Naa'il to Nyle - 344 boy names starting with 'N', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'N' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Naa'il Muslim Acquirer; earner Muslim
Naabhi Hindu Centre of body, an ancient king Hindu
Naadir Muslim Dear; rare Muslim
Naag Hindu A big serpent Hindu
Naag-raaj Hindu King of the serpents Hindu
Naagarjun Hindu An ancient philosopher Hindu
Naagdhar Hindu One who wears cobra Hindu
Naagendra Hindu King of the serpents Hindu
Naagesh Hindu God of serpents ( sheshnaag ) Hindu
Naagpal Hindu Saviour of serpents Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Naagpati Hindu King of serpents ( vaasuki ) Hindu
Naajy Muslim Safe Muslim
Naakesh Hindu Moon Hindu
Naaman Christian Pleasant Christian
Naamdev Hindu Name of a saint Hindu
Naanak Hindu First sikh guru Hindu
Naaraayan Hindu The refuge of man Hindu
Naarad Hindu An ancient sage Hindu
Naasih Muslim Advisor Muslim
Naasir Christian Protector Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Naathim Muslim Arranger,adjuster Muslim
Nabeeh Muslim Noble,outstanding Muslim
Nabeel Muslim Noble Muslim
Nabendu Hindu New moon Hindu
Nabhan Muslim Noble,outstanding Muslim
Nabhanyu Hindu Eternal Hindu
Nabhendu Hindu New moon Hindu
Nabhi Hindu The best Hindu
Nabhij Hindu Lord brahama Hindu
Nabhith Hindu Fearless Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Nabhoj Hindu Born in sky Hindu
Nabhomani Hindu Jewel of the sky (sun) Hindu
Nabhya Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Nabih Muslim Noble,outstanding Muslim
Nabil Muslim Noble Muslim

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