Wa'il to Wynton - 100 boy names starting with 'W', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'W' for your baby boy, choose from this list of boy names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Wa'il Muslim Coming back for shelter Muslim
Waa'il Muslim Coming back for shelter Muslim
Waahid Muslim Single,exclusively,unequaled Muslim
Wadee Muslim Calm,peaceful Muslim
Wadee Christian To cross the river ford Christian
Wadi Muslim Calm, peaceful Muslim
Wael Christian A form of wales Christian
Wafeeq Muslim Successful Muslim
Wafi Muslim One who is trustworthy Muslim
Wafiq Muslim Successful Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Wahab Muslim A bighearted man Muslim
Wahid Muslim Singular, exclusive, unequalled. muslim
Wain Christian A form of wayne Christian
Waite Christian Watchman Christian
Wajeeh Muslim Noble Muslim
Wajih Muslim Noble Muslim
Wake Christian Awake, alert Christian
Wakeel Muslim A lawyer ; a trustee Muslim
Wakely Christian Wet meadow Christian
Wakil Muslim Lawyer Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Walby Christian House near a wall Christian
Walden Christian Wooded valley Christian
Waldron Christian Ruler Christian
Waleed Muslim Newborn child Muslim
Wales Christian From wales Christian
Walid Muslim Newborn child Muslim
Waliyudeen Muslim Supporter of the faith Muslim
Waliyullah Muslim Supporter of god Muslim
Wallace Christian A Scottish name for foreigner Christian
Walleed Muslim Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Walliyullah Muslim Supporter of god Muslim
Wally Christian A familiar form of walter Christian
Walsh Christian A form of wallace Christian
Walt Christian A short form of walter Christian
Walton Christian Walled town Christian

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