Paandu to Pyaremohan - 394 boy names starting with 'P', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'P' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

Recently Added Boy Names
Name Meaning Religion
Jaffa (Hebrew) Christian It is a large orange with thick peel Christian
Jadrien Christian This name is a blend of Jay or Jade and Adrien Christian
Jaffar (Arabic) Muslim It means, spring or a small river Muslim
Jacqueson Christian A variant of Jackson Christian
Jafee (Hebrew) Christian It is from the Hebrew word yafe, meaning beautiful Christian
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Paandu Hindu Father of the pandavas Boy Hindu  
Paandurang Hindu A diety Boy Hindu  
Paaninee Hindu A sanskrit grammarian Boy Hindu  
Paarbrahm Hindu The supreme spirit Boy Hindu  
Paarth Hindu Another name of arjuna, a king, student Boy Hindu  
Paarthiv Hindu Earthly Boy Hindu  
Paavak Hindu Pure Boy Hindu  
Paavan Hindu Pure, sacred Boy Hindu  
Pace Christian A form of pascal Boy Christian  
Pacey Christian A form of pace Boy Christian  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Padam Hindu Lotus Boy Hindu  
Paden Christian A form of patton Boy Christian  
Padmabandhu Hindu Friend of lotus ( bee , sun ) Boy Hindu  
Padmadhar Hindu One who holds a lotus Boy Hindu  
Padmahasta Hindu Lotus-handed. lord krishan Boy Hindu  
Padmaj Hindu Lord brahama Boy Hindu  
Padmakant Hindu Husband of lotus ( sun) Boy Hindu  
Padmakar Hindu Jewel, lord vishnu Boy Hindu  
Padmal Hindu Lotus Boy Hindu  
Padmalochan Hindu Lotus eyed Boy Hindu  
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Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Padman Hindu Lotus Boy Hindu  
Padmanabh Hindu One with lotus in his navel i.e. vishnu Boy Hindu  
Padmanabha Hindu Lord vishnu Boy Hindu  
Padmapani Hindu Lord bramha Boy Hindu  
Padmapati Hindu Lord vishnu Boy Hindu  
Padmayani Hindu Lord brahama; buddha Boy Hindu  
Padmesh Hindu Lord vishnu Boy Hindu  
Padminish Hindu Lord of lotuses; sun Boy Hindu  
Pahal Hindu Facet, beginning initiative Boy Hindu  
Pakhi Hindu Bird Boy Hindu  
Name Meaning Gender Religion Select
Paksha Hindu Symbolising the phases of moon. Boy Hindu  
Pakshi Hindu Bird Boy Hindu  
Palak Hindu Eyelid Boy Hindu  
Palash Hindu Tree Boy Hindu  
Palashkusum Hindu The flower of palash Boy Hindu  

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