyam Hindu Black like a cloud Hindu
Meghdutt Hindu Gift of clouds Hindu
Meghnad Hindu Thunder Hindu
Meghraj Hindu King of clouds Hindu
Mehaan Hindu Hindu
Mehal Hindu Cloud Hindu
Meherdad Muslim Given by the sun Muslim
Mehtab Hindu Moon Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Mehul Muslim Rain Muslim
Mel Christian A familiar form of melvin Christian
Meldon Christian Mill hill Christian
Meldrick Christian Strong mill Christian
Melvin Christian Mill friend; council friend Christian

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