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Name Meaning Religion
Ya'qub Muslim Arabic form of jacob Muslim
Yaagnik Hindu Hindu
Yaakov Christian One who supplants Christian
Yaaseen Muslim One of the prophet muhammad's names Muslim
Yaasir Muslim One who is well-off financially Muslim
Yadav Hindu Particular community related to lord krishna Hindu
Yadavendra Hindu Leader of the yadavas Hindu
Yadhokshaja Hindu Name of lord vishnu Hindu
Yadid Christian Friend, beloved Christian
Yadon Christian He will judge Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Yadu Hindu An ancient king Hindu
Yadunandan Hindu Son of yadu, krishna Hindu
Yadunath Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Yaduraj Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Yaduvir Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Yagil Christian Celebrate Christian
Yagna Hindu Ceremonial rites to god Hindu
Yagnesh Hindu Hindu
Yagya Hindu Sacrifice Hindu
Yagyasen Hindu Name of king drupad Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Yagyesh Hindu Lord fo the sacrificial fire Hindu
Yahyaa Muslim A prophet's name Muslim
Yahyah Muslim A prophet's name Muslim
Yaj Hindu A sage Hindu
Yajat Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Yajnadhar Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Yajnarup Hindu Lord krishna Hindu
Yajnesh Hindu Lord vishnuyakootah emerald Hindu
Yakir Christian Precious ; dear Christian
Yakov Christian The supplanter Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Yaksha Hindu A type of a demi-god Hindu
Yale Christian Old Christian
Yamahil Hindu Lord vishnu Hindu
Yamajit Hindu Lord shiva Hindu
Yamajith Hindu Another name for shiva Hindu

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