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Name Meaning Religion
Vaachaspati Hindu Lord of speech Hindu
Vaageesh Hindu Lord of speech Hindu
Vaakpati Hindu Great orator Hindu
Vaalmeeki Hindu An ancient saint Hindu
Vaaman Hindu Name of vishnu Hindu
Vaamdev Hindu Name of a shiva Hindu
Vaanee Hindu Speech Hindu
Vaarshaney Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Vaasavadatta Hindu A name in sanskrit classics Hindu
Vaasuki Hindu A celestial cobra Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Vaatsyaayan Hindu An author of old times Hindu
Vaayu Hindu Wind Hindu
Vachan Hindu Speech Hindu
Vachaspati Hindu Lord of speech Hindu
Vadin Hindu Well known lecturer Hindu
Vadish Hindu Lord of the body Hindu
Vagindra Hindu Lord of speech Hindu
Vagish Hindu God of speech ( lord brahma) Hindu
Vahin Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Vaibhav Hindu Prosperity Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Vaidyanaath Hindu Master of medicines, Hindu
Vaijayi Hindu Victor Hindu
Vaijnath Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Vaikartan Hindu Name of karna Hindu
Vaikhan Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Vaikunth Hindu Heaven Hindu
Vaikunth-nath Hindu Master of heavens Hindu
Vail Christian Valley Christian
Vainavin Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Vairaj Hindu Spiritual glory Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Vairaja Hindu Son of virat Hindu
Vairat Hindu Gem Hindu
Vairinchya Hindu Lord brahma's son Hindu
Vairochan Hindu An ancient name Hindu
Vaisaka Hindu A season Hindu

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