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Name Meaning Religion
Taahir Muslim Chaste,modest Muslim
Taamir Muslim One who knows dates Muslim
Taarank Hindu Savious Hindu
Taariq Christian Resembling the morning star Christian
Taavon Christian Of the staff of the gods Christian
Tabari Muslim A famous historian Muslim
Tabner Christian Drummer Christian
Tabrez Muslim Challenging,showing openly Muslim
Tad Christian Poet Christian
Tadd Christian Courageous Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Tadleigh Christian Poet from a meadow Christian
Taft Christian River Christian
Taha Hindu Pure Hindu
Tahir Muslim Pure, clean Muslim
Tahoma Hindu Someone who is different with a cute personality Hindu
Tahseen Muslim Beautification ; one who is praised Muslim
Tajdar Hindu Corwned Hindu
Taksa Hindu A son of bharata Hindu
Taksh Hindu The name means 'a great champion' in Sanskrit. Hindu
Taksha Hindu King bharat's son Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Takshak Hindu A cobra Hindu
Taksheel Hindu Someone with a strong character Hindu
Talaketu Hindu Bhishma pitamaha Hindu
Talal Muslim Nice,admirable Muslim
Talank Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Talen Christian A form of talon Christian
Talha Muslim Kind of tree Muslim
Talib Muslim Seeker of truth Muslim
Talin Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Talish Hindu Lord of earth Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Tallon Christian A form of talon Christian
Talon Christian Claw, nail Christian
Tamal Hindu A tree with very dark bark Hindu
Tamam Muslim Generous Muslim
Tamas Hindu Darkness Hindu

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